13 Most Effective Home Remedies For Hiatal Hernias That Work

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Hiatal hernias is the condition in which the most important organ of the body, the stomach is swelled. People suffering from hiatal hernias usually feel the horrible kind of burning in their chest because of the heartburn as well as the acid reflux after every meal they consume. However, some people complain about the mid chest pain as well after eating the meals and usually they are offered some kind of surgeries from their doctors. They should know that only surgeries are not the solution of this problem of hiatal hernias as it can be solved effectively with the help of home remedies as well. There are countless home remedies that can help get rid of the regular condition of hiatal hernias, but all of them are not suitable for every single person, so the best and the most effective home remedies for hiatal hernias are:

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“The initial symptoms of the hiatal hernias are the continuous chest pain along with the heartburn.”

13. Regular Intake Of Lukewarm Water

Regular intake of lukewarm waterPeople having the problem of hiatal hernias are always suggested to drink a glass of water at the room temperature every morning as the first thing when they get out of their bed. If the air conditioner of the room is turned on, then the patient is suggested to warm up the glass of water in the microwave for 10 to 15 seconds.

  • Drinking a glass of water every morning can help amazingly to get rid of the unbearable chest congestion or chest burn that happens in the condition of hiatal hernia.

12. Apple Cider Vinegar

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR...4When it comes to the home remedies of hiatal hernias, then there is nothing much more amazing than the use of apple cider vinegar. So many people have got rid of their problem of hiatal hernias with the regular use of apple cider vinegar. This home remedy works for all including the adults and the children to reduce hiatal hernia symptoms in just a few days.

  • Mix a tsp. of apple cider vinegar in water and drink it after every meal, so that the chest pain and the heartburn can be cured easily.

11. Workout

workoutAnother one of the best ways for getting rid of the problem of hiatal hernias is making a habit of working out on regular basis. The regular workout always helps in the treatment of the chest pain that can be very harmful if not treated on time. This is the reason why people suffering from hiatal hernias are suggested exercising regularly in the morning for at least one hour, so that they can see positive results in their condition within a few days. Exercise is the best way to get rid of hiatal hernia pains.

  • Cardio exercises are best for the treatment of heartburn and the chest pain caused due to hiatal hernias.

10. Avoid Spices


The excessive consumption of the spicy foods can another one of the most common reasons that causes hiatal hernias. This is the reason people are suggested to minimize their consumption of the spicy foods, so that they can prevent themselves from the annoying effects of the hiatal hernias. The less spices and the salts should be added in the regular meals, so that the heartburn can be cured that is the actual symptom of hiatal hernias. Make sure to include healthy food in your hiatal hernia diet.

  • Lessen the use of the spices in the regular food, so that the problem of the hiatal hernias can be cured.

9. Calendula Tea

Calendula teaPeople who have the issues of hiatal hernias should start consuming the calendula tea every day, so that they can diagnose their regular complain of heartburn after every single meal that they consume. This problem usually occurs among the people over the age of 50 years. They should drink a cup of calendula tea after every meal, so that they can easily get rid of the heartburn and the chest pain of hiatal hernia.

  • Add some mint leaves to the calendula tea for better results of curing hiatal hernias.

8. Chamomile

ChamomilePeople are familiar with the soothing properties of chamomile and this is the reason why it is considered best for the cure of hiatal hernias. Chamomile has the natural anti-inflammatory properties that are actually best for the cure of every single problem related to the stomach. People facing any kind of stomach problem can drink the chamomile tea for the cure. This tea is best for reducing the hiatal hernia symptoms like the stomach burn, chest pain and other such problems.

  • The best way for the treatment of hiatal hernias is to drink the chamomile tea after the consumption of every single meal a day.

“The problem of the hiatal hernias should be treated as soon as possible with the help of the home remedies.”

7. Cinnamon

CinnamonCinnamon is another one of the best home remedies for the symptoms of hiatal hernias. The regular use of cinnamon can help best to calm as well as sooth the problems related to the stomach. This is the reason why most of the doctors recommend their patients to use the cinnamon on regular basis for the cure of the stomach related problems. Cinnamon should be used regularly in your hiatal hernia symptoms. However, the people having the problem of diabetes should not use cinnamon, as it can be very harmful for their health.

  • Make use of the cinnamon either in powder form or as whole in the regular meals for the cure of the hiatal hernias.

6. Slippery Elm Tea

Slippery Elm teaThe regular consumption of the slippery elm tea is a very effective and a very old digestive aid that is best for the cure of the heartburn. People suffering from any kind of stomach problems should start taking the slippery elm tea before every single meal, so that they can get rid of their problems within a week or so. The best way to use this tea is by adding a pinch of ginger as well as cayenne, so that drinking it becomes tasty.

  • Drink the slippery elm tea half an hour before every single meal to heal hiatal hernia symptoms.

5. Probiotics

ProbioticsThe use of the probiotics can be very good for the cure of the stomach related problems one-way or the other. The supplements of probiotics as well as the food containing these minerals can be the best cure for the hiatal hernias. This is why many doctors recommend the people having stomach issues to start taking the probiotics for the cure of their problems. That’s why it is recommended to include probiotics in hiatal hernia diet.

  • For the cure of the hiatal hernias, the probiotics supplements are the best cure.

4. Mint Leaves

Mint leavesThe regular use of the mint leaves can be really very amazing for the treatment of the hiatal hernias as mint is one of the oldest home remedies for the treatment of every kind of stomach problems, especially the stomachache, heartburn and the chest pain. This is the reason why people suffering from hiatal hernias are suggested to start the regular intake of the mint in their meals, so that their problem can be cured.

  • Consume the mint powder with the glass of water after every meal for the cure of the heartburn related to hiatal hernia.

3. Green Tea

green teaGreen tea powder is another one of the best home remedies for the treatment of every kind of stomach problems, especially for curing such symptoms that causes the problem of hiatal hernias. Drinking a cup of green tea after every single meal can be very beneficial for the health of the people, especially after the last meal of the day at night. Drinking green tea regularly really helps in reducing hiatal hernia symptoms effectively.

  • Add some mint leaves and a lemon in the green tea for better results of curing the problem of hiatal hernias.

2. Yoga

yogaYoga is the best way for getting rid of every single kind of the stomach problems within a few days. Yoga is actually one of the most beneficial ways for staying young and healthy. Moreover, yoga help people greatly for preventing their bodies from every single disease and this is the reason why people having the habit of doing yoga regularly are more active and healthier than the other people who don’t have the habit of doing yoga or working out. Yoga releases the stretched muscles of the stomach that results in the cure of all of the problems that are related to the stomach.

  • Perform yoga every day for one hour for relaxation of the stomach muscles for a quick relief in hiatal hernia.

1. Aloe Vera

Aloe-VeraPeople complaining about the stomach problems should start using the aloe Vera as it has the anti-inflammatory properties that are best for the cure of the chest pain and heartburn caused by the hiatal hernias. It is highly suggested to include Aloe Vera in your regular hiatal hernia diet.

  • Mix the extraction of the aloe Vera in the regular food for curing hiatal hernias.


  • Make use of the mint leaves in the regular meals for treating the stomach problems.
  • Drink lukewarm water as the first thing in the early morning.
  • Exercise daily for at least one hour.


  • Smoke many cigarettes a day.
  • Consume much alcohol.
  • Try to consume many spices in the regular meals.

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