Top 20 Home Remedies And Tips To Boost Your Brain Power

In this fastest growing world you have to be smart, quicker and intelligent than every next person. Whether you are a student, teacher, professional, doctor or any other person you have to stay mentally smart and healthy. Human life is full of struggles. Tensions, increasing age and stress may lead to reduce your concentration and raise memory loss problems. Mostly when we talk about old age people, our phenomena is that you cannot teach old people new tricks. But this concept is not true, human brain has an amazing ability to adjust with a new change even if you are old. This is known as neuroplasticity. It is very necessary for your body to provide it all those nutrients which are also good for your brain health. There are certain ways to boost your memory including healthy diet and meditation. Just like your other body organs brain also needs proper nutrients. Just like computer, brain is store house for feeding data. The right food and healthy habits can help to boost your memory and intelligence. Foods that boost your brain power contain vitamins, beta carotene, fatty acids. Before doing some new task you need toget trained. Similarly, human brain also needs training in order to get focused and alert. In order to take care of your mental health you need proper sleep and healthy super foods to boost your memory functions.

Here are various tips and remedies that will help you to enhance your memory and boost your brain power.


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20. Proper Sleep


If you are not taking proper sleep, then your brain will not function properly. You need at least 6 to 7 hours of sleep to face the all the new challenges for next day. If you don’t take proper sleep, all your activities are compromised. Researcher says that sleep is very essential for memory and brain power. The most fundamental memory boosts activities occurduring deepest period of sleep. Also you can take a nap for 15 to 20 minutes in a day to make yourself more alert and focused.

19. Meditate


Meditation is the best way to keep your brain smart and powerful. The aim of meditation is to provide you inner calm and quiet your mind. This can be achieved by different ways including a peaceful environment, close your eyes and relax yourself, sit in a comfortable manner,  stretch out your body, decide for how much time you will meditate in a day. The process of meditation boosts the area of your brain that is responsible for advance thinking. So if you’re wondering how to improve memory, just try this simple remedy.

18. Physical Exercise


By adopting proper lifestyle and healthy habits you can improve your physical and mental health. Having good meal with suitable daily exercise can boost your brain power and physical health. Physical exercise helps to develop nerve cells and maximize the amount of blood cells that supply oxygen to the brain. One more benefit of exercise is that it reduces mental stress and lowers blood pressure. Another good idea is to spend some time in nature. Go for a walk among fields and gardens to enjoy the beauty of nature. It will not only give you pleasure but also makes your mind relax and tension free. It is highly recommended to increase your brain power.

17. Deep Breathing


Breathing helps to lower blood pressure and keeps your body function properly. It also helps to keep you relax, calm and stress free. Deep breathing helps to maximize flow of blood to the brain.Few minutes for daily deep breathing in natural environment will definitely help you to increase your brain power.

16. Writing

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Writing is something related to your memory and ideas. When you write, you are trying to enhance your mental abilities and thoughts. Writing is the best way to increase your capabilities and it compels you to think more. This process will help you to keep your mind busy, creative and alert. Try to write articles, blogs, essays and diaries. This is really a good idea to boost your brain. The more you concentrate on writing, the greater you can boost your memory power.

15. Visualization


 You can keep your brain strong by relating visual image with a word or information. The more you use a word or information, more you can learn. Try to learn more and seek more information from your environment. It will not only boost your memory but also helps to increase your knowledge. Don’t try to learn all things in a single step because human brain cannot absorb all things abruptly. Regular study sessions may help you to power your brain and keep you updated. It is highly recommended technique if you want to know how to improve memory.

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14. Solve Puzzles


Boosting your brain power with the help of solving puzzles and math exercises are best methods. You can train your brain with many fun puzzles and online brain games. Cross words puzzles will allow your brain to think deeper. It will help you to boost your memory and you will learn more and compete with others. Learn creative techniques and brainteasers as they serve as brain food. Similarly, solving Rubik’s cube is also said considered best for increasing your mental ability by researchers.

13. Learn A New Language

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 Many studies have found that learning a new language dramatically boosts brain power. It not only improves your memory but also improves your decision-making ability. Learning new language also increases your self-confidence. By trying to learn new language one can judge his brain abilities to absorb new things and hence improves the process of self-actualization and self-discovery. It has also been observed that multilingual people have keen and alert minds than monolingual people.

12. Laughter


Laughter is the best medicine for stress. People who deal with stress seize to think properly and make healthy decisions. Stress can also affect your memory. Scientifically it is proven that laughter causes the release of endorphinss, a chemical that alleviates pain and gives relief to mind and body. So laugh it out, crack a joke, poke your friends, watch comedy movies and boost up your memory and intelligence.

 11. Listen To Music


If you are scattered brained another good idea is to listen music. Listening music increases the emotional intelligence and provides strength to the right hemisphere of your brain. It reduces your stress and gives you feeling of relaxation and peace. Besides, try to think in a positive way. If you keep thinking positive, you will observe a clear change in your way of looking things and problem solving capacities. Make sure to use this simple technique to boost brain power.

10. Brain Storming


 Another best way to increase your brain power is brain storming. Brain storming is actually to think in a unique way. Through brain storming sessions you can build your memory powerful. Brain storming sessions will compel you to think about new and creative ideas which in turns are of huge benefit to boost your brain power. There are several softwares that help you for brain storming. Traditional brain storming is to discuss some creative ideas belonging to different walks of life. While advanced brain storming uses new process and training sessions based on new technologies. During brain storming session all the members in group must encourage each other in order to get new ideas and concepts. So make sure to try this method if you really want to know how to improve memory.

Super Foods:

9. Walnuts


Walnuts are good source to enhance your brain power. Walnuts contain Omega-3 fatty acid which helps to boost the functioning of brain. Besides, walnuts also contain a good amount of vitamin B6 and magnesium. It plays an important role to provide oxygen and flow of blood to the brain and improves memory. Walnut is not only a tasty dry fruit but also appropriate mental power booster and brain food. You can enjoy many tasty nuts in roasted form as a healthy snack.

8. Green Tea


Most of the people take black tea in the morning. Rather taking black tea if you consume green tea in your daily routine it will not only keep you healthy but will also improves your brain power. Green tea contains high amount of anti-oxidants that fight against free radicals in human body. Green tea improves the cognitive functions which are special for memory working. It also helps to treat a disorder known as dementia. Researchers found that people who take green tea on regular basis have strong memory, good brain potential compared to those who don’t use it in their daily lives. You can drink green tea in both combinations hot or iced to boost your brain power. Green tea has also other incredible benefits like it reduces belly fatand lowers the chances of cancer in human body.

7. Blue Berries


A compound called flavonoids performs a major role to keep your brain sharp. Learn how to improve memory using blue berries effectively.  By using this amazing fruit full of flavonoids, you can keep your brain healthy during old age. It also helps to improve short term memory loss. Flavonoids present in blue berries enhance cognitive functions, numerical problem solving ability and general intellectual level.Flavonoids also give protection against Alzheimer disease.

 6. Spinach


This vegetable is a rich source of anti-oxidants and potassium which helps to block the free in the body. Eating spinach can help you to improve your thinking capacity and recall memory. The anti-oxidants present in spinach protect the human brain cells from damage. Studies shows that free radicals gather in the brain are related to mental intelligence in later part of life.This green vegetable also contains folate and vitamins E, K that helps in reducing the chances of dementia. Enjoy this green leafy vegetable and think more clearly and quickly. Make sure to include this brain food in your regular meals.

5. Turmeric


It is said that turmeric is spice for life. Not only it is used in your daily meals but it is very important spice to stimulate your brain. Curcumin present in turmeric is an anti-oxidant that helps to boost your brain power. Omelet with turmeric and onions is a best way for the intake of this useful spice. Also you can mix a pinch of turmeric in a glass of milk daily to boost your brain power. This brain food also reduces the risk of memory related problems and a disorder known as Alzheimer’s.

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4. Tomatoes


This reddish and juicy vegetable has is also very beneficial for memory related problems. Carotenoid present in tomato helps to improve your memory for long time. Another compound lycopene is present in the skin of tomato protects against dementia. To enjoy a healthy brain try to use tomatoes daily in salads and soups.

3. Almonds


It is said that almonds are best to improve your memory. Almonds contain essential contents that are not only good for your health but also help to boost your intelligence. Proteins present in almonds gives you energy and repair brain cells. Zinc, vitamin B6, and vitamin E in it strengthen immune system and promote brain health. The omega 3 present in this nut maximizes your intellectual level. During exams season, students are full of stress and burden. Almonds are the best way to boost your brain power for the preparation of exams. Almonds can be consumed in different forms like by addingthem in milk, soaking in water overnight and eat them in morning. This amazing brain food does magic to your brain power and you will notice the difference once you start taking them regularly.

2. Fish Oil


 There are lots of benefits of fish oil including brain power, weight loss, relief from depression, heart health. Fish oil also helps to prevent Alzheimer’s disorder. Omega 3 present in fish oil helps to improve mental capabilities and critical thinking. To get maximum heart and brain health benefits add omega 3 in your diet as much as you can. There are different types of omega 3 but the two most important for mental health are EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) that you should take. Studies showed that people who take supplements containing omega 3 have more intellectual level than those who don’t use supplements. Make sure to eat omega-3 rich foods to boost your brain power.

1.  Dark Chocolates


Chocolates are not only yummy and delicious but also good for the brain and health.Caffeine and antioxidants present in chocolates helps to boost your brain power and increase your intellectual level. It improves response time and memory recall in human brain. One more nutrient flavonoids present in dark chocolate maintains blood flow to the brain. To increase your thinking capacity and concentration eat dark chocolates and enjoy being intelligent.


  1. Oversleep damages brain cells and reduces brain’s efficiency so don’t sleep more than 7 hours consecutively.
  2. Don’t indulge yourself in one activity only, different activities compels brain to thin out of box and boosts your intelligence.
  3. Don’t linger out of depression on the problems of life that is going nowhere even after spending considerable time on it.
  4. Avoid over use of technologies. Let your brain solve little puzzles of life and reduce your dependence on technology.
  5. Noise can also damage your brain cells. So avoid loud music and jarring noises.
  6. Background noise affects your concentration so don’t work in an environment where you can’t concentrate properly.

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