12 Reasons Why You Should Try Coffee Enema

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Enemas have been an ancient method of treatment and came into existence in 1500 BC or at least that is what we know from recorded history where the Egyptian’s medical documents seem to mention them. Babylonians have also been known to use enemas and they have been mentioned on tablets that were found. The Greek also used enemas and Hippocrates used it to cure fever.

Galen another prominent physician of Greeks also used it in 100 A.D. During the 1300s many prominent people including royals were known to get enemas. It has been used till modern day due its countless benefits. These enemas are known to have countless benefits. Coffee enemas are subsequently known to have many more benefits out of which I will inform you about 12.

12. Enemas Are Healthy

Enemas are Healthy

Enemas help you get rid of waste and toxins that have accumulated in your rectum for years. They help you feel cleaner and lighter in a matter of minutes and can have great overall benefits for your health. Water enemas as I have mentioned earlier are quite healthy on their own.

However, I feel as a responsible Samaritan I should tell you that you shouldn’t make enema a regular practice and should not do it very often.

11. It Improves Mental Clarity

It improves mental clarity

Coffee enemas can help relax your sympathetic nervous system. What I mean to say is that it removes the “fight or flight” response system. This is the system that is utilized with access release of adrenaline. This is our body’s natural way of dealing stress. However it helps clog our regular mental processes. We tend to take impulsive decisions in a fight or flight situation.

By performing a coffee enema we tend to relax our liver and large intestine giving our body and mind a feeling of relaxation which helps clear up our mind. It also helps us in taking better decisions. This is better than drinking coffee as that on the other hand tends to make us hyper thus increasing our impulsivity in situations. So if you’re wondering how to get rid of stress easily, just try this magical remedy.

10. Increases pH of the Digestive System

Increases pH of the digestive system

This basically means that performing a coffee enema can increase the alkalinity of your digestive system. This is quite beneficial especially for people with an acidity problem. Acidity problems are not only quite painful but can be extremely embarrassing for people in public.

It can also help with disorders such as digestive ulcer that quite often can be extremely painful in an acidic environment. In fact it is a simple way of prevention and also  an effective stomach ulcer treatment.

9. It Reduces Bloating and Eases Bile Flow

It Reduces Bloating and Eases Bile Flow

Constipation can often cause a hold up of bile and also causes bloating. His bloating is often a reason for an ugly bulge in your stomach. It doesn’t only feel embarrassing but makes you feel very uncomfortable. Ulcers, GERD, acid reflux disease and IBS can all be responsible for bloating. Coffee enemas can help you get rid of at least some of the symptoms of these diseases. It is also one of the best home remedies for constipation you can use at home.

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“Water enemas have many benefits but coffee enemas are even better!”

8. Caffeine Without Drinking Coffee


Caffeine is known to have some side effects but also have a great number of benefits. If coffee is not drunk but used in enema its health benefits can be utilized to the fullest. Besides there are some people out there who just do not like drinking coffee. I have listed here some of the benefits of caffeine:

  • Improves memory
  • Relieves post work-out pain
  • Helps delay Alzheimer’s
  • Improves logical thinking

The list can go on, really.

7. Alleviate Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety


Depression and anxiety can be paralyzing to one’s life; especially severe kinds that does not go away with therapy and requires medication. Depression medication often comes with a lot of side effects. Coffee enemas can then be a great means of relieving oneself from anxiety or escaping depression. Especially if you’re looking for some simple home remedies for anxiety and depression, must try this.

This shouldn’t however suggest you that you shouldn’t seek counselling and shouldn’t try other means such as exercising and replace it all with enemas. A coffee enema will however compliment all these things.

“Coffee enemas are a great way of getting the advantages of coffee without having the side effects that are caused by drinking too much coffee.”

6. Helps Get Rid of Candida

Helps get rid of Candida

Candidiasis is a fungal infection. It can be caused in your mouth, throat or any other part of your body. Candidiases can become a very persistent problem for some people. It can easily occur in people who have an organ transplant or eat medicines that lower their immune system. It also occurs in people who have cancer or AIDS. Not sure of the science beginning this but proof and testimonials shed a positive outcome of doing coffee enema. You can also try these effective home remedies for fungal infections to get rid of these.

5. Removes Toxins From Your System

Removes toxins from your system

According to the Nemours Foundation, “A toxin is a chemical or poison that is known to have harmful effects on the body. Toxins can come from food or water, from chemicals used to grow or prepare food, and even from the air that we breathe.”

Bile contains toxins that are released by our gall bladder. Bile is reabsorbed in our system upto 10 times. The reabsorbed bile toxifies our body. Coffee enemas help remove the toxins and the bile so that the toxins cannot enter our body again.

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4. Reduces Withdrawal Symptoms

Reduces Withdrawal Symptoms

While one is trying to quit a drug they often feel a lot of physical symptoms. These symptoms may be relieved with use of coffee enemas. This along with vegetable juices (which is used to curb cravings) can help while quitting a drug such as nicotine, cocaine or heroin.

It is a simple and effective method while trying to quit a drug at home; however, it would be inadvisable not to go to rehab for a very severe problem.

3. Helps Cure Cancer

Helps Cure Cancer

This may seem a bit out there but many doctors swear by the fact that coffee enemas indeed cure cancer. The pioneer Dr. Gerson has a lot to say about it. Coffee enemas along with juicing (usually vegetable juices) are known to be a miracle cure for cancer. In fact, coffee enema can reverse all effects of cancer by removing all the toxins from our body. It is in fact one of the simplest ways to never get cancer and live a healthy life.

The idea involves doing multiple enemas in a day. A good read for coffee enemas curing cancer is written by the M.D. Dr. Gerson called, “A cancer therapy-results of 50 cases”

2. Increases Energy Level

Increases Energy Level

Most of the coffee drinkers out there wouldn’t need to blink before they agree that coffee boosts energy. Of course it does as it contains caffeine. The enema also helps remove antioxidants from the body which helps boost our energy levels. This is not the only reason however as coffee enemas aid better sleep and better mood; it automatically helps boost our energy levels!

1. Weight Loss

weight loss

Autointoxication is a means of weight gain. Fatigue and laziness of course are a major source of obesity as well. Depression and anxiety result in over-eating in most individuals especially in it minor form. Indigestion is also a major reason for bloating. It is also very effective if you want to know how to lose belly fat with simple natural remedies.

A coffee enema cures a lot of conditions that can cause one to gain additional pounds. Solving these problems result in the removal of any unwanted weight. You should also use some effective juicing recipes for weight loss to increase the weight shedding progress.

Ok, so we have talked about the benefits of a coffee enema but let us now talk about how it is done. All you have to do is either buy or make an enema kit. You can find many DIYs on how to make an enema kit but frankly I would say just buying a kit is much better. You can easily buy one online and get it delivered to your door step.

Now, use 2 tablespoons of organic coffee and add it in ¾ litre (3 cups) of filtered water. Add the coffee to the water and put it on a stove to boil. Once the water reaches to a boil, you need to lower the flame and let it simmer for about 10-15 minutes and your enema is ready. Now let it cool for a while. Make it cool enough to reach your body temperature. If the water is too cold it may cause you additional discomfort while performing the enema.

Perform the enema in your bathroom. Lie down on your bathroom floor while placing the kit somewhere higher for easy inflow. Make sure you remove the air from the nozzle. Face your right and let the enema pour in. You have to hold the coffee in for around 15 minutes. You may find it a little painful and difficult in the beginning. You will get the feeling that you want to defecate but you just have to set your eyes on the prize.


  • Make sure that you are near the toilet as there may come a point where you cannot keep the liquid in for even a second longer
  • Keep something to read or your phone with you as you will need to distract yourself.
  • Doing the enema on a regular basis will improve its results drastically.
  • Using Vaseline or a lubricant can help the insertion of the nozzle.
  • Wash and dry your enema kit if you plan to use it again.

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