12 Fruits And Veggies With The Most Pesticides

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If you remember how your mother used to be worried over your veggie avoiding thing.
Mothers had always tried hard for their kid to be a veggie person as well. As much as she has tried hard to prepare it for you had been less challenging when it was the time to feed you. Those were awesome! But today these veggies and some of the fruits have become a red flag for the health in many ways. It’s actually a blame on the harmful chemicals that are being sprayed on these lovely fruits and delicious vegetables to make them free of the tiny little worms/insects known as pests.

These chemicals are known as pesticides that are sprayed to get rid of these little insects. But in reality these chemicals are not really protecting the food instead making it more prone to becoming a health hazard for the individuals. Ingesting chemicals can lead to immediate food poisoning in some while in the others could be a reason for having an aggravating gastric pain. Following given fruits and vegetables are on the list of those with high amount of pesticides on them!

12. Apples


The miracle fruit which had always been known to keep the doctor away! How could it possibly do that? Well it’s definitely the power house storage it has kept inside its body that can lead you to avoid any trip to the doctor’s clinic.
This fruit works amazingly in order to help you regulate the blood sugar level. So all those who want to go in a weight reduction diet add this one to your list as well!

  • Polyphenols found in apple are the best ones to regulate the spikes in the blood sugar level by following different mechanisms.
  • Besides this the ones with cardiac issues can also take this fruit as a plus point adding in their cardiac health. And this happens because of the regulation that occurs in the blood fats.
  • Some studies have also concluded that this fruit works to give a positive impact to the bacteria present in the large intestine. These friendly bacteria are actually boosted to perform their function better.

Well, these benefits look amazing for our body regardless of any age group. But, there remains no use at all when the fruit gets affected by the harmful chemicals badly!

11. Cucumbers


A solely summer time veggie that helps to rehydrate the body more than any other vegetable would do. Some people prefer having it with its peel on! While some of them prefer having its dark green peel removed before having. It tastes amazing both the ways! This water laden body has a few remarkable properties that make it a food of choice to have.

  • Lariciresinol, pinoresinol and secoislariciresinol are the three lignans that contain and ability to reduce a number of cancers like breast cancer, ovarian cancer etc and also a reduced risk of heart diseases. These three liganins are found in cucumber.
  • Besides this it has been known to be antioxidant in nature and not only this but also anti-inflammatory as well.

This is an amazing food to be taken if someone wants to go on a diet in order to reduce weight but when the food is affected with chemicals it stays no go good at all to be eaten.

10. Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes

This little cutie is a smaller version of tomatoes that we usually have. They are the size of cherries or little more than them but still are tomatoes. There size is never a criteria to judge its health benefits! Smaller size doesn’t make it less of a nutrient holding veggie than a tomato.

  • They’re enclosed with many vitamins within them like vitamin A and vitamin B6.
  • Along with these vitamins cherry tomatoes contain antioxidants that are beneficial for the good support to the cellular system in the body as it helps to reduce the damage to the cells.
  • This little food can also be a beauty box as you can squeeze and apply it on your face along with this it can help you to protect form the harsh UV rays of the sun!

Reading these benefits would definitely want you to have a few cherry tomatoes but be beware of having the ones which are immensely being affected by the chemicals called pesticides as it can be dangerous!

9. Grapes


This one is found clustered in a bunch form having green, red or a shade of purple colour. Its juicy sweet and tart flavor has made it to be loved by so many. Be it seedless or be it containing a seed at its center both are no lesser in taste and are preferred equally.

  • With its property of containing resavatrol that is supposed to be a phytonutrient it is said to a positive fruit for the heart health.
  • Besides this the antioxidants present in it makes it a healthy fruit again to fight and prevent cancers.
  • It provides with a better sugar balance in the blood.

Having grapes is a good way to enhance the health of one’s self but make sure before you have it that it’s free from any chemicals that would be harmful for the body.

8. Hot Peppers


Hot as the name says are actually fiery hot. But even if it is supposed be red hot chili pepper this one still contains a few very amazing health benefits that has made to be considered for medicinal use.

  • According to a study it has been concluded that these hot peppers can reduce the amount of LDL cholesterol in the obese individuals.
  • Hence those who are having a high level of LDL must consider taking these as a part of their diet.
  • Apart from this they are also a good source of a water soluble vitamin i.e. vitamin C.
  • The antioxidants found in them are also helpful in reducing the free radicals that are supposed to be harmful for the body.

Only say no to these hotties if the pesticide sprayed on it has not been cleaned out of it completely.

7. Celery


To be specific celery is a crunchy green coloured vegetable and is crunchy. The benefit of it being low in calories makes it preferable healthy diet food.

  • It has been found to have a few non-starch polysaccharides that are anti-inflammatory in nature. This helps the digestive track to against any inflammations.
  • It also envelopes vitamin C inside itself.
  • Not just this, antioxidants present in it help to protect the cells of blood vessels and different organs present in the system.
  • This one is a healthy choice for the hypertensive people as it helps to regulate the blood pressure.

Eat celery and give your body a healthy touch but be sure not to engulf any harmful chemicals that could harm the system badly.

6. Peaches


This amazing low calorie and less fat fruit is supposed to be one of those fruits that are said to be rich in dietary fibers. If you are on a diet than keep this fruit on the top of the list you would take to the grocery. Why? Because this fruit helps to give a lot of required nutrients. Besides this it also gives your skin the nourishment it requires.

  • Peaches contain 10 vitamins namely vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K etc. you may also find thiamin and riboflavin too.
  • Potassium that helps to regulate the blood pressure is also present in it. Minerals like iron, calcium, zinc, copper, manganese is found too.
  • The free radicals found in the body could be scavenged by the antioxidant namely ‘chlorogenic acid’ that will help prevent aging and different forms of chronic diseases.

Peaches without any chemicals would defiantly be amazing to have!

5. Potatoes


And now we talk about the most eaten and loved vegetable throughout the world. It is a love of many in the form of fries while a food of choice for some in the form of mashed potatoes. This simple carb veggies is surely something you would never want to say no to.

  • This one has a high quantity of vitamin B6 that is helpful in building your body cells. Your brain cells along with the nervous system activity are also affected by potatoes as it contains vitamin B6 that helps the neurotransmitter to transmit the messages.
  • Besides vitamin B6 it also contains vitamin C.
  • Minerals like potassium, copper, manganese etc are also found in this.

Potatoes being high in carbohydrates are not really preferred as a diet food but besides that they are best to have at any part of the day! No amount of pesticide must be there on it, make sure to clean it properly before eating.

4. Spinach


Green leafy vegetables are the most recommended ones by the doctors to all of us. These veggies are completely packed with vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants that are perfect for the health of the body. Spinach is one of those dark green leafy vegetables! A food that Popeye loved intaking.

  • This vegetable contains vitamin A as carotenoid which is really a good option for a better eye sight.
  • Besides vitamin A and K it is housing minerals like manganese, iron, copper, potassium etc.
  • And if you did not know then let this knowledge add in to your info basket that spinach also contains omega 3 fatty acids good for your cardiovascular system.

Start eating this vegetable only when you are sure enough to say that it is completely clean from all the impurities and the sprayed pesticides otherwise it could get real harmful for your system.

3. Strawberries


Who doesn’t like strawberries! They are among the most awaited fruits by so a number of strawberry lovers! Some would just like to have them as they are while a bunch of people love to coat them in dark or light chocolate before having the divine taste of it.

  • Ladies if you are pregnant then go for a few strawberries because it really helps in prenatal health.
  • It also helps to regulate the blood pressure well.
  • Its and bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties make it good enough to combat disease too.

Your love for strawberries is surely unstoppable but only when it is free if some pesticides! Because these red dotted fruit is of no use to health if it is sprayed with unwanted chemicals on it.

2. Sweet Bell Peppers


These bell peppers come in different colours form red to green and yellow as well. They are one of those vegetables which is delicious in all its forms be it a raw one, steamed, fried or baked. It could be carried with so many variations and its presence in any dish just enhances the flavor really well.

  • They are anti-hypertensive and also help to boost up the immune system
  • They are good to pick up when you are on your diet because they help burn calories.
  • Reduce the bad cholesterol i.e. LDL.
  • And is good for your eye sight.

Have those bell peppers after a good wash because they could be laden with some sprayed pesticides which you definitely do not want to ingest.

1. Nectarines


These are very closely related to peaches but they are slightly different form them. These are juicy, delicious and fleshy with a number of health related benefits like:

  • It has vitamins like vitamin C and vitamin E along with a few other vitamins.
  • They are low in saturated fats and in calories too so could be taken in as a diet food too.
  • Minerals like iron, potassium, copper, zinc etc are also found in them.

They are always good to have provided the pesticides are no longer attached to their body! Because you surely do not want to get something unhealthy for yourself.

Hazards And Facts About Pesticides

  • It’s said that children are more vulnerable to pesticides rather than adults as they spend more of their time close to the ground.
  • From the years 2000-2008 there had been over 76,000 cases of pesticide poisoning in California.
  • There are a few pesticides in the market which are really harmful for the honey bees.
  • Organophosphate pesticides can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, confusion and even death.
  • IPM (Integrated Pest Management) programs are carried to look into the underlying cause of pests in order to provide with effective pest control.

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