10 Fantastic Haircuts For Heart Shaped Faces

The basic ideas in the haircuts we suggest involve covering up the forehead to make other parts of the face more prominent. We suggest lots of fringes and bangs for all the heart shaped ladies out there! Side swept bangs and fringes are often involved in heart-shaped face hairstyles.

10. A Cute Pixie Cut With Long Fringes

A cute pixie cut with long fringesPixie cuts are perfect for heart shaped faces. They expose your well defined jaw line. It gives you a bold appearance. It is only for people who are willing to take a little risk though. The fringes help cover the larger forehead which is the case with a heart shaped face. They can be swept to a side for a neat look. Short hair can bring a dramatic change in a person. It takes away the usual femininity and makes you look and feel stronger.

9. Long Side Swept Bangs

Long side swept bangsBangs have always been my favourite. If you aren’t looking for a very drastic change; maybe you can just cut your hair a little from the front. This will give you a fresh look while you will have hair to cover your forehead. Your cheek bones will show with a side parting and you’ll be able to show your face off. Just make sure you get a trim from the back as you do not want dull hair or split ends. If you don’t cut your hair from the back, the ends get thinner and our hair looks unhealthy and fails to achieve that bounce you want.

“You can make your forehead look dramatically smaller with side swept bangs while still showing off your cheek bones.”

8. Bob With Forehead Fringes

Bob with forehead fringesA bob always looks cute. Try going for a longer bob. Something which maybe just below your ears is not something you are looking for as it will make your chin look excessively prominent. It’ll stick out from under your hair. A longer look with an inward blow-dry is the look you want to achieve. It is the perfect hairstyle for a heart shaped face. The fringes, as we mentioned before makes your forehead look smaller. It also gives you a cute girly look!

7. A Lob With Hair A Middle Parting

A lob with hair a middle partingMiddle parting with a lob is for the ladies out there who want to show off their faces. Don’t go for a flat lob though. Go for a razor cut or something that adds volume to your hair. This makes your face look a lot rounder and gives a cue appearance. This is for girls with a rather thin bone structure. Healthier girls should opt out of hairstyles with a middle parting. However we always say, all individuals have their own style and if a middle parting suits you, let no one stop you!

6. Sleek Medium Length Hair With Long Fringes

Sleek medium length hair with long fringesSleek medium length hair look elegant and professional. If you are power suited woman, medium length sleek hair should be your hairstyle especially if you have naturally straight hair. They are easy to manage and require little product. If you are always on the go and have little time on your hands, it’s smarter to go for a hairstyle which is manageable and does not require hours of blow drying. You can let your fringes hang on your forehead for a complete look. As we mentioned earlier, fringes do wonders for a heart shaped face!

“Make sure you get a haircut that shows off your personality! Don’t just follow a trend, own it.”

5. Shoulder Length Hair With Layers

Shoulder length hair with layersYes, you should definitely layer-up your hair. Comb them in a way that they fall outward. This hair looks like you have put very little effort in them. If you have a carefree personality, this is definitely the hairstyle for you as it will display your outlook on life perfectly. It is also perfect for your heart shaped face.

4. Layered Bob With Side Bangs

Layered bob with side bangsAs we mentioned earlier; layers are perfect for your heart shaped face. Layers help to add volume. Layers are also a great idea for people who have naturally thin hair. They tend to add volume in your hair. It is also the perfect haircut for a heart shaped faced. Side bangs are perfect when one has angled cheekbones and when your face curves in at your chin, A.K.A a heart shaped face!

3. Long Choppy Bob

Long choppy bobChoppy bobs look adorable! They are easily manageable. Sometimes life gets too hectic. This is often a dream haircut for mums who have little time to manage their hair. Smaller hair especially when they are supposed to look messy, are quite easy to manage. You can just let your hair dry in the air. Just make sure that your bob is below your chin. That is all you require for your easy, manageable hair.

2. Long Straight Hair With A Middle Parting

Long straight hair with a middle partingNot everyone can pull off this look. It is not the ideal haircut for a heart shaped face but if you really want to show off your face and your face cut maybe you should give it a try. Long straight hair lets you display your heart shaped face. Be bold and be happy with your look and you’ll be the most attractive girl in town.

1. Layers With Long Hair

Layers with long hairIf you do not wish to cut your length and if you aren’t a fan of shorter hair at the front, the best thing you can do to yourself is make your hair look bigger. This will compliment your face. Just ask your stylist to cut your hair in layers. If your hair is thin and you get layers with long hair, there are chances that you’ll only have a few hairs in your last layer. So make sure you get a trim for a better cut. Otherwise when you tie your hair, (in a ponytail) it will not look too nice.


  • It doesn’t matter what your hairstyle is unless you are comfortable with it
  • A haircut is not enough, you need to invest some time with your hair for it to look flawless and compliment your face
  • You need to buy hairspray or mousse to let your hair stay in place if you want that salon look every day
  • Don’t go for hair that is raised too much on the top as your forehead already looks bigger as compared to your chin
  • Get a trim every three months for healthy hair growth. This way you can get the style you want!

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