20 Super Foods For Summer

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With no further delay, let us welcome the summer season!
As we off to work or start doing home chores in the hot days of summer, bodies get sunburn with excessive sweating and stinging though, the work goes on whether it is scorching sun or chilling wind. Every human body needs to be well maintained with fulfillment of vitamins, nutrients and calcium.

The rise in hot temperatures in the summer season is a warning to take extra care of you. Summers needs attention! When we talk about extra care, the hint is to maintain proper diet in liquids and meals. For every group of age, men, women, babies and young, are suggested to intake adequate amount of minerals, vitamins and nutrients. Less consumption of nutrients can result in multiple disturbing health conditions.

Ignoring super foods in summers may result in;

  • Low Blood pressure.
  • Low glucose levels.
  • Headache.
  • Skin pigmentation.
  • Dehydration.
  • Kidney problems.
  • Vertigo.
  • Nausea.
  • Weakness.
  • Leg cramps.
  • Vomiting.

If you do not want to be trapped with these disturbing diseases, it is time to have some “super foods”. Summer season brings a variety of watery, delicious and healthy foods that keep the immune system strong and bodies hydrated. With the proper intake of vegetables and fruits, your body becomes strong, energized and ready to go.

“The hot summer season welcome numerous super foods. Every food provides countless health and skin benefits. Fruits and vegetables are of great source of vitamins and minerals. Many fruits have properties that keep your body hydrated and well maintained. Intake of drinks and fresh salads improves immune system and boosts energy, to show good and outstanding performance.”

20. Mango

MANGOAs the summer season arrives, craving for mangoes gets over. There is wide range in mangoes, available everywhere. Being one of the tropical rich fruits, mango is also known as “king of fruits”. Mangoes are rich in nutrient value, to provide multiple nutrients to human body. It is beneficial in maintaining cholesterol levels, heart conditions, treating diseases and fighting cancers.

What mangoes can do for your health?

  • The juicy mango is effective in improving digestive problems.
  • It is capable to provide good eyesight and memory.
  • It is helpful in preventing skin from sun exposure.

Mangoes can be taken in many forms;

  • You can make a fresh and juicy salad from mangoes.
  • Mango milkshakes are delicious to drink and provides health benefits.
  • Mango desserts are excessively good to have.

19. Watermelon

WatermelonOne of the important needs of summers is to keep hydrated. Watermelon works wonder in that need. The presence of 92% water and 6% sugar makes watermelon a juicy and watery fruit. By excessive sweating in summers, human body is compelled to lose electrolytes. Intake of watermelon is any form is perfect to keep your body fit and hydrated. Vitamin A and Vitamin C in watermelon are also responsible for boosting the immune system.

  • Watermelon is perfect to fill the quenching of thirst in summers. Using of watermelon pulp or slices is recommended.
  • Prepare a watermelon juice from fresh watermelons and drink it each day.

18. Eggplant


Most of the people do not like having eggplant, specially the children and teenagers. The dark purple skin, eggplant, is of great benefits to human body. The vegetable has multiple oxidants, vitamin and dietary fibers, that helps in providing various health benefits. While eating eggplant, it may taste little bitter but not too much.
The bitterness is actually helpful in lowering the cholesterol levels and the dark purple skin is to protect the brain cells. You can enjoy the richness of eggplant, cooked with number of unique recipes. It can be served as a salad, as a grilled vegetable served with cheese and spices.

17. Cherries

cherriesFilled with multiple nutrients benefits, dark red cherries are one of the super food in summer season. Cherries are high in fiber and possesses vital vitamin C. The fiber in cherries is helpful in treating constipation, thus reduces digestive problems. As cherries are excellent antioxidants flavonoids, that protects the body from toxins and free radicals.

Cherries are delicious in taste and energetic to have. You can have cherries in various forms like dried cherries, raw cherries, cherry juices and canned cherries. The best is to use fresh cherries in summers, the fruit of season.

16. Strawberries

strawberriesYes, those red colored strawberries, which are mouthwatering and taste D E L I C I O U S. The strawberries have anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, that is beneficial, to cure from burning and darkening of skin. It is also effective in blood regulation. Strawberries are also important as they reduce chances of getting two types of diabetes.

  • Enjoy cups of crushed strawberries daily in summers. Fruits have no side effects.
  • You can have strawberry smoothie in summers as the best summer treatment.

15. Summer Squash

SUMMER SQUASHIf you want to live a healthy life, you need to add super foods in your diet. Another one is summer squash. Do you know? A medium sized summer squash has 33% of vitamin B6 and is helpful to maintain hemoglobin in the body.

Mostly, it is found in United States.

Zucchini is also summer squash, which has anti-oxidant property.

14. Peach

peachLuscious and delicious to taste, is peach, fruit to love and eat. The fruit is low in calories and has no such fats. No worries to gain weight enjoy the freshness of peach. Vitamins and Minerals, present in peaches are of great beneficial to anyone who eats it. Rich in potassium, peaches are fantastic source of vitamin A and vitamin C.

  • Peaches can be eaten in the form of salads and desserts.
  • If you like to have juice and milkshakes, go for it.
  • Peachy chicken salad taste lusciously, tries it.
  • Grab a peach, if it is not eaten, prepare a salad.

13. Lemon

lemonOne of the most common and popular fruit is lemon. The yellow juicy lemons have multiple health and skin benefits. Whether you intake lemon or apply it on your skin, it does instant magic in both the methods. Lemons are of great source to overcome dehydration in summers.

  • Fresh prepared lemonade is a perfect treatment in summer season to bring the body temperature to normal.
  • Lemon juice or lemon water is the common drink; most of the people have in summers.
  • Lemon is one of the favorite juicy fruit of summers. It is also effective for sore throats.

12. Cucumber

CucumberIf we talk about maintaining overall health of the human body, cucumber does it work perfectly. It is one of the vegetable that is mostly consumed by every region. It is also the most cultivated vegetable.

Cucumber has the property of boosting energy and improves immune system. It is best for dehydration and of great importance in fighting cancer.

  • The best use of cucumber is to have it directly.
  • Cucumber salads are of delicious taste.
  • People also like cucumber juices.

11. Yogurt

YOGURTSummers and yogurt, perfect combination. Yogurt is a basic need of human body, especially in season of summers. With multiple of health benefits, yogurt also has number of skin benefits also. The use of yogurt works excellent for stomach and to cool down stomach burning. It is the best form to intake proteins and calcium.

  • Remember to add yogurt into your diet.
  • Yogurt in different salads also tastes perfectly.

10. Tomato


Tomato is known to be one of the healthiest foods of world. Whether to call tomato as vegetable or fruit, it is best to have in summers. The fruitful tomato is blessed with minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Red skin tomato is best to maintain blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels in human bodies.

Take precaution: Before buying tomato, go for organic ones. Pure tomatoes are most beneficial, without pesticides.

9. Coconut Water

COCONUT WATERCoconut water is best to treat hotness in summers. The refreshing coconut water boosts energy and accelerates our body to work more actively. It is greatly effective, when it comes to overcome dehydration. It is rightly called as thirst quencher.

Intake of adequate amount of coconut water is effective for digestive problems and reduces blood pressure. With health benefits, use of coconut water is best for treating skin deficiencies.

8. Avocado

avocadoOne of the super foods is Avocado. The unique fruit is rich in incredible nutrients. The rich texture and amazing taste of avocado is of multiple benefits. The pear shaped, fruit, is loaded with nutrients, fats and fiber.

It has more potassium than bananas and there are many other benefits of avocados as well.

  • Eating avocado is found to be beneficial for lowering cholesterol levels and heart problems. The fruit is of great cure to many problems.
  • The good flavor of avocado has made it to drop its taste in rich recipes.

7. Corn

CORNOne of the sweetest pleasures of summers is corn. The other name for corn is maize. With many health benefits, corns are of great taste. They are cultivated and grown in numerous quantities in Asia, though it is used in several recipes. Corn are also said to be food grains, instead of vegetables.

  • The use of corn is beneficial for weight gain. Delicious grains can make you put on some weight too.
  • With richness in taste, corns are used in rice and salads recipes.

6. Spinach

spinachJust like Popeye, spinach will also work wonders for you. The leafy green vegetable, spinach, is of multiple benefits. Spinach is an important source of iron that has capability to strengthen your body. Enriched with vitamin A and vitamin C, spinach is a good source of getting minerals.

Having raw spinach with yogurt is best to improve immune system. Remember to take it early in the morning as the first meal.

Tip: Do not overcook vegetables, it will lose nutrients value.

5. Cauliflower

CAULIFLOWERCauliflower has great uses in meals and salads. The low calories in cauliflower provide several health benefits. To keep in knowledge, cauliflower is packed with vitamin C and several other minerals. It has property to maintain a balanced diet.

  • Cauliflower prepares good mixture with other vegetables, fruits, lentils and meat.
  • It is widely used as salad in many of the regions.

4. Kiwi

KIWIThe exotic taste and fresh green color is the attraction of kiwi. Noticing the numerous health benefits, kiwi is helpful in digestion. People with digestion problems, here is the solution, KIWI. It is effective to control blood cholesterol and improves immune system.

  • One of great benefit is that it is mostly organic in nature.
  • For women, kiwi is best for skin too.

3. Blueberries

BLUEBERRIESBlueberries are one of the cutest little North American fruit. Enriched with vitamin K, vitamin C and other nutrients, berries are of great benefits. Blue berries can be preventive for cancer treatments. In regard to improve immune system, take a bowl, full of blue berries. Blueberries are fruit of summers, not to be missed.

Make a smoothie from blue berries and raspberries. No compromise to health.

2. Bell Peppers

BELL PEPPERSThe colorful peppers are excellent mixture of good taste and crunchy texture. Peppers are of great source of vitamin A and vitamin C. The vibrant fresh colors in bell peppers are green, red and yellow.

Bell peppers are used in delicious kitchen recipes.

Have you tried stuffed peppers? Time to add this in favorite recipes.

Remember not to overcook bell peppers. It does not only reduce the healthy benefits, but the original taste of peppers will also be disappeared.

1. Beetroot

BEETROOTSA rich purple color, beetroot, is a good source of fiber and folic acid. We can have the leaves and roots from beetroot, but leaves can be bitter in taste. With its numerous health benefits, beetroots have been used as a medical treatment for liver. While having beetroot, make sure it is firm and smooth.

  • Having raw fresh beetroot as a delicious sweet or salad is good to taste.
  • Beetroot juices are also good source of packed vitamins and antioxidants.


  • Enjoy the fruit milkshakes.
  • Wash and clean the super foods well.
  • Try taking the fruits and vegetables in delicious forms.


  • Avoid heating the vegetables too much as it lose the essence of fresh vegetable.
  • Do not refrigerate super foods for longer times.
  • Be careful not to buy ripe fruits.

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