7 Gorgeous Oval Face Haircuts

Submitted By Jenny Smith  

Hair cutting makes your hair healthier. Furthermore, if you go for styling, it adds charm to your personality and gives it a unique impression. When you have to select a haircut, you should think first of your facial outline. Not all hairstyles are made for you. However, if you have an oval face shape, then anything can go well with your face; from short to long haircuts. In the following you will find, 7 gorgeous oval face haircuts to have the best look.

7. Long Ponytail

Long PonytailThis is a simple haircut and you can easily create it as it does involve many twists and embellishment. There are many flattering ponytails styles on the web that will suit to your taste and preference. Long ponytail looks amazing and gives a fabulous glow on your oval face.

6. Choppy Layers Bob Haircut

Choppy Layers Bob HaircutChoppy layers in oval face haircuts are best on an oval face with their frizzy texture of curls. A bob length should be close to shoulders. It is important that cutting should be technically accommodating the thicker curls. If it is not cut properly then bob might take unflattering shape of triangle. To avoid this, cutting layers should be done by an expert hairstyle.

5. Shag Haircut For Oval Face

Shag Haircut for Oval FaceThis is a great cut for an oval face. In this haircut, layers will be prominent bony structure. This cut is perfectly works with medium or straight wavy hairs.

4. Bangs Haircut For Oval Face

Bangs Haircut for Oval FaceWoman with oval face shape can use all types of bangs. They can range from brow skimming bangs, to long, side swept bands and many more. The most important thing to be noticed is to ensure that they must not be too short. For oval face haircut brow skimming, long and side swept bangs are best in looks, which hides the forehead. It makes eyes attractive also with a fringe of hair on them. That’s why bangs are also use for highlighting the eyes.

3. Super Long, Middle Parted Haircut

Super Long, Middle Parted HaircutThis is one of the most gorgeous oval face haircuts, but it does not suit to all women. This haircut will elongate the face. If your face is already longer then avoid this haircut. If you have oval face shape and big forehead then go for this haircut.

2. Pixie Haircut For Oval Face

Pixie Haircut for Oval FaceThe haircut is the trendiest style and is worn by women f all ages. It has special glow on an oval face. This virtually provides a softening image of your personality and imparts it an amazing look. Pixie haircut looks best on wavy or straight hair.

1. Face Framing Layers

Face Framing LayersIt is a mid length haircut, beautified with layers that circle around the face and go to your neck. The layers touch your jaw line and cheekbones, giving them an attractive and gorgeous look with your oval face outline. This cut is best for oval face but with need adjustments with layers according to your facial features. A fantastic choice in oval face haircuts!

These oval face haircuts can highlight your cheeks, lips or chin; it depends how you cut layers. Somehow you can also show off your neck and eyes with the help of the above mentioned haircuts. With straight as well as wavy hairs, have hair fall on your oval face shape. It will multiply your glow.

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