The Most Impressive Bridal Gowns That Will Make You Say Wow

Jenny Smith   Writer
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The wedding day, for a girl, is a very special day – a day very near her heart. She wants everything to go perfect that day and that would be impossible without a well chosen bridal gown. The theme for the day, the event managing, arranging the flower bouquet and looking after the guests can all be taken care of by the bride and groom’s respective families and friends. However the bridal gown HAS to be chosen by the bride HERSELF, for there are some heartfelt expectations attached to it.

1. Mermaid Bridal Gown

Mermaid Bridal GownThe mermaid gown, also known as the fit and flare gown is a nicely fitted gown up to your knees and volume added thereafter. It is a very good idea for all those ladies who like to look slender in every way. The gown in the picture is a combination of fit and flare, sweetheart neckline and layers in the volume beneath the knees. You can wear this gown with some elegant jewellery and also add colour via coloured bridal lace gloves or a coloured bridal waist band.

2. Sweetheart Neckline Gown

Sweetheart Neckline GownThis is a modestly fitted A-line net gown with adornments of pearls and crystals all over it. With these adornments on the gown, wherever the bride will go the sparkle of these adornments will follow as the light hits them. Colour has also been added to the gown with the use of a champagne coloured silk waist band and matching champagne jewellery. Both, the belt and the jewellery seem to compliment the girl’s eye colour which gives us another idea. You can theme your dress and jewellery to compliment your eye colour, hair colour, body figure or whatever you think is your plus point.

3. Elegant Lace Gown

Elegant Lace GownLace gowns are always sexy and elegant for an option. Here I chose a picture of a lace gown with sleeves and it proves that you can look absolutely sexy even with sleeves in your gown. The sleeves here are completely of a royal lace net. The inside of this lace gown is another sweetheart neckline gown made of silk to add some shine, since lace-y gowns are usually not very shiny. You can add more oomph to this gown by adding more volume to it in the form of layers or wear a crystal studded belt with it.

4. The Royal Tail Gown

The Royal Tail Gown

This is a very lavish looking tail gown with extra volume underneath. Does it not look absolutely royal and queenly? It is a combination of tail plus volume and flare gown. It does not just have a tail but an extra long tail, must I include, the longer the tail, the more royal it looks. It is a net gown with intricate lace work done at the ends with crystals and diamond tees added all over the lace work. It looks so desirable to me. The bride will look amazing while walking in this tail gown as her royal tail follows. Such a tail gown allows you to have more than two bridesmaids; they can be all around you helping you with the gown as you walk to your groom.

5. Add COLOUR to your Gown

Add COLOUR to your GownHere we have an attention-gaining, bright white lace gown. There is some colour added in the form of a red silk waist belt tied up into a bow like ribbons. You can match your waist band to the colour of your groom’s tie - it will show the coordination between you two. You can wear red flashy heels with it to further add some colour or keep it simple with elegant white heels. The jewellery should be in white or silver. Do not add coloured jewellery to this kind of look, it looks overdone which is a very bad idea for your wedding day.

6. Flare to Stare Gown

Flare to Stare GownThis is a dreamy gown with so much volume that it creates a princess like effect. The girl has chosen to wear a tiara with it to complete the look. It will look absolutely stunning when you will walk with so much volume in your gown and your groom will not be able to help it but look at you all stunned. The flares in the gown will definitely catch some stares.

7. Layered Gown

Layered GownThis is simply a fit and flare gown with layers added to create volume and add that princess effect to your gown. I can see some embroidery done just above the layers to add more elegance to the gown. This dress, again, has been worn with a tiara-like hair band to compensate for the dress’s simplicity. If you want to keep it simple yet elegant, then go for it.

8. Colourful Gown

Colourful GownUnlike all those common white bridal gowns, I always think of a coloured gown. I know white is the symbol of purity and wholeness but you can always wear a colourful gown and tell your groom that you will add colour to his life and never let it be boring again. Colours have their own beauty to overwhelm. Remember, it is YOUR day and it is your wish to wear whatever you want.

9. Disney Themed Gown

Disney Themed GownThis seems to be another grand idea for your wedding. Theme your wedding day according to a Disney theme! Isn’t that what every girl wants? Go for an extra voluminous, super flare-y gown for the day, make your groom wear the dress of a prince and tell your bridesmaids to dress like Cinderella and Snow-white. During the photo-session, tell the photographer to take pictures of and your groom dancing like Cinderella and prince charming. Enjoy that fairy-tale wedding you have always wished for.

10. Ever-so-Elegant Gown

Ever-so-Elegant GownHere we can see a beautifully elegant, white bridal gown. Its sweetheart neckline is studded with pearls and crystals making the shape of a heart. The gown looks amazing with a curl hair bun enhanced with flowers. It gives us an idea of a floral themed wedding.

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