20 Easy DIY Hairstyle Tutorials for Every Occasion

A woman should always be fashionable and should change her appearance frequently. Although there is one particular hairstyle that we all love on ourselves, we must not go with the same hairstyle in every event. However, coming up with different ombre hairstyles every time can be a daunting task for many of us. Although we see a lot of attractive hairstyles on the TV, it is often difficult for us to replicate those complicated hairstyles of the celebrities at home. Hence, here we have eased out the task for you by listing down some easy and classy hairstyles that you can go with.

20. A Light Braid

A light braidAre you tired of both the casual look and the full fishtail braid? If yes, then go with this hairstyle which is suitable for casual and every day events. This hairstyle has one light braid with the rest of the hair left open. To get this hairstyle, make a braid on just one side of the head, making sure to leave enough hair to fall loosely on your shoulders. You may also curl the ends as in the picture if you do not have wavy hair.

19. The Messy Braid

The messy braidMessy braids are getting popular this season. They look good in even the formal events and can be easily made at home especially if you want some appealing hairstyles for long hair. To get this hairstyle, bring your hair to one side of the shoulder and pull some hair near the ear as in the backcombing. Then make the braid like you normally make, making sure to leave enough open hair in the end. When you are done with it, pull apart the strands of your braid lightly to expand their width and to give a messy look. Complete the steps and you are done with a simple yet classy braid.

18. Twisted Bun

Twisted bunThis twisted bun always looks elegant and graceful. Although it is more suitable for a formal event, you can go with this hairstyle even in your casual parties and classes. To make this bun, you need to make a small bun out of the hair at the back of your head. Just use the middle section of the back head and leave hair open from both sides of the head. Now take a strand of hair from a side of the head, twist the strand and wrap it around the base bun, making sure to pin it well. Do this with the rest of the hair too unless all of your hair are wrapped around the bun. You will end up with a beautiful bun at the end of these steps.

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17. Get The Cute Princess Look

cute princeIf you are bored with the black hairstyles you make in your college classes or hangouts, try going for this easy but cute hairstyle. It can easily be made through a side parting and a braid. Part your hair on one side and then make a rather messy braid as in the picture. Do not take your bangs in the braid and leave a few strands from the front as well. Now tie a loose ponytail and it will look as if your have made a headband out of a braid.

16. The Braided Tiara

The braided tiaraThis is an amazing DIY hairstyle you can use all the times easily. To try this beautiful hairstyle, you need to part your hair to one side. Then start making a braid on the larger side, taking hair from the forehead in the braid as well. Extend your French braid to the back of the head and keep adding hair in each knot. You will end up with this look after you are done with the braid. Trust us; this hairstyle gives you a very graceful look.

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15. The Continued Braid

The continued braidThis braided hairstyle is famous in both casual and formal events. It can easily be made if you side part your hair and start a French braid from the larger side. Continue adding hair in each knot and continue the braid unless you complete a round and reach the other side of the head as in the picture. Pin up the braid well and you will be done with a classy curly hairstyle.

“A single hairstyle in every occasion can look monotonous and boring. You need to change your hairstyles often and experiment with something fun and easy.”

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