Long Distance Relationship Advice; 20 Great Tips

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 10. Be Honest With Each Other


No long distance relationship advice can be so effective than to be fair and honest with each other. This is the very basis of your love and must not be compromised at any cost. Your honesty can easily win the heart of your beloved one and make him value you the most.

 9. Say Your Heart To Your Soul Mate


Distance helps you think and re-think many issues. Moreover, you can talk on things that you might not in the presence of your soul mate. So talk about your fears, insecurities, jealousy, and feelings of apathy or whatever. To enhance closeness, share even your dreams, weak and plus points of your life. If you try to hide anything from your partner, this secret will sooner or later swallow you from the inside out. Do not try to handle things all by yourself.

 8. Always Behave Positive


You need to constantly inject positive energy into the long distance relationship, in order to keep it alive. You should be thankful about the good things the relationship has brought in your life. As you have someone to love. Be thankful for the little things, like handmade letter in your mailbox. Wish each other health and safety. You should always be caring for the feelings of your soul mate.

There are always things that your partner does not like whether it’s a long distance relationship or a normal one. As those situations pose a threat to your relationship so they are termed as dangerous. It can be something like hanging out with your friends and drinking till late and etc. whatever they are try to avoid them.

 7. Observe Patience


Yes, wait can be painful, and you sometimes feel lonely, but you have to remind yourself that the outcome in the end will be sweet. Patience is the best long distance relationship advice that can help you bear the absence of your soul mate.

 6. Don’t Allow Loneliness Overwhelm You


You’re lonely, but you are not alone, unless you choose to feel like it. You do not have to let your partner in the world around you - you still have you, your friends and your family. In addition to that use this time with your friends and family to do more. Go to the gym more often. Get a new hobby.

There are many things you do not need to involve your partner in. spend time on your own self. Pamper yourself, read a new best seller, volunteer in a humanitarian organization. Try to get your mind off of your long distance relationship. You also have a life try to lead that normally.

 5. Knowledge Of Each Other’s Schedules


This helps to know when the other person is busy, so you can send the text or make a call at the right time. You should not disturb your partner in the middle of something important like a meeting or some important domestic chore. You know what is happening in each other’s lives, such as small and large events in the terms and university exams, important business meetings, interviews and so on.

It is particularly important because you both live in a different time zones and it will strengthen the bond and help to buildup trust. It would again be a wise long distance relationship advice that can help you avoid so many unpleasant situations.

 4. Be Optimistic Of A Happy Union


As the two of you are miles apart, it might make you both feel that there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Looking forward is more of a feeling. Imagine your dreams together to talk about your future. Share your plans,” Monid said. “When you talk about the future it reinforces your commitment to each other.”

Instead of talking sharing it with each other also share it with your close friends about your long distance relationships and the commitments involved then you will be more confident about it. Another advantage of telling your friends about it is that whenever you are in a mess or have a problem they can advise you guide you and get you out of it and that is what friends are for.

 3. Avoid Creating Doubts And Ill-feeling


A long distance relationship is not so much emotionally draining as any other relationship. If your soul mate says goodbye to you, it is very hard to get over. In case of a long distance relationship, there are possibilities of break up easily. Hence you must go on with your partner sensibly and avoid creating doubts and ill-feeling.

 2. Excessive Communication Is Dangerous


If you think that only communication can compensate your loneliness; you are in the wrong. Many couples are of the view that if they are separated by those long miles then what they can compensate for it by talking more and more and getting in touch all the time. This point of view is totally wrong as sooner or later they are going to get tired of each other.

The less you talk the more you will crave for each other resulting in more love and a strong long distance relationship will result. As the more and more you have of something its marginal utility will be decreased but we need to keep that marginal utility high so less or moderate is what that suits us.

 1. Make A Plan To Visit Your Loved One


How long will you be talking on your phone, texting calling or video calling?  You need to get up and go and meet your soul mate to really know each other. Perhaps there is no other long-distance relationship advice that can be helpful in maintaining your relation.  Even though the modern technology has allowed us to video chat but just with that you can’t know someone better that is only possible if you spend some time together.

If the relationship is just time pass for you then you may not need to take this pain. But if you are serious and you can visit each other then you must do it as it will enhance trust between you. You will really get to know each other as most of the times you misjudge people living at distance.

“A truthful relationship is the best asset of your life, and you should play your utmost fair to save it. Even though long distance relationships are hard to maintain yet they can work if you are serious to save them.”


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