17 Anti-Allergy Super Foods You Never Knew

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It’s unanimously recognized that one undergoes an allergic reaction through a trigger or reaction of their body’s immune system towards one specific and particular particle that provides no hard to anyone else. This certainly refers to the ones who aren’t suffering from it and are consequently not allergic. Moreover, an alien particle which comes in contact with one’s body and leads to an allergic reaction is termed as an allergen.  Allergens are inclusive of mold spores, pollen, latex, pet dander, dust mites, insect dings and other various foods and medicines.

Furthermore, if one suffers from an allergy or an allergic reaction then they’re more likely to affect various organs of the body. Such as nose, ears, throat, sinuses, sneezing, itchiness, watery eyes, flaky skin, rashes, red skin, swelling, asthma and others. However, some of them can be described as minor and others as majorly effective on one’s body. But as they say that prevention is better than cure, and then be it. Continue reading further and come across your exclusive gateway to anti-allergy super foods which deserve to be stored in your kitchen all 365 days of the year.

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17. Sweet Potatoes


Sweet potatoes take me back to my vivid childhood memories when mom used to heat them, peel them and feed them to me. How sugary and sweet was its taste which my taste buds can never forget. They always came to me as a winter gift and made me enjoy them throughout the breezy and cold nights. Sweet potatoes huge, starchy and sweet tasting roots are considered to be a root vegetable. They’re actually one of the most ancient vegetables ever been familiar to the mankind and are undoubtedly rich in nutrients. Moreover, they’re one of the best item that you can include in your diet to flee away allergies.

  • Sweet potatoes act as good anti-allergy agents.
  • They’re the least likely food to result in allergic reactions.
  • They’re even recommended as one of the initial foods for small babies.
  • Sweet potatoes consist of Vitamin C as well as root proteins.
  • They have vast antioxidant elements within them.

16. Flax Seed


Flax seeds can turn out to be greatly healthy for you if your body is immune to Linaceae or Linum plant and doesn’t react adversely if gone in contact with them. Moreover, a flax seed is a good remedy to work against and provide cure for various illnesses such as joint pain, constipation, cancer and heart diseases.

  • Flax seeds are rich in selium as well.
  • Moreover, a cup of flax seeds which in return protects one’s body against a general 60% of a regular intake to be shielded against allergies.
  • Flax seeds oil and the grounded ones further provide omega-3 fatty acids.
  • This in turn lowers down one’s risk of allergies a great deal.

15. Turmeric Powder


‘Did you get a wound? Go drink turmeric powder milk.’ Isn’t this a statement that we’ve heard almost all the time whenever someone faced a wound or injury? Well turmeric powder does turn out to be a strong shield in order to combat against allergies. Moreover, it consists of curcumin which has great antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory element that helps protect ones against allergies. It even works as a great decongestant in order to relieve one of allergic reactions.

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  • All you have to do is, mix a tsp. of turmeric powder in a hot glass of milk.
  • Later, drink it once a day.
  • Or else use it as a vital ingredient while cooking.
  • Furthermore, take its supplements but strictly under a doctor’s prescription.

14. Buckwheat


After reading its name you might be thinking that maybe this is a substitute word for wheat or it is somewhere related to wheat but no, this is certainly not the case. You can describe it as a primeval grain but it isn’t even a grain. So what is it? Buckwheat is actually a seed of a fruit which is a distant and farther relative of rhubarb. Moreover, it’ll be uncanny if you are intolerant or insensitive towards buckwheat because this has never been the case and this trait of it makes it a great substitute to wheat or grains, especially because they end up in causing allergies.

  • Use buckwheat as a part of your breakfast.
  • Consume buckwheat porridges or buckwheat baked stuff.
  • Moreover, they’re rich in proteins and low in calories and will help you in maintaining a good waist line.

13. Lemons


So it won’t just be fresh lime or lemon tarts that you’ll be fond of lemons but the fact that they’re a great source of anti-allergy too. They’re known to be a great fruit which will push your immune system in order to help prevent it against allergies. It’s filled with vitamin C and other antioxidants too and works towards keeping your body fit and alkaline.

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  • Just drink water with lemon sprinkled in it throughout the course of a day.
  • This will help you get rid of toxins and all sorts of impurities stored in your body.
  • Or sprinkle lemon juice over salads to make them appear healthier for you.

12. Rose Hips


They’re known to come from the fruit of rose plants and are rich in anti-allergy nutrients. They’re considered to be an efficient producer of proanthocyanidins, phytochemicals that constrain the growth of enzymes which lead to a growth of histamine. Moreover, they are loaded with Vitamin C and Vitamin E and can easily make one get over symptoms of an allergy and even allergy itself.

  • Rose hips carry along a strong and flavor able taste with them.
  • You can include them in your diet through having their pies, soups, jams and stews.
  • However, before their consumption make sure to extract their outer layer in order to get rid of the hair attached to their outer edge.

11. Garlic


Garlic turns out to be a great home remedy for various purposes inclusive of working as a super food to treat allergies. It’s a vegetable which you should certainly include in your diet because it carries along with itself the ability to obstruct certain enzymes which lead to a rise of an inflammation within your body. Consequently, this will help protect your body against various allergies.

  • Garlic is filled with anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and antioxidant elements which help in keeping the allergies and related medication at bay.
  • Either have garlic supplements after consulting your doctor.
  • Or directly eat garlic knobs twice a day to stay at a safer distance from allergies.

10. Green Tea


Dear readers, green tea shot won’t just be a substitute to milked tea or your weight loss partner but an effective super food which will efficiently help you in combating against allergies. Green tea is widely known across the globe for weight loss because of one of the properties that it contains known as Catechins. Similarly, the same compounds are responsible for changing the Histidine to Histamine which obstructs the enzymes that make way for an allergy in one’s body.

  • For an effective result, always use loose tea leaves while preparing green tea and not tea bags as a substitute.
  • Or contemplate green tea with a fruit juice and enjoy more benefits which the Catechin provides that are present in it.

“Apart from those expensive medications, there are super foods lying inside your kitchen which will efficiently help you in keeping allergies at bay.”

9. Maca Powder


Maca originates itself from a root of Peru. Later, the root is picked, dried, cooked and crushed to form a powder out of it. Moreover, it’s a super food which is loaded with Vitamins such as B, C and E. Adding to this it further provides tons of calcium, zinc, iron, phosphorous, magnesium and amino acids. It’s a great take to boost up one’s sexual hormones and the fertility element as well.

8. Apples


As they say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, they say it right. An apple is a fruit which is rich in iron and can efficiently keep one’s immune system strong and boosted up which acting as a protecting shield against allergies. Moreover, apples are considered to be filled with a flavonoid named Quercitin which can efficiently protect against allergies. This flavonoid will efficiently even out the cell membranes of Basophils and as a counter reaction prevent the Histamine from liberating in your body.

  • Eat apples daily.
  • Strictly include one as a part of your breakfast.
  • Chop them and add them in fruit salads and oatmeal’s.
  • You can even confide towards apple juices only.

7. Tomatoes


The round shaped, red colored tomatoes consist of a great level of ceta-carotene which is referred to as an anti-oxidant which helps boost one’s immune system and works towards maintaining a healthy looking skin along with a nice tissue lining.  Moreover, it’s considered of antioxidant flavonoids and Vitamin E which are known to be pretty vital for one’s heart and its health. If you didn’t know but having just one tomato a day makes ‘round 50% of your body’s intake of Vitamin C which is known to be essential and efficient enough for a daily dose. Furthermore, tomatoes protect against,

  • Heart diseases.
  • Prostate cancer.
  • Eye sight damage.
  • Male infertility.

6. Mushrooms


So mushrooms won’t just be used for pizza toppings anymore but as an amazing super food which will help combat against allergies as well. Mushrooms possess the unique quality of lessening allergic reactions for the one’s suffering from it. Such merits relating to one’s health which mushrooms provide have come into existence because of Selenium which is found in them.

  • Just a bit of mushroom consumed daily can sum up to a third Selenium which is required by one’s body per day.
  • Selenium works towards being anti-allergy because of its antioxidant elements.

5. Salmon


Yes, you got it correct! Salmon, the fish is a super food in combating against allergy as well. It’s known to be a cold water fish which is rich of omega 3 fatty acids and consequently keeps the allergies at bay. Moreover, it even works towards cleaning your lungs and improve it’s functioning by acting as a safe guard against illnesses like asthma, congestion, flu and cold.

  • Include salmon in your weekly meals.
  • Eat at least 2 portions of it each week.
  • Later, increase it to 3 during a viral or allergy season.
  • You’re free to include other sorts of fishes as a part of your diet too.

4. Sunflower Seeds


Did you ever know that these nutty sunflower seeds are loaded with fats and calories? Well now you do! However, that doesn’t sum up to their demerit as these seeds can be definitely used to fight back allergies and turn out to be successful in the end. Moreover, they certainly don’t cause any side effects or unwanted reactions once consumed but also come along with other nutrients which lower down allergic reactions caused by other various constituents.

  • Sunflower seeds consist of Vitamin E.
  • Moreover, they comprise of Selenium as well.
  • Just one cup of sunflower seeds can work wonders in keeping allergies at bay.

3. Walnuts


Walnut is a nut which is edible after going through the procedure of processing. Walnuts are considered to be of great use such as preparing inks and dyes, clearing aviation parts, culinary uses etcetera.Moreover, it’s recognized to be rich in proteins and is a great source of Glutathione too. Furthermore, it’s rich in fatty acids inclusive of omega 3 acid and amino acid arginine and can easily keep the allergies away.

2. Mustard Greens


To all those who are vulnerable to allergies, mustard greens is your gift from God for this purpose. Moreover, mustard green is recognized to be rich in nutrients and have an antioxidant element as well which makes it a super food in order to hush away allergies from the one who consume it. Moreover, it’s rich of Vitamins C and E and beta carotene along with them. Mustard greens,

  • Combat against inflammation.
  • Hunt free radicals.
  • Works towards breaking down Histamine.
  • So go to a super store near to you and get your hands on them now!

1. Ginger


No, I’m not asking you to confine ginger just to ginger garlic paste or while cooking ginger chicken but to treat it as an extremely effective super food which will definitely help you get rid of unwanted allergies. It consists of certain elements such as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant which help in making ginger an efficient and quite effective super food. Moreover, it works great wonders in reducing and putting a stop while calling it quits for inflammation in your body. Furthermore, it even loosens up mucus and impedes airway contraction in your nose which leads to a prevention of asthma for the ill. Follow the steps discussed below and get a hang of how to use ginger in order to escape an allergy.

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  • Drink ginger tea twice a day.
  • Include ginger in every day meals and make it a primary part of your diet.
  • Ginger supplements can help too but only if your doctor claims that you’re fit for them.

Relevant Guidelines:

  • Religiously wash your hands and face after returning home from outside.
  • Avoid keeping windows and doors irrelevantly open during an allergy season.
  • Take a shower on a daily basis.
  • Wash your hair every alternate day.
  • Keep in track of the allergies that are most likely to affect you.
  • Later, take effective measures to stay at a safe distance from them.
  • Don’t sit in the garden or go for random walks over there during the allergy season.
  • Try to stay away from the ill until they’ve been completely recovered.
  • Leave your shoes at the door step only.

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