The 10 Worst Things That Can Happen When You Don’t Get Enough Vitamin D

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When a person presents with a complaint or any disorder there has to be a set of investigation done in order to know the cause of it. There are conditions in the body that occur due to the deficiency of certain vitamins and mineral in the body. And so there a lot of conditions that are related to the deficiency of vitamin D in the body. Vitamin D like other vitamins is an important vitamin of the body which is required for the development of strong and healthy bones and teeth. Other than this vitamin D plays an important role in other matters of the body as well. It is considered as one of the best vitamins for skin, bones and for your overall health. Look below to find out how the deficiency of vitamin D can lead to various problems in the body.

10. Osteoporosis


This is a medical condition in which bones of the body become porous, brittle, fragile and prone to fractures. This condition could be due to either because of the deficiency of vitamin D in the body or calcium depletion or due to the hormonal disbalance in the body. This condition of bones leads to painful breakage or fracture of the thin bones even on the slightest of pressure. Adding vitamin D in your diet is one of the best home remedies for osteoporosis to prevent and treat this disorder. Other than the above mentioned causes the other risk factors for osteoporosis includes:

  • Menopause, aging, smoking, certain type of medical drugs, decreased body weight etc.
  • Until and unless any fracture occurs in the body a person remains unaware of the fact that he/she is suffering through it. Most of the times it is not represented with any symptom but sometimes it is represented by a backache, or disturbance in the posture, loss of the height or maybe a fracture of the wrist, hip or spine.
  • To prevent and as well treat this condition intake of calcium rich foods, vitamin D or osteoporosis medication is required. It may also include performing certain exercises.

9. Depression


Depression is not a weakness but a sign of illness which can be treated. Now what depression is really like? There are certain signs of depression that warn us to treat it at the earlier stages. It is actually feeling sad and hopeless with the inability to enjoy and feel pleasure in anything. But this is not it along with these symptoms a person might also feel insomniac for a long time, even though he is trying to sleep still can’t do so. There are weight changes occurring like getting too bulky or really skinny in a very short period. Along with this a person feels low on energy, gets fatigued easily and gets muscular pain. During the phase of depression it is also very difficult to stay focused and concentrate on things. Not only this, in certain conditions people get to a very high level of depression where they want to face death and commit suicide. You can always try some effective home remedies for depression to prevent and treat this problem.

  • Deficiency of vitamin D is said to be one of the cause of depression. Receptors for vitamin D are present in the brain which are allocated with various activates of brain.
  • Hence it is likely understood that depression could be related to vitamin D deficiency and could be prevented with foods high in vitamin D or vitamin D supplements.

8. Allergies


A research at Yeshiva University has found a link between low levels of vitamin D and development of allergies in children.
Vitamin D is very important for the development of healthy bones and teeth hence children should be fed with a 600 IU of vitamin D which is a daily recommended dose for them. Some tried and tested home remedies for allergies also suggest to take vitamin D rich foods for prevention and cure. Besides this research another research was carried out which wasn’t been published but was presented at a scientific society saying that

  • People who were given vitamin D 400 IU per day had experienced less nasal congestion, runny nose or sneezing. Therefore according to this research once again it was proven that vitamin D is linked with allergies in the body.
  • Intake of vitamin D particularly during the seasonal allergy period like during spring time shall be made regular in order to stay safe and less likely to catch allergies.

7. Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis

This is an auto immune disorder that is associated with the chronic inflammation of the joints. This results in the deformity of the joints especially the deformity of the feet, fingers, wrist and ankles. In rheumatoid arthritis other organs are also associated with like skin, eyes, blood vessels and lunges. This condition can occur at any age but it is more likely to occur after the age of 40 and the gender most likely to be affected by this is females. Vitamin D is very effective in preventing this as it is also known as one of the best vitamins for women. Its treatment usually includes the treatment of symptoms. There are some very effective and simple home remedies for arthritis that can easily help you to ease pain and symptoms.

  • Its symptoms include swollen joints which might get stiff in the morning. You feel nodules and suffer through fever, fatigue and weight loss.
  • A cohort study was carried out in a group of 44 patients in which their PTH, ESR and CRP and vitamin D3 levels were measured.
  • According to this study it was revealed that vitamin D deficiency was highly prevalent in RA patients and this too that its deficiency is related to severity in the disease.
  • The study also revealed that deficiency of vitamin D in the body id related to musculoskeletal pain in the body.
  • So one of the reasons of this auto immune disease in the body could be the low levels of vitamin D in the body.

“Low levels of vitamin D would serve the body with various medical conditions which you never knew could occur because of its deficiency.”

6. Oral Health

 Oral Health

Oral health is not just the brushing of the teeth and using a mouth wash. But oral health is the overall hygienic condition of the body along with the balance of nutrients in the body. People who suffer through gum loss in the mouth or swollen gums is not only because of the poor oral hygiene. This sometimes has to have a deeper reason more than just a superficial one. Sometimes the severity of wisdom teeth pain is also caused by some deficiency. Depending upon the age and the relative disorders a dentist has to rule out the major cause.

  • There are times when women who are pregnant have severely swollen gums like a mass in their mouth too. This is nothing to do with anything but just the hormonal changes which occur during pregnancy and  result in certain gum changes.
  • Likewise people who have a tooth loss are not only going through a poor oral hygiene but it may be possible that they could have a vitamin deficiency like vitamin D deficiency which is responsible for tooth loss.
  • A study has found that older people who have vitamin D deficiency have more tooth loss compared to those who have more vitamin D in the body.

5. Type 2 Diabetes

type 2 diabetes

Diabetes is an auto immune condition of the body in which insulin is produced in the body but the receptors do not receive it. This means that there is insulin present in the body but it can’t act on sugar to break it down. This type 2 diabetes is known as insulin resistant diabetes which may occur due inheritance in genes or obesity. Childhood obesity can also lead to it. People with high blood sugar levels, high cholesterol and high blood pressure might also go through it. If the cells that is the beta cells get wrong signals to make insulin like when it is not needed the blood sugar gets thrown off which can damage these cells as well. It is almost impossible to cure diabetes but  you can control it and prevent it with proper prevention and treatment.
The symptoms would include feeling thirsty more than usual, peeing frequently, numbness in the toes, having a blurred vision or having wounds that don’t heal easily and take a lot of time than usual to get healed.

  • Studies have revealed that there is a co relation between vitamin D and type 2 diabetes.
  • Studies have also shown that vitamin D effects the insulin secretion and insulin sensitivity which can contribute to glucose tolerance in the body.

4. Influenza


Influenza is a viral condition which affects the nose throat and lungs of the patient and is commonly known as flu. This viral condition mostly affects during the winters which sore throat along with cough, body pain, fatigue and even fever. It is being thought that vitamin D could be associated with influenza at some point as influenza is seasonal and more commonly it occurs in the winters and vitamin D levels are lower during the winters. There is not proper treatment to get rid of it but you can cure and ease its symptoms with some age old but effective home remedies for flu.

  • The studies have also shown that people who have low levels of vitamin D have been effected with influenza virus more than the ones who had comparatively more vitamin D in the body.
  • Some of the researchers have also worked on the relation between high level of vitamin D in the body and shorter duration of influenza infection occurring in the body.
  • Some studies have also found that taking vitamin D supplements can reduce the possibilities of having influenza infection and also that vitamin D is protective against influenza.
  • You can take vitamin D during influenza but it is not proved that vitamin D will treat the infection.

“Deficiency of vitamin D has an important relationship between itself a number of autoimmune diseases. Read to find out what could be the outcome related to vitamin D deficiency.”

3. Asthma


Asthma is an auto immune condition of the system that deals with the respiratory system. This is associated with allergic reaction or other form of hypersensitivity. During the reaction bronco spasm occurs that causes difficulty in breathing. In asthma wheezing occurs i.e. a whistle sound while breathing with tightness of the chest. This is accompanied with shortness of breath and coughing as well. Coughing usually occurs either during early morning or at night. Asthma can occur at any age mostly occurs during childhood. People with asthma must carry an inhaler with themselves in case of an emergency attack. Vitamin D intake is one of the most effective home remedies for asthma to ease its symptoms and also to prevent asthma attack.

  • At times symptoms of asthma subside with the passage of time while sometimes they get aggravated.
  • Vitamin D has immunomodulatory effect and is believed to have effect on asthma.
  • A research was carried out on a group of people who were asthmatic and the article published in the allergy journal has revealed that, individuals suffering from asthma who had a decreased level of vitamin D in their body were 25% more likely to be attacked by asthma then the ones whose vitamin D level was within the normal range.
  • These findings still remained the same even after the other risk factors for asthma like smoking, obesity etc were being assessed by the team.

2. Inflammation


Inflammation is a protective response by the body’s immune system which occurs in order to get rid of the harmful stimuli or the pathogens in the body ad even the damaged cells of the body. The signs of inflammation are rubor, calor, dolor and tumor i.e. redness, heat, pain and swelling. According to these signs the initial change that occurs is the appearance of redness which followed by a wheel and flare formation that is a red ring like formation. After this that area feels heated and painful this ends end in swelling in the end. It is found that one of the best foods that fight inflammation are mostly rich in vitamin D.

  • It has been found that vitamin D deficiency is associated with inflammation, which is a negative response.
  • It is found that low levels of vitamin D have been associated with certain autoimmune diseases like lupus erythmatosis, inflammatory bowel diseases, rheumatoid arthritis etc.

1. Cholesterol


Cholesterol is a waxy compound found the body cells. Cholesterol and its derivatives are important constituents of the cell membrane but increased level of bad cholesterol I n the blood can lead to atherosclerosis. There are two kinds of cholesterol in the body a good one and a bad one. The good one is known as HDL or high den.

Density lipoprotein which helps to prevent the arteries from blocking by removing the bad cholesterol that is LDL or low density lipoproteins from there.

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  • It has been found that there is a connection between vitamin D and cholesterol levels.
  • It has been seen in a population research that low levels of vitamin D are associated with high levels of cholesterol. Though this has not proven any cause and effect relationship.
  • According to a research carried out on 2012 it showed that high level of vitamin D was not associated directly to lowering down of cholesterol in the body but infact it showed increase in the level of LDL in the body.

Therefore, now the final verdict according National Health Institute says that there cholesterol so far.

Some Important Sources of Vitamin D

  • Sunlight is a very important source of vitamin D because it leads to the conversion of precursor vitamin D into vitamin D
  • Another good source of vitamin D is fatty fish sardines etc. Fish is already a food that is recommended to be taken twice a week.
  • Another source of vitamin D is egg yolks. Eggs are healthy foods which enclose good amount of nutritional values.
  • Sea food like shrimps and oyster also contribute to provide vitamin D to the body.

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