5 Inspiring Before And After Weight Loss Stories

Jane Sills   Writer
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Today I am very excited as being one of the before and after weight loss stories successful candidate I will share the best weight loss success stories that has inspired me. Everyone needs a little inspiration whenever they embark upon a seemingly-difficult journey. The journey to a slimmer, healthier body, just like other struggles in life, seems a bit difficult at first which is why it’s always better to hear what those who have been through this have to say. Reflecting on other people’s journeys will not only provide you motivation, but will also help you learn some important lessons beforehand. Keeping in mind this fact, we bring you 5 most inspirational before and after weight loss stories which will provide you better perspective on what it takes to maintain a healthier body weight.

Susanna, 54


In our before and after weight loss stories we have Susanna who lost more than 250 pounds over the period of 3 years. She attributes her weight gain problem to her binge drinking and overeating habits. Susanna was a very active girl during her high school days. But after she reached 16, due to hostile environment around her, she started indulging in alcohol and food. Both food and alcohol served as an escape plan for her to find a relief from her emotional issues. Soon it started coming out in the form of fat on her body. Her weight gain slowed her down and she became less and less interested in any physical activity to maintain a healthy weight. But eventually her breaking point came in 2008 when decided to start walking daily. Soon after that, she found herself on the treadmill and after a couple of months she hired a personal trainer. In a period of three years, Susanna lost so much weight that she had to undergo a surgical procedure to cut off the excessive skin. Susanna has not only gotten her healthy weight back, but in fact her body is stronger now and in a much better shape. She recalls that she can now do the physical activities which were not possible couple of years back. Looking back at her journey, she feels that 3 years ago it seemed impossible to her. Susanna shares another secret with us that she got most of her inspiration by reading through before and after weight loss stories of others. Susanna’s story is a testimony that persistence pays back in surprisingly good ways.

James, 41


James is a film director who has an interesting before and after weight loss success story to share with all of us. Professionally, James is a film director whose work became the biggest contributing factor in making him gain unhealthy weight. He relieved the work stress by eating more food and eventually lost control over his body weight. His weight gain also brought some serious health problems for him including type 2 diabetes. His health problems brought him to his breaking point where he realized that if he doesn’t change his lifestyle, he would have to face serious consequences. He started off with some research on how to lose weight and before and after weight loss stories were his inspiration. After that he went with swimming at a local gym. But James soon realized that swimming or short workout routines at the gym are not going to help him a lot. On his friend’s advice, he seeked medical help.  He contacted a training program and took an appointment for a physical test before he could get enrolled in their training regimes. James aimed for weight loss through a healthy routine and he got himself one. Two years down the road, James had a success story. He’s now 200 pounds lighter!.

Jenna, 56


Anyone who thinks losing weight at middle age is impossible, Jenna is a living proof that it’s not true by telling us her weight loss success story. Jenna always had a big body but when she reached her late 40s, she turned into an excessive eater and did not even realize it. Jenna never acknowledged how much she was eating on daily basis. Of course, it started becoming obvious as her weight kept increasing constantly. At 52, she weighed 449 pounds. That’s when Jenna reached her breaking point and decided to do something about her weight problem. Keeping in mind her age and her health problems, Jenna decided to seek professional help. She joined Weight Watchers club and registered herself for a physical training program. After an intensive two years, Jenna was able to gain her healthy body back. Her weight loss brought many good news for her. Not only she was able to make her body strong, it also helped her control her healthy issues like diabetes and blood pressure. Today Jenna weights only 145 pounds and she is also off of her medications for blood pressure and heart problems. Jenna’s successful before and after weight loss story is surely an inspiration for all of us to keep moving towards our final goal.

Marlene, 32


Marlene’s before and after weight loss success story is truly amazing as she is one of those rare cases in which a simple, self-designed workout plan resulted in 86 pounds of weight loss over the course of 9 months only. Marlene held on to her weight gain after giving birth to three kids. Three pregnancies later, she was 90 pounds heavier. She decided to put on her running shoes when a friend invited her to take part in a marathon-for-charity. The idea drew her interest and she decided to sign up for it. Being aware of her weight problems, Marlene knew she needs to shed some fat before joining the marathon crew. So, she decided to reach her goal weight by taking small steps one by one. She started with skipping the elevator and using the stairs to go to her apartment. Next step was the changes in her diet plan. She started eating more vegetables and grains and eating less pasta and rice and French fries. Soda was a big, no, no for her. Next step was to go out for an hour-long run daily. Later, she added cardio in her evening ritual and increased the duration of her daily workout to 90 minutes. 9 months down the road, Marlene was not only ready for the marathon, but had also lost unhealthy fat and had developed muscles which made her feel strong inside out. Marlene’s weight loss success story never fails to inspire me personally.

Samaria, 38


Next is Samaria she is 38 and is 5th on our before and after weight loss stories list. She is a full-time working mom, Samaria started gaining weight after giving birth to her first child. While she was trying to keep with the difficult demands of her professional life and her life as a mother, she forgot to listen to her body. Few months later, she was 50 pounds heavier. She felt exhausted and tired all the time after work and tried to find comfort in food. It was not very helpful. Her breaking point came when her supervisor started questioning her performance at work. Instead of giving up, Samaria decided to take the matters seriously. She made major lifestyle changes which included a new diet plan and some additional physical activities in her daily routine. Instead of taking giant steps, Samaria took small steps over stretched over a longer period of time and remained consistent. The results were astounding. Within a period of six months, Samaria was able to gain her pre-motherhood weight and body strength back. She feels stronger and more beautiful inside out.

We have chosen these successful before and after weight loss stories very carefully to bring hope and inspiration to those who find themselves in similar extraordinary situations. We hope you find these before and after weight loss stories useful and will keep moving towards the ultimate goal i.e. a stronger, healthier body.

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