15 Essential Ways About How To Deal With Panic Attacks

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A panic attack is an unexpected rush of extreme anxiety, rage and fear. It is an attack of intense physical and psychological symptoms. You usually face a high palpitation of your heart and you are not able to breathe properly. The feeling is to just die or go crazy with extreme effects. The reason of a panic attack can be quite frightening with no clear reason of what exactly happened. If this problem is left untreated, it can lead to extreme disorders and many other issues. It may also leave your life from the normal functionality of daily routines and other life activities. But there is always a cure for every unwanted problem. The sooner you seek proper treatment and help, the better you will get the results. With some medications and the home treatment, you can easily overcome this problem and eliminate its symptoms from your life.

Panic attacks take some time to cool down; they usually last for about 5 to 20 minutes, although you may feel that you are going through a severe hard time, but they aren’t that dangerous and will not cause you any physical harm. This problem can be looked at home by not letting the person to go to the hospital. The most common feeling you get is the overwhelming of your sense of fear and everything seems unreal and the world feels revolving around you.

In many cases, this attack comes like a surprise for the poor one, without any notification and reason. It may also occur if you are asleep or in a relaxed mood. Along with some psychological reasons, you may also experience some physical entities.

  • Irregular heartbeat.
  • Sweating.
  • Heavy breathing.
  • Sick feeling.
  • Chest pain.
  • Choking sensation.
  • Shivering
  • Trembling.
  • Nausea and upset stomach.
  • Cold flashes.
  • Dizziness.
  • Fear of dying or losing control.

A panic attack can be one-time trauma, but you may never know that it might occur again. Re-occurrence can be triggered by any specific condition such as speaking in public or crossing a bridge, or a situation that has caused a panic attack before.  The fear is sometimes so severe that you feel endangered and you feel escape is impossible.

“Prevent from any type of panic attack, just by eating a proper and healthy diet.”

15. Breathing Exercise

BREATHING EXERCISEThe very first symptom of panic attack is the shortening of the breath. There are some specific breathing techniques and exercises that can be very helpful to overcome the problem of extreme anxiety that is a panic attack. Practicing these exercises on the everyday basis can certainly lower the occurrence of severe symptoms.

  • A very simple technique is a sigh breath which is quite easy to remember and implement. It relieves the occurrence of tension on the chest and neck area. Breathe through your nose in a very moderate manner, hold in for few seconds and exhale through the mouth. Repeat this method 5 to 10 times.
  • An advanced breathing technique is also very helpful where you have to sit on a chair in an upright position with your hands loose on your laps. Close your eyes and try to concentrate. Inhale through nose deeply until you count till 4 and try to fill your lungs with air. Slowly exhale through your mouth counting till 8. This way the anxiety level will be reduced and you will feel relaxed.

14. Cognitive  Behavioral Techniques

COGNITIVE BEHAVIOURAL TECHNIQUESThere are many cognitive behavioral techniques that can be practiced at home. These CBTs can be practiced any time of the day as there is no restriction to it. These exercises are so effective that you can overcome this problem completely.

The very first thing to understand is that emotions are like waves that come and go with time. We cannot bet our lives for these few emotions as our lives are very precious for us and the one who love us. They cannot grip you for too long and you have to control them in all means. These emotions are temporary and you just have to forget them when you are having an attack. So whenever the panic attack is raising its ugly and awful head, this method will relax you and take you out from anxiety.

13. Exercise

EXERCISEFor a healthy and pumping heart, you need to exercise every day, just to keep yourself fit and fresh. You have to remind your heart that you are still alive and want to live happily. Many studies have proven that daily regular exercise is an excellent treatment to overcome anxiety and panic attacks. It helps to reduce the stress hormones and relaxes your mind and body with the elevation of some good happy hormones.

  • Try a gentle walk for 15-20 minutes everyday.
  • Do some cardio exercises such are brisk walk or treadmill.
  • You can try few physical exercises at home.
  • Try yoga for mind relaxation.

These exercises show some amazing results and one cannot believe how they have transformed the fear of anxiety into a new and relaxed you.

12. Supplements

Vitamin DMany pieces of research around the world have found that intake of magnesium supplement is necessary to break the effects of high traumatic stress that can occur because of a panic attack. Magnesium also helps undo the previous effects of anxiety from the mind and helps to create new brain cells responsive patterns that should not be influenced by fear and anxiety. Natural magnesium supplements like fresh fruits can help you generously in this case.

Omega-3 fatty acids found in many fruits and seafood can reduce the level of stress and anxiety by 20%. Make sure you get the proper omega-3 diet such as fatty acids to overcome this problem. You can also take organic fish oil supplement that will also help you out. It will also reduce the systemic inflammation of the body.

11. Cold Water

COLD WATERDrinking a glass of chilled cold water can literally relax your body and brain muscles. When a person is in a trauma such as panic attack, body and brain muscles shrink and intake of cold water will stabilize the state of those muscles to their normal form. Whenever you see anyone in the state f anxiety or any sort of severe emotional mishap, it is always recommended to offer him a glass of cold water. This technique will reduce the stress of the body and will relax his muscles for a good change. You can also sprinkle some cold water in order to cool down the temperature of the body, which usually rises in such a situation.

10. Relaxation Therapies

RELAXATION THERAPIESThere are many relaxation therapies that help to reduce any sort of extreme stress and anxiety that turns into a panic attack. Yoga, massage, reiki and meditation are few of the types that really help you to relax your mind and body. If you can get a nice and relaxing body and head massage twice a week, it’s good for you and for any kind of upcoming anxiety attack. Yoga, reiki and meditation are one of its kinds and can be very fruitful for your complete health. All these types of therapies elevate the level of good hormones in your body and they also benefit your entire health by relaxing your muscles and cells.

Note: Meditation, yoga and reiki must be done under professional supervision.

9. Green Tea

green tea..We can see many Buddhist monks meditating for hours, but they are still alert and relaxed. One reason might be the intake of amino acids that is generously found in green tea called L-theanine.  This report was generated by the American Botanical Council.

Research also shows that L-theanine also controls a rising heart rate and blood circulation of the body. Many of the human studies have found that this herbal miracle reduces anxiety and pressure of the mind. In one study, people with anxiety attack were quite relaxed and calm when they took 200 mg of L-theanine through green tea. So for a refreshing mind and body, make a daily routine and drink at least 2-3 cups of green tea. This will prevent you from any kind of a panic attack and will relax your mind as well.

“Never underestimate you personality, your anxiety can be controlled at any time and any place.”

8. Anti-Anxiety Diet

ANTI-ANXIETY DIETPanic and anxiety are always related to the different mental conditions. Is it right? No, it’s certainly wrong and the case is not always like this. New research has found that the pressure of panic and anxiety comes from the gut. That is why so many people suffer from severe bowl disorder syndrome and anxiety at the very same time. A healthy and proper diet will definitely help you to overcome the panic attack and anxiety. It is always recommended to eat fresh fruits and vegetables and reduced consumption of lean meat and seafood along with fresh dairy products. As an excess of everything is bad, make sure you also maintain a technique of healthy exercise along with healthy diet plan.

7. Avoid food Triggers

CaffeineThe most important thing is to eliminate the foods that trigger anxiety and panic attack. Many people have reported that caffeine is a major anxiety trigger, so whenever they take coffee or caffeine related items they go into anxiety. Many others have reported that glutamine causes the occurrence of a panic attack. People can be sensitive or allergic to many foods that trigger panic attacks. It is always recommended to maintain a food diary noting down the foods that cause allergies.

Write a diary, mentioning a list of foods that you eat on the daily basis and look for any links related to food and anxiety or panic attacks. If you find any related links eliminate that food from your diet and see what changes it can make. Sometimes small things can make big changes.

6. Chamomile

chamomile teaIf you are having a panic and mentally disturbed moment, a cup of chamomile tea might help you to relax and calm down. Some compounds in chamomile tea react with the same brain receptors as Valium drug. So whenever you feel you’re going into anxiety or you are going to face an upcoming panic attack, control your emotions and grab a cup of this special chamomile tea.

Chamomile can also be taken as a supplement; the standardized ratio contains 1.2% of apigenin which is an active ingredient, along with some dried chamomile flowers. According to one study taken in University of Pennsylvania, patients having generalized anxiety when took chamomile as a supplement for about 8 weeks had a significant improvement in depression and anxiety, other than patients taking placebo.

5. Hops

HOPSHops can be one best solution for your anxiety attacks and yes it is often found in beer. But you won’t be getting any tranquilizing effects of this bitter herb hops from the brew. The sedative part of the herb hops is impulsive oil that relaxes your brain muscles and takes your out of the panic state. Hops are also used for different kinds of aroma therapies that have many soothing and relaxing results. Hops are always used as a strong seductive to encourage sleep along with some other herbs.

Note: Hops is quite a bitter herb, so it is advised to take it with chamomile or green tea.

4. Lemon Balm

LEMON BALM.Named after a Greek word for honey bee, lemon balm has been used for ages to reduce anxiety and different sorts of stress, along with a major help to make a goodnight sleep. According to one study, people who took standardized amount of lemon balm (600 mg) were more calm and relaxed than the one who took placebo. It is generally safe, but many studies have shown the consumption of excess lemon balm can cause a person more anxious that can be a hint to a coming panic attack. For it is always better to follow instruction and start with recommended small doses. It is available as a tea and also a capsule supplement. Both are convenient to use.

3. Lavender

LAVENDER..The intoxication aroma of beautiful lavender is just out of this world. Lavender can act as an amazing anti-inflammatory agent. In one study people smelling the aroma of lavender were less prone to panic attacks as the one who were not use to this procedure. In another study, students who inhaled the lavender oil before exams were less panicked and calm and their mind was quite relaxed during the exam.

The best solution would be to keep a lavender oil infuser in the room, so that the atmosphere of the room gets some benefits of lavender aroma that will cool and calm your mind reducing the risks of having any severe panic attack.

2. Quick Snacking

QUICK SNACKINGHunger can put anyone into anxiety and utmost panic. Empty stomach can affect your body as well as you brain cells, as it puts your mind in search of food and the person becomes more anxious. If you are having an anxiety attack, it might be a signal that your blood sugar is dropping. The best thing you can do is have a quick snack, somewhat like a handful f dry fruits, banana or some chocolate, along with a glass of water or a hot cup of tea.

For long term basis, a good proper diet can be a key to reduce pressure, anxiety and panic. Eating whole-food, veggies and plant based diets with a careful selection of meat and seafood, plenty of leafy vegetables are best to reduce and eliminate anxiety.

1. Stop Catastrophizing

STOP CATASTROPHIZINGWhenever you are attacked by severe anxiety, your mind set transforms into something known as “catastrophic thinking” or catastrophizing. Your mind goes through a very terrible and horrifying stage of unbearable things that can certainly ruin your life. Instead of all this, just take a deep breath, walk around for a while, calm yourself down and think of the positive situations that these problems can spin out into catastrophy. So its better keep yourself emotionally fit so that you cannot get such a panic trial and you just live your life happily.

There are chances where the catastrophic outcome is quite less likely then the one thinks he is consumed by anxiety. There are very few events that change the route of our life.

Always Remember

  • Proper exercise routine is best for your health and will prevent any type of panic and anxiety attacks.
  • Whenever you feel severe anxiety drink a glass of fresh cold water or sprinkle some of it on your face.
  • Always go for expert advice while taking any sorts of supplements or medications.
  • Never perform yoga or reiki without professional help.
  • Whenever you make an herbal tea, simmer it for about 10 minutes.
  • At the time of panic attack, always seek for proper assistance.
  • Do not over eat in severe anxiety.
  • During a panic attack avoid roaming around, sit at one place and relax.
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