10 Small Changes That Can Aid You Lose Weight

Jane Sills   Writer
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How to lose weight fast is a very common question that physical trainers are often asked. Training plans which help you lose weight are not just about exercise and intensive workouts. In fact, workouts are only effective when they are combined with other small changes in the lifestyle to aid the process.

So, what are those small changes that can aid you lose weight? Listen to the personal accounts of individuals who have successfully lost 20, 30, 60 and more pounds in a very short period of time just by making small tweaks in their day-to-day routines and habits.

Replace happy hour with a healthier option


“My friend and I would go to a café after work and would order snacks, mostly deep-fried. One day we decided to do something healthy for our bodies and instead of going to the café, we went on a hour-long walk in a nearby running track. Later, it became a habit. Today both my friend and I are several pounds lighter. We also feel immensely healthy.” – Jessica, 35

Add fun to your workout routine


“To make my gym time more fun, I invested some time to make workout playlists. Now I look forward to spending more time at gym because the jams fire up the things. More workout routines have become less boring. Also, now I spend more time at gym than I did ever before.” – Miranda, 33

Add up veggies in your daily meals


“I started adding more vegetables in my daily meals. I would replace pepperoni with green pepper and olives and would add more green leaves in my salad. It has now become a habit. I feel fuller for longer periods of time. I no longer feel the urge to munch on salty snacks and super-sweet deserts. This healthy eating has helped me gain greater body strength and have helped me 10 pounds in a month’s time.” – Elaine, 29

Wondering how to lose weight? Find excuses to run on the track!


“An easy to lose weight is to run on a daily basis even if it’s just for an hour. I started running for 45 mins during my lunch break. Not only I have lost 20 pounds in two months, I feel healthier and more fit than ever. Most recently, I finished my first 5k!” – Morgan, 38

Do yoga!


“I started doing yoga regularly couple of months ago. I never expected it will help me lose weight. Today I am 16 pounds lighter and my cellulite has also disappeared.” - Debora, 42

Eat moderate amounts of food


“The fast food chains always lure us with their extra-large value meal deals. But don’t fall into their trap, especially if you want to keep that belly size under control. Order just a single item i.e. fries or 6-piece nuggets instead of ordering value meals.” Sara, 40

Lose weight by eating your calories thoughtfully!


“I plan my meals very carefully and always keep some room for dessert and drinks in my daily meals. By eating low-cal lunches and dinner, I use the extra calories to splurge on my favorite dessert or alcohol. I have managed to lose 20 pounds in just two months.” – Ryan, 33

Take dance classes


“I started taking zumba classes just to shake up my routine a bit. The dance moves not only helped me lose weight, it also helped me to shape the muscles and make my legs look lean. MY suggestion to you: add a move in your life!” – Mikael, 38

Make an excuse to go outdoors


“I started going out with my dog for a walk everyday. It has become a habit and we never miss our daily session even when the weather is too cold. This simple daily ritual has helped me lose significant weight in no time.” – Jenna, 34

Get you beauty sleep


“Getting good sleep can bring significant changes in your body. Sleeping helped me control my weight and put everything else in shape too. Our bodies burn more calories when we are sleeping. Going to bed early would not only give your body the necessary sleep, but will also help your body’s metabolic cycle get in shape. Good sleep everyday can do wonders!” – Julliette, 28.

We hope these small changes to lose weight that all our selected candidates explained will help you.

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