5 Tips to Control Comfort Eating

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You agree or not but it is a long known fact that food has the ability to controls our mood. We all have experienced that when we’re sad, angry, happy or depressed, food makes us better. After a stressful day at work, it is a tub of ice cream that soothes our nerves and after a break up or fight with boyfriend, chocolate seems to be our greatest friend in the whole world. Emotional eating or comfort eating is sometimes the main cause of weight gain. Although food makes us better, but usually it is not very healthy food we eat to comfort ourselves. According to researchers, comfort eating often starts from our childhood.

Comfort Eating


We are all treated with ice cream when we do something good as a child, and often happiness forms a link with treat foods and over the years it becomes a habit. Similarly sometimes when we’re depressed at office, we eat a chocolate bar, which makes us better. The next time when we feel stress, we turn towards chocolate or ice cream to sooth us and gradually this practice becomes a habit. Fatty foods may sooth your nerves and boost your energy for a short time, but eventually it will lower your mood.

Here are some of the simple ways you can use to control your emotional or comfort eating.

1. Break The Routine


The first step in the fight against comfort eating is identifying and understanding the reason, why you feel comfort in eating. Most of the times, comfort or emotional eating is only a habit as you have been having biscuits or pastry with coffee in the evening since your childhood. To break this habit, try to break the routine. So next time try to take tea instead of coffee as it is better for your health. Another reason of emotional eating can be boredom. It may also be a routine for you to eat something when you are watching TV. You’ll find your hands unconsciously moving for the food when you’re sitting on a couch in front of TV. To break this habit, try to involve your hands in some other activity like couch exercising etc.

2. Clean Eating


Sometimes, you feel more attracted towards junk food just before your period. At that time of the month, constant hormonal mood swings make it almost impossible to resist against food. To counter this problem, get rid of junk food and stock up clean and healthy food. Use whole grains, fruits and vegetables as much as you can, keep away from processed foods and don’t forget to drink plenty of water. Clean eating will keep you energize and control comfort eating.

3. Regular Meals


Eat regular meals three times a day and take low calorie snacks. Take Healthy foods like wholegrain foods and veggies, which are rich in dietary fiber. These foods keep us full and satisfied for a long time and also keep our energy levels high. Don’t miss any meal, and try to take a regular breakfast which contains dietary fiber and lean protein. This will control your cravings and keep you safe from comfort eating.

4. Moderation is The Key


To motivate yourself, write things like “I can control myself”, “Don’t even think about it”, on notes and paste them on your fridge or in kitchen. If you can’t resist foods like pastries, biscuits, chocolate or ice cream, you shouldn’t keep them in your house. This doesn’t mean you can’t eat them ever, just take them in moderation occasionally. Moderation is the key to a healthy lifestyle and in fight against comfort eating.

5. Control Your Mood


Analyzing yourself is another good technique to get rid of comfort eating. Analyze your feelings when you’re going to eat any comfort food. Know the reason behind your urge, “are you feeling hungry, sad or happy?” Write down these things in a diary and next time try to distract yourself with some healthy food items. Try to control your mood swings to control your urge.

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