20 Health Benefits Of Tomatoes You Never Knew

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Tomatoes started in the Western South America over the Atlantic to Spain with the vanquished in the 16th century, however, in the 19th century it finally caught on in northern Europe. Now, its skin, seeds, and flesh can all be eaten, but the green leaves of tomatoes are toxic, so should always be discarded.

There are a huge variety of tomatoes in the market, they come in different shapes, sizes and color like large and small tomatoes, medium-size and round, egg-shaped, yellow or red etc. Tomatoes are easy to grow in homes as well, especially the smaller tumbling varieties. Tomatoes are very versatile they can be eaten in a sandwich, as a salad, as soup, as juice or as gravy.

A tomato is considered as a functional food because this is the food that goes beyond delivering basic nutrients. We can say that it is the super food and an amazing source of antioxidant lycopene because it provides protection against the following:

  • The formation of cancer cells in your body.
  • Acne formation on the face.
  • Heart diseases and keeps you safe from some diseases like blood pressure.
  • A number of diseases which are caused by low levels of blood in your body.
  • All skin and hair problems.
  • Destabilization of blood sugar level in your body.

Tomato is a fruit not a vegetable and it is loaded with many health benefits for the human body. This amazing fruit is used by the variety of ways, we can cook it, and eat it with salad, sandwich etc. I think it is excellent information that the health benefits of tomatoes are becoming more and more every day. Here I am sharing major health benefits of tomatoes. Those are very beneficial for you.

20. Blood Pressure

Blood pressureIn order to maintain the blood pressure; it is necessary to maintain lower sodium intake, However, due to the vasodilatation effects of tomatoes, it is necessary to increase lower sodium intake.

Being rich in natural mineral, nutrients, and vitamins such as potassium, tomatoes protect your body from high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Tomatoes are the great source of potassium, which has been associated with improved blood pressure.

One-half cup of tomato sauce has been just like a dose of antioxidant. So use one glass of tomato sauce daily in order to improve your blood pressure.

19. Reduce Heart Diseases

Relieve in Heart BurnAs we know that a tomato is a rich source of vitamin C, iron, potassium, fiber, and chlorine. Due to these nutrients, tomatoes support the heart health and overall health. According to a research report, those people who consumed at least 4069 mg of potassium per day has a 50% lower chance of death due to heart diseases as compared to those who consumed the least amount of potassium per day. High intake of tomatoes also reduces the risk of stroke.

Using a glass of tomato juice or using 2-3 tomatoes daily may reduce the risk of heart attack. Recent researches have shown that the product contains a substance known as lycopene reduces the risk of heart attack and cancer.

18. Fat Burning Food

Eat healthy fatsIt is the best sources of vitamin C. Tomatoes are good for you, burn fat and your overall health. Eating a right number of tomatoes daily gives you adequate nutrients, stay full, and reduce your calorie intake.

  • Due to the high content of water, tomatoes help you a lot in burning your fat because you might feel less hungry after eating one or two tomatoes daily. You can also use tomato juice for burning your body fat.
  • Usually, tomatoes contain a substance that is known as fat burning substance, so you don’t need to go Gym you can reduce your weight and burn your fat at home through eating 2 tomatoes daily.
  • Frequent use of tomatoes is very beneficial to burn body fat. You can use tomato at least 4-5 weeks in order to burn fat. Because 4-5 weeks of tomato use shows the dramatic changes in the fat.

17. Super Food For Constipation

Tomato juiceTomatoes help you to improve lives; digestive system and it also prevent constipation. If you take the tomatoes with spinach juice, it helps a lot in digestion. There is a high content of water and fiber in tomatoes. Fiber is an amazing ingredient it helps you to minimize constipation and also keeps you hydrated.

Approximately, 4 million peoples are suffering from constipation every year. To overcome this problem, I am sharing an ingredient that is very helpful for constipation. Use of tomato in your daily diet, no matter it is in the cooked form or in juice. You can use tomato juice, tomato sauce, tomato ketchup, tomato salsa, tomato pasta, and salad containing a huge amount of tomatoes.

16. Depression

depression..Tomatoes contain folic acid, which helps you in depression by reducing homocysteine from producing in the body which keeps away the blood and other nutrients from the brain. Eating one or two tomatoes a day keeps depression away. Tomatoes are loaded with an antioxidant known as “lycopene” that repair brain cells and reduces stress. A research report shows that “eating two tomatoes a day makes you happier.

15. Increases Weight Loss Capacity

Weight ControlTomatoes are the best food for weight loss that you can eat daily to improve our body weight.

  • Using tomatoes for weight loss is the smart idea because these fruits contain fibers, vitamins and proteins and also low in calories as well.
  • A fruit contains a lot of water then burns your body fat and also protect you from many heart diseases, skin diseases, diabetes and even cancer.
  • Tomatoes are the excellent source of vitamin C, vitamin K, biotin, potassium, fiber and copper and also include the decent amount of calcium in it which is the best food for fat burning.
  • Eating tomatoes are the excellent way to improve the volume of your meal, with low calories. Due to a lot of fibers, it reduces the risk of gaining weight.

“Tomatoes contain a number of benefits. There usage contains various beneficial aspects for health. So, we use tomatoes in our food in order to be healthy. Its usage also lessens the risk of prostate cancer.”

14. Good For Skin Care

GOOD FOR SKIN CAREAs we know that vitamin C and Vitamin K is very important for the skin. This vitamin C is used in many skin care products. It is one of the best vitamins that you can use to achieve your desired result. Drinking tomato juice prevents your skin cells from all damages, keeps your skin glowing and improves your overall appearance of the skin.

  • It treats your open skin pores.
  • It treats acne scars.
  • It keeps your skin glowing.
  • It treats acne and keeps your skin oil-free.
  • It reduces the signs of aging.
  • It reduces dark spots and it acts as a natural sunscreen.

13. Good For Hair Growth

GOOD FOR HAIR GROWTHYou can eat tomatoes twice a day because they are infused with Vitamin C and vitamin K. These are water-soluble vitamin with antioxidant properties. The human’s body uses Vitamin K to growth, collagen, which is critical in developing hair growth. It also helps in breaking down iron and other building blocks of hairs. So, it is important to maintain the right amount of vitamin C to absorb iron. For this purpose, tomatoes are essential to maintaining vitamin C, to grow hair faster and to keep hairs healthy. The drinking tomato juice also improves your hair texture because they are rich in vitamin K.

  • It reduces hair loss.
  • It is acting as a good conditioner.
  • It provides a natural shine to your hairs.

12. Prevent Gall Bladder Stone And Kidney Stone

Prevent kidney stone formationTomato is a powerful full fruit contain rich acidity, vitamin C, lycopene, and routing. Mostly kidney patient or who have a stone in the kidney or gall bladder ask a question that, can we use tomatoes in our diet. So, eating tomatoes are good for treating kidney problems.

Tomatoes have a substance that has a function just like diuretic, so kidney patients can use tomatoes to increase the volume of urine in order to remove toxins or some other waste from the body.

11. Strengthens Immune System

Strengthens Immune SystemTomatoes are rich in vitamin C and Vitamin C is very important for our immune system. Daily consumption of tomatoes increases the level of vitamin C in your blood, which strengthens your immune system and reduces the stress and tension.

Use tomatoes in your daily diet, you can use tomatoes in the salad, in the sandwich or in soup. Make sure that you use at least two tomatoes a day to increase the proportion of vitamin C in your body. You can also drink tomato juice as well to take maximum benefits from this amazing fruit.

10. Reduces Prostate Cancer Risk

REDUCES PROSTATE CANCER RISKYeah, it’s true that tomatoes actually help to combat against prostate cancers. As we mentioned above that tomatoes are rich in natural fibers and vitamins, which keep the health as it reduces the risk of prostate cancer.

According to a research report, peoples who eat ten or more serving of tomatoes in a week reduces their risk of the prostate tumor by 50% and prostate cancer by 30%. So, it is proved that higher tomato intake will reduce the risk of cancer.

9. Reduces Breast Cancer Risk

REDUCES BREAST CANCER RISKAs we mentioned above that tomatoes reduces the risk of prostate cancer and also it reduces the risk of breast cancer too. Research report of “JOURNAL OF THE NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUE” shows that a high intake of carotenoids including beta-carotene, lycopene, alpha-carotene, and zeaxanthin reduces the risk of breast cancer.

Being rich in lycopene, it is essential to take at least two glasses of tomato juice a day because it reduces the risk of breast cancer and improves your overall health of the skin to heart disease.

8. Reduces Calorectal Cancer Risk

REDUCES CALORECTAL CANCER RISKA tomato is a great source of natural minerals and nutrients like fiber. According to a research report, high intake of fiber may reduce the risk of colorectal cancer. Lycopene also plays an important role in the prevention of colorectal cancer.

According to the research of American Cancer society, those peoples who use tomatoes in their daily diet may have a lower risk of colorectal cancer as compared to those who don’t use tomatoes in their diet. Tomatoes especially reduce the risk of stomach cancer, lung cancer, and prostate cancer.

7. Reduces Eye Diseases

REDUCE EYE DISEASESThe vitamins such as A, C, K, flats, and thiamine present in tomatoes that are very beneficial for all eye diseases. Tomatoes contain two nutrients zeaxanthin and lotion that provides benefits your eyes. As we mentioned above that tomatoes are the source of lycopene which protect your eye tissues from radical damage.

In 2011, the news found in “Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual science” that people with higher lycopene intake faced low-risk of age-related muscular degeneration. One bowl of tomatoes contains 106mg of copper and 25mg of vitamin C that fulfill the daily requirement of vitamins that nourishes your eye cells.

6. Good For Teeth And Bones

BONE AND TEETH HEALTHTomato is a rich food with calcium, which improves your bone strength and keeps your joint and bones strong. It also keeps your teeth in a healthy state.

According to a research report, taking 30mg of lycopene a day in the form of tomato juice prevents you from brittle bone diseases. Approximately, 200 million women have osteoporosis, and after every 2 second a bone fracture occurs just to osteoporosis. However, tomatoes are the Superfood from treating osteoporosis just from the kitchen, not the pharmacy.

5. Control The Effects Of Smoking

quit smoking..Tomatoes contain two main nutrients that fight against nitrosamines, which is produced in the body due to smoking known as “Chlorogenic acid and Coumaric acid”. Vitamin A minimizes the bad effect of smoking and protects you against lung cancer.

Tomatoes reduce all damages produced by the cigarette smoking in your body. It also protects you from lung cancer and improves your overall health.

4. Manage Diabetes

diabetes...American medical society tells that daily consumption of tomatoes reduces the stress of type 2 diabetes. No matter how you like tomatoes in raw form, pureed or in a sauce. Type 2 diabetes is strongly linked with cutting calories, excess weight, and following the right diabetes diet to go longer to improve your health.

If you have type 2 diabetes, then use those foods which are enriched in proteins, carbohydrates and fats which keep your sugar level as normal as possible. Therefore, to maintain your blood sugar, it is necessary to use tomatoes in your daily diet.

3. Improves Digestion

DigestionA tomato keeps your digestive system healthy by preventing diarrhea and constipation. Tomatoes regulate your bowel movement and improving your overall digestive system.

It also helps you to remove toxins and other wastes from the body without any problem. Due to the excessive amount of water content in tomatoes, it keeps your digestive system healthy. New research shows that tomatoes and all tomato-based products reduce the risk of diarrhea and constipation and keeps your digestion maintain.

2. Good In Pregnancy

GOOD IN PREGNANCYTomatoes provide natural minerals and vitamins such as zinc, potassium, vitamin C, vitamin K, iron, magnesium, chromium, phosphorus, flats, choline and high amount of folic acid. Being acid in folic acid, it is essential for pregnant women. Tomatoes protect pregnant women against any defect of the neural tube in infants. It provides strength to pregnant women and their antioxidants protect pregnant women and their infant from all damages.

1. Reduces Risk Of Blood Clot

Blood PurifierTomato juice helps you to reduce the blood clot risk. Tomatoes are the richest sources of vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin E, and beta-carotene. Tomatoes reduce unwanted blood clotting and improve your overall health. Eating a right number of tomatoes daily gives you adequate nutrients, vitamins C, and iron. Due to the vitamin C, tomatoes help in the easy absorption of iron.


  • Before using tomatoes for any problem, should be examined by the doctor.
  • Before serving tomatoes, must wash tomatoes with fresh water and pat dry.
  • Consuming too many tomatoes can be harmful to those who have any kidney problem.


  • Stop consuming tomatoes if they cause any type of problem to your health.
  • Make sure that you are taking enough amounts of tomatoes daily because in some cases an excess amount of tomatoes causes some problem.

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