5 Unusual Foods to Help You Slim Down Fast

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Talking about eating healthy and slimming foods, we’re often disappointed to find that most of our favorite foods are considered bad for our health and they actually make us fat. But fortunately, with the advancement of science and technology, new researches have proved that many foods that were once considered bad for our health and known as fattening foods or naughty foods are actually not only good for our healthy but are also simple solutions for how to lose belly fat fast. Here are some of these unusual foods that are often considered fattening but actually help us to slim down fast.

1. Eggs Are Very Fulfilling


Eggs are among unusual foods that help you to slim down fast. Eggs are one of those unfortunate foods that were banished from the healthy foods list and considered among those foods that increase bad cholesterol levels and cause heart problem. New researches have proved that eggs are actually one of the healthiest foods in the world. Egg yolks that were previously accused of raising bad cholesterol and decreasing good cholesterol levels are actually rich in healthy nutrients like vitamins A, D, iron, zinc and a magic content cholin. Cholin is very effective in reducing the chances of breast cancer.

In several studies, eggs have proven to be more effective in helping people lose weight than any other food. Especially in the breakfast people who regularly eat two eggs significantly lose more weight than people who ate bagels in the breakfast. Eggs are very effective in keeping you full and satisfied for longer periods than any other food. As a result, your intake of calories automatically decreases and you lose fat very quickly.

2. Red Meat for Effective Weight Loss


In our list of unusual foods to slim down fast, our next unusual food is red meat. Red meat is also one of those foods that were labeled as fattening and unhealthy foods. Now researchers have proven that lean cuts of beef are one of the best sources of protein. Protein keeps you fulfilled for long time and helps you reducing your waste easily. Lean pieces of red meat actually provide your body far less calories that they actually burn in digesting them.

In a study conducted at Michigan University, it was found that people who ate 8 to 10 ounce of beef regularly lose more body fat than the people who do not eat red meat. Lean meat also contains linoleic acid that is known for reducing body fat and keeping your body slim and smart.

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3. Coconut Oil for Burning More Calories


Coconut oil is also one of those unusual foods that help you to slim down and lose belly fat quickly. In the past, coconut was also considered as a known culprit for increasing bad cholesterol and causing heart diseases because of its high saturated fat content. But now new studies have proved that coconut oil actually contains medium-chain triglycerides that or body doesn’t store as fats in body but use them to provide energy to our body. In a study, it was found that women who used about two tablespoons of coconut oil regularly were able to reduce significant amount of weight in just few days. Coconut oil also increases the good cholesterol (HDL) levels and decreased the bad cholesterol (LDL) levels in your body.

4. Peanut Butter for Reducing Weight and Building Muscles


The delicious peanut butter was regarded as a food that increases your weight and may also cause heart problems as well. But scientists have now proved that peanut butter is actually a healthy diet which must be included in your daily meals. So peanut butter is also in our list of unusual foods that actually help you to lose weight and slim down fast.

Peanut butter is actually good for your heart as it contains healthy monounsaturated fats. Eat peanut butter in breakfast as it is a very effective food in keeping you fulfilled for longer period of times and reducing your calorie intake in rest of the meals. Peanut butter not only controls your appetite but it also gives your body energy and stimulates your metabolism. Peanut butter also provides your body protein which is very important in muscle building.

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5. Banana for Burning Belly Fat


In this interesting list of unusual foods that help you slim down, our last amazing food is banana. In the past banana was treated as a food that is high in calories and carbohydrate that increases weight. But recent studies have proved that banana is one of the healthiest and the best foods for losing weight. Banana is also the favorite of athletes, sports persons and people who work out regularly as it is instant energy booster.

Banana is also rich in nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin B6, fiber and potassium. It boosts energy, increases stamina and strength and also keeps the levels of blood pressure under control. Banana is rich in dietary fiber that is also known as starch. It keeps your appetite under control and keeps you full and satiated for long time. This dietary fiber also helps your body to burn fat and reduces your weight significantly.

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