How To Get Wavy Hair; 10 Easy Tips

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Add waves to any hairstyle and they will adorn your person from good to gorgeous. Every woman out there wants to know how to get wavy hair but none wants to spend money for going to a stylist or they are afraid that they won’t get it perfect if they could do it at home. The second thing is true as most of the women are not aware of some of the simple tricks that will result in beautiful curly waves. Below some of the best and easiest methods have been mentioned if you follow them you sure will get perfect wavy hair.

10. Scrunch Method To Get Wavy Hair


For this you need a diffuser attached to your blow dryer. The diffuser evenly spreads the air over a large area. You need to apply some styling product to your hair first. Your hair should be dry not wet. Bend your neck so that your hair are downwards. Shape your hand like a claw and scrunch the hair from underneath while you blow dry from the outside. Repeat this strand after strand until you are done. In the end, dry your hair with cool air and run your fingers in the locks so that they loosen up and the waves get the appropriate texture.

9. Braid Method To Get Wavy Hair


What you need to do is after applying shampoo get your hair dried till they are damp. Then apply some styling product to your hair. After that just divide your head into three portions with two parts separating the portions. After that make a French braid in each section and go to sleep. By the morning the braids would have dried and open them up and run your fingers through your hair to get more fluffiness into the hair and you are done and you will have some nice waves running all the way down.

8. Wavy Hair With Tiny Buns


First shampoo your hair after that dry them up so they are damp. Then you need to apply a styling product. After that divide your hair into strands. Make a bun with every strand. You can have six to seven buns in total. Then attach all the buns to your head and let the buns stay there for night. In the morning open them up and comb your hair and you will have some pretty nice waves.

7. One Bun Method For Wavy Hair


In this style, you need to form one large bun on the crown of your head and all the remaining procedure is the same as in tiny buns. The difference is that in this method you will be getting large loose waves instead of small ones. So it is up to you that which one you to choose which one suites you.

6. Basic Curling For Wavy Hair


After preparing your hair for the curling you have to separate them into equal sections. Each section should be about 2 to 3 inches wide. Then attach those sections to the head separately using bobby pins. You can only let those hair hang which are about to be curled. Then work on your hair curling them section after section you must make sure while wrapping the hair on the iron the hair must not overlap or else limp sections will appear in your hair. To prevent crimps from forming use your fingers instead of clips.

As soon as you are done with a section, attach it to your head again using a bobby clip or a similar sort of pin. To attach them grab them from the hair end and attach them in the form of curls to your heads. Once all the sections have been clipped to your head wait for some time so that the hair can cool down and once they have unpin them by taking off the clips. Shake the curls and fix any small problem if left. Then spray some hairspray for more hold and you can also apply some finishing product.

5. Top To Bottom Curling For Wavy Hair


Take small strands of hair for tighter curls. You need to properly brush your hair before doing the curling. Get the curling iron squeezed open and then roll that entire section of hair around it. If you have long hair then start rolling from the length of your ear downwards till the hair ends.

You need to leave the hair inside for about 10 seconds but if you are doing it for the first time then it is suggested that you may decrease the time as you don’t know how much your hair can bear and you may vary the timing from the next time according to your requirement.

Once you are done loosen the hair out of the curling iron and start curling the next strand. In this style you need not pin up the strands as they are way too many. You must be careful enough that not to touch the iron and in the end you may apply the finishing product or some hair spray for more and better hold.

4. Bottom To Top Curling For Wavy Hair


First and foremost you need to prepare your hair as described above so that proper curling of hair can be done. For tighter curls you need small strands of hair and if you want loose curls then you have to grab bit larger strands of hair. Open the curling iron and place it near the bottom of the hair.

Hold the iron at a slight angle it will make the hair easier to wrap on the iron and due to this the curls won’t go far out from the head as well. You have to curl your hair away from the face so that it does not touch it and causes burns. The flatter the hair on the hair the heat will be more evenly distributed and hence you will be getting better waves as a result.

If you want waves all the way from top to bottom, then continue rolling the hair on the curling iron till the root of the hairs.

Curling time inside the iron varies from person to person as it depends upon hair type and hair thickness but generally it is about 10 seconds. If you are ironing your hair to introduce curls for the first time then you should give them about 4 to 5 seconds.

After you are done with the first strand then loosen it up and get the 2nd strand inside. Be careful that the iron does not touch your skin during the process as it is really very hot and will cause a very severe burn on touching the skin. Start from one side and go on to other strand by strand and be careful that in which direction you roll the hair over the curling iron and in this way you are finished.

3. Pin up method for wavy hair


In this method first you have to perfectly comb your hair at night. Then you have to form separate strands and then twist those strands up. After doing that attach those strands to your head with some pins. Sleep in those twists. Unpin them in the morning and you will have stunning wavy hair.

2. Waves With Hair Straightener


Form braids on all over your head. After doing so start to straighten each and every braid once your straightener is hot. When you are done with all the braids open and untie them. Finger comb your hair in the last to get wavy hair. Do not apply the straightener on your elastic band as it may melt because of the heat and will damage your hair so be extra careful.

1. Baby Wipe Method For Wavy Hair


This may seem very bizarre and complicated and crazy as well but it is very easy and effective to have wavy hair. First you need to fold down a baby wipe. Tie a strand of hair around the baby wipe after that the baby wipe is tied around the hair. Keep on repeating this method and cover all of your hair. Let the baby wipes stay on for the night in the morning open them up and run your fingers through the hair to loosen them up and apply some hair product for better hold.

It is really very hard to ignore those curling and waving locks they always attract you. Those wavy hair are just like magnets making the heads turn and don’t go ignored. But how to get wavy hair isn’t hard to know; the above tips will make it quite easy for you. They have a special feminine touch to them and they look so natural and are hence appreciated by everyone. No one likes hair which are straight just like an arrow. So the above mentioned tricks will allow you to support those waves as well and will let you wear those wavy hair with pride as they will look arresting and impressive.

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