15 Fruits That Will Aid You Lose Weight

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Contrary to popular belief, fruits do help in weight loss. It is true that most of the fruits contain natural sugar which quickly turns into body fat. But there are some fruits that do the opposite i.e. help you in lose weight by burning the fat. Fruits are also a great source of energy and important nutrients, and diets which are rich in fruits provide the healing nutrients to the body and improve the immune system.

Fruits bring glow to your skin, strengthen the body’s immune system, improve digestive system and provide you the required energy to make you feel healthy and strong. Fruits also contain healthy fiber which makes you feel fuller for longer periods of time – hence, a perfect addition to your weight loss diet. But the question remains: what are those fruits which will help you lose weight and won’t give your body excess sugar? Following is a list of various types of fruits that will aid you lose weight along with the best ways to add them to your diet:

High-carbohydrate fruits


First category in fruits that aid you lose weight is high-carbohydrate fruits such as banana, grapes, fig, plum, pear, pineapple, mango, and kiwifruits. These should be taken for breakfast as they give the required energy to boost the metabolism and improve digestion. These fruits are even better for those who have a habit of running or doing other forms of intensive workouts in the morning because they provide the required sugar content to energize the body. Cereals made with these fruits with a dash of dry fruits like almonds and dates will make the perfect breakfast. You will be surprised to see the health benefits of almonds.

Low-carbohydrate fruits that will aid you lose weight


Second category is Low-carbohydrate fruits that will aid you lose weight are watermelon, apple and papaya but these fruits have high water content. Papaya benefits a lot especially when it comes to weight loss and healthy life. These weight loss fruits not only help in releasing bad cholesterol from body, they also help control the body temperature. These fruits also provide the needed energy for the body to function properly.

Fruits rich in vitamin C and berries


Citrus fruits and berries provide minimum amount of carbohydrates but are very rich in vitamin C and other essential nutrients. Fruits like lemon, sweet lime, raspberries, blackberries, cranberries and strawberries improve the bowel movement and detoxify the body and cleanse the blood. They also remove harmful toxins and other undigested matter from the body. Fruits rich in vitamin C also aid in expelling bad cholesterol, improve heart health and especially aid you lose weight. You might want to check out foods that lower cholesterol.

Fruits high in water content


Fruits such as watermelon, honey dew melon and cantaloupe have high water content and moderate amount of carbohydrates. Such fruits not only keep the body hydrated, they also provide instant energy to the body. They provide the effective combination of water content and fiber and as a result improve body’s ability to remove harmful toxins.

Dry fruits


At the end we have dried fruits that will aid you lose weight are almonds, raisins, dates and prunes. These should be added in small quantities to breakfast or the evening snack. Dried fruits like raisins are excellent sources of minerals and vitamins. Almonds and raisins are also very helpful in reducing bad cholesterol. They also improve the body’s overall health by making the immune system strong.

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