Learn How to Cut Your Own Hair in 10 Easy Steps

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4. Don’t Get Too Adventurous


If this is the first time that you’re cutting your own hair, try to keep it nice and simple. Aim for a subtle trim rather than a whole new look, especially if you have thick hair with plenty of layers. When you’re doing the actual cutting, let the scissors cut slowly. This allows the cut strands to fall away, while you keep a firm hold of the strands that you’re cutting in your hand between your fingers. If you’re aiming for blunt ends, just snipping across the part that you want to trim will do the trick.

If you want a finer and subtle finish to your hair ends, you will want to hold the scissors at a 90 degree angle to your hair and tackle small parts at a time by cutting them directly. This will make for a finish that looks and feels softer than plain blunt ends but requires a little more dexterity and effort. If however you think that you’ve mastered the essence of how to cut your own hair and feel like experimenting a little bit, you could try by choosing a hair style that suits your face. From all the different face shapes, oval is the one that goes well with any type of hair style. A square face should adopt a style without any straight lines or edges to soften the outlook.

Whichever style you should choose, make sure that you look up all the detailed instructions about it and familiarize yourself with the terminology used to describe the different techniques employed in the style. Also remember that a typical visit to the salon can take anywhere from half an hour to up to two hours and since you’ll be working on yourself, you can safely expect the whole process of cutting your own hair to take longer than that!

3. Dry Your Hair


Once you’ve nearly achieved the look you were going for as you learn how to cut your hair and have trimmed it evenly on both sides, you should now dry it so as to get an idea of what the end result will be. Wet hair is quite easy to manage and much easier to cut which is why we’ve advocated using the spray bottle to keep your hair damp while cutting with warm water and a little conditioner, but as your hair is going to spend most of the time being dry, that is what the final finishing should be done on.

Drying your hair can be done as you would normally do so after a shower or a bath. Letting your hair dry naturally is preferable, however an alternative could be to let it dry for a little while by itself and then use a hair dryer.

2. Final Trimming


The final trimming should be started when your hair is absolutely dry and includes checking for symmetry on both sides, looking for any loose strands and uneven edges and making sure that all the layers are of the proper thickness. The length on both sides must also be equal and can be checked by bringing together the longest strands from each side to a single central point and then trimming any excess. Using a small handheld mirror can help you look at the back of your head and around the neck to check for any missed areas or rough patches.

1. Enjoy Your New Haircut

New Haircut

That’s it! You’ve done it! Enjoy your new haircut and show off your style to your friends. And don’t forgot to shower after your haircut to get rid of all those tiny hairs that stick to your neck and ears. And then share a before and after picture on your social network!

Following all these steps will ensure that you learn how to cut your own hair, that too in ten very easy steps. Undoubtedly, the first time might be very difficult and might take longer than you think, but with practice it can prove to be quite a useful skill and save you a lot of time and money as well! If your first time goes well, you might want to be more creative and experiment with different hairstyles and looks, or even cut a friend’s hair for them.

When you’ve finally finished with cutting your hair, also remember to take good care of both your hair and your scalp by regular brushing and conditioning after cleaning with a good shampoo. All these tips can help you keep a healthy head of hair which will be the envy of all your family and friends.

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