How To Get Rid Of Dark Skin On Your Neck

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Almost all beauty creams and beauty products that are sold in the market are directed towards the enhancement of facial glow and facial beauty. All that is cared about is the face rather than any other body part especially the neck. What girls don’t tend to realize is that while talking to them people wander their eyes not only at their face but notice every inch in the minutest detail possible. They tend to look at the girls face, her hair, the clothes she’s wearing and especially the area just beneath the face i.e. the neck. A fair and clean skin on the neck definitely leaves a good impression on the other person.

You can judge the fact for yourself that a good looking fair complexioned face will compliment a fair toned neck so much whereas, an exposed neck showing a dark colored skin will seem to be quite unappealing and unattractive. However, it surely doesn’t mean that it’ll make someone look terrible but it certainly won’t lay a good impression either. So, if you’re a victim to this then just follow the remedies listed below and enjoy a fair colored neck within no time.

15. Lemon Juice And Rose Water


Lemon juice and rose water is a perfect combination for your skin health. Lemon is widely known for multiple purposes such as adding a sour taste to a curry or a dish; it is even sprinkled over drinks and is sliced and hung up on the glass as it further adds to the taste of the drink. Moreover, it produces a drink named Lemonade and acts as a main ingredient in it which is liked by all. A lemon is called a bleach agent as well because of the citric acid property present in it which lightens the skin tone. Furthermore, a combination if citric acid, vitamin C and E present in it helps in eradicating skin cells and enhancing the skin tone while making the skin smoother and softer. The ways in order to apply a lemon juice to get rid of dark skin on neck are explained below.

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  • Mix lemon juice and rose water.
  • Rub it against the dark skin.
  • Leave it overnight.

Don’t expose that part of your skin directly to the sun.

14. Oats And Tomato Paste


While excessive care is done for the face, consequently the neck is left behind. Cleansing, washing, scrubbing, having a facial done or using a facial mask are all activities performed on the face while not considering the neck which is a vital part of the body which then suffers dark unappealing skin. An effective remedy for this is the use of oats which acts as a scrub and a mask too. All you need to do to use this effective dark neck treatment is,

  • Mix an oats powder and tomato pulp nice and well to make a paste out of it.
  • Apply it all over the neck
  • Leave it for less than 30 minutes.
  • Next, begin to rub at the neck while the oats begin to remove the dark skin cells from the neck.

Later, wash it off and apply a moisturizer afterwards. 

13. Cucumber


A cucumber can be used to not only lighten a dark skin tone but also act as a cleanser which leads to a naturally glowing skin. Using a cucumber as a scrub can help removing the dead skin cells altogether. In order to achieve good results just rub a cucumber against dark skin on the neck and leave it for 15 minutes. Later, wash it off and experience a fair colored neck.

12. Olive Oil


Olives are considered as one of the most beneficial edible which serves wide purposes. Olives are directly added in while preparing various meals such as pizza’s, pasta’s, noodles and even salad’s. On the other end olive oil is used while cooking too and it’s also said that olive oil is so useful that it can be drunk like any other drink as well. Moreover, olive oil is massaged all over the scalp as it makes the hair appear shinier. Olive oil is a good moisturizer for the skin and nourishes it naturally. In order to use olive oil for this purpose is as follows,

  • Mix olive oil and lemon juice together.
  • Next, apply it on the dark skin.
  • Later, wash it off after 20 minutes to get rid of dark skin on neck.

11. Potato Juice


After reading this, you won’t use potatoes just for making French Fries but will use it as a skin enhancer agent as well. A potato is a universally liked vegetable and is considered as people’s favorite too. Almost any dish is seemed to be incomplete without including potato as an ingredient in it. It consists of Enzyme catechol’s which works towards lightening the skin tone of the neck. Furthermore, they can be used for curing acne scars and dark circles too. Potato juice can be used to lighten a dark neck by,

  • Grate a potato or extract its juice.
  • Apply it over the dark skin.

Later, wash it off after 15 minutes.

10. Aloe Vera


The gel extracted from an Aloe Vera plant is seemed to carry quite lots of benefits along with it. Although it has sticky edges but the pulp inside it acts a bleaching agent, skin enhancer, skin lightener, moisturizer and hair shiner too. It can be planted at home or can be bought from the market too. All you need to do is apply its gel daily on your neck to get quick and efficient results for dark neck.

9. Yoghurt


Yoghurt is one of the dairy products which is known as a beauty agent and helps in combating against, skin blemishes, dark skin, and dull hair and enhances the skin tone while making one appear as beautiful as ever. It’s known to be a natural cleanser as it consists of acid which helps in lightening the skin tone and tightens the skin making one look younger than their age. Furthermore, yoghurt can be used along with lemon juice for better results. However, there are other things that you can mix with yoghurt as well to cure dark neck such as,

  • Making a pack with yoghurt and turmeric powder and applying it on the dark area for no more than 15 minutes. Later, washing it off.
  • Applying yoghurt along with lemon juice and later rinsing it clean.
  • A mixture of fresh cream and yoghurt can be used to lighten the dark skin on the neck. This helps in lightening the skin tone a great deal.

8. Baking Soda


Baking soda has been widely recognized as a bleaching agent and is known to provide great results when used for the purpose of lightening a skin tone. It’s used as a cleanser, scrub and as part of a home remedy to make one’s skin appear from good to better. Moreover, it’s considered to lower levels of patchy skin that is caused by hyper-pigmentation. Make sure to use this treatment to get rid of dark skin on neck. All that needs to be done by you is,

  • Mixing of baking soda with ample amount of water.
  • Once the paste is ready, apply it on the neck nice and good.
  • Leave it for no more than 15 minutes.
  • Later, wash it off with cold water.

7. Mint Leaves


To all the mint flavor lovers and the non-lovers too, apart from the mint wafers, mint chocolates, mint ice-creams and mint chewing gums; mint acts as an efficient cleanser too. Although mint leaves are bitter to taste but I’m sure that you aren’t aware of the innumerous benefits that they carry along with them. Mint leaves have antiseptic properties which helps in lightening one’s skin tone and wear off a dark skin. After all, it’s used as a vital part in most of the toothpastes for a purpose only! To make use of mint leaves for lightening a dark skin on your neck just follow the steps described below.

  • Extract the mint leaves paste.
  • Or mix mint leaves with turmeric and apply that paste on your neck.
  • Wash it off after 15 minutes to get rid of dark skin on neck.

6. Cocoa Butter


Until now you would only be in love with the smell of cocoa butter but now you’ll be in love with the whole of it as you read along. Cocoa butter doesn’t only smell sweet and immensely appealing as that’s a major reason why cocoa butter products are bought and sold at such a wide range but it acts a beauty agent too. It works as a cleanser as well as a moisturizer and helps in reducing the dark skin on neck whereas; milk lightens the skin tone to a great deal. Cocoa butter can be used for this purpose by following the steps below.

  • Make a mixture of cocoa butter, honey and milk and gently apply it on the dark skin of the neck.
  • Later, wash it off clean.

Apply it twice a day to achieve quick results.

5. Walnut


Walnut is a dry fruit which works towards the cleansing of skin and moisturizing it. Moreover, it can be considered as an efficient scrub which can be sued to decrease the dead cells which are a part of the skin and tone down its dark color. It can be easily used as a natural source to nourish the skin and treat dark neck because it consists of vitamins and zinc which work for this particular purpose. What needs to be done is,

  • Mix walnut with milk and make a paste out of it.
  • Next, apply it on the dark skin present on the neck.
  • Later, wash it off with cold water.

4. Vinegar


Apart from using vinegar while cooking a dish, you can use it as quit an efficient bleaching agent too. It helps in getting rid of skin blemishes, acne scars and even dark skin present on the neck. Vinegar is readily available at everyone’s home so all that needs to be done is mixing an equal amount of vinegar and water together. Later, applying it on the dark skin on neck and then washing it off with cold water. This is definitely known to be a good and effective remedy.

3. Milk Cream


This is one item that can be used as an effective source to a glowing skin. As mentioned above, milk acts as a good cleanser and moisturizer for the skin. Furthermore, this is your perfect cure to a darker skin side by side. It helps in nourishing the skin and lightening the skin for a better and beautiful looking skin. It can be used alone or alongside other ingredients for this purpose too. To use milk creams as a remedy for lightening the dark tone of your neck do the following,

  • A mixture of milk cream and yoghurt can do wonders for this purpose.
  • You can even rub fresh cream on your neck and wash it off later.

Or you can both include a pinch of turmeric powder to a milk cream and then apply that paste on your dark neck for better results.

2. Chickpeas


Chickpeas are widely used for making various dishes such as chickpea curry, chickpea and meat, spicy chickpea and even chickpea sweets. However, apart from serving culinary purposes chickpeas can be used as a good bleaching agent as well. Chickpea flour can be used as a cleanser as well as a scrubber and for the purpose of enhancing the dull color of one’s dark neck. To make the chickpea scrubs just follow the instructions given below.

  • Make a mixture of chickpea flour, turmeric powder and water.
  • The chickpea powder will cleanse your skin while the turmeric powder will help reducing the dark color appearing on the neck.
  • Apply it gently on the dark skin of your neck.

Wash it after it completely dries up.

1. Fruit Masks


Did you ever know that there were beauty products in your fruit basket? Well now you do! Fruits work as natural cleansers which help in reducing skin blemishes, dark skin and skin pigmentation and help in providing excessive nourishment to the skin with extra glow and shine to it. Various fruits can be mixed all in one for this purpose such as Bananas, Oranges and Avocados. Once all of them are mashed and mixed into a mask, all one needs to is gently apply it on the affected area i.e. the neck wash it off after 30 minutes. This will certainly help in curing the dark skin on neck and enhance fairer skin.

To-Do List

  • Make a daily care routine for your neck.
  • Scrub and cleanse the neck in the same manner as you do for your face.
  • Search your kitchen for natural beauty products that will help in making you get rid of the dark skin on your neck.
  • Wash the mixture of milk cream and yoghurt with lukewarm water mixed with lemon juice so that it cleans your neck nice and good.
  • Use the remedies discussed above with consistency and experience fairer skin real quick.

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