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reDetoxification is a very helpful technique that has been introduced to wash out any kind of harmful toxins and pollutants from your body. We are exposed to so many chemicals and bio-chemicals in our daily meals, drinking water and surroundings, these all are loaded with harmful toxins and are intoxicating our bodies from both inside out. Due to increasing pollution in the environment and use of chemical MSG in our foods our daily lives are quite affected.

Headaches, body aches, exhaustion, hormonal disorder, weight mess, indigestion, body odor, acne, congestion, allergies are the most common symptoms of a toxic increase in our body. Our body has a natural system that helps us to remove dangerous toxins to improve our health. We can try some good and reliable home remedies that can be tried and tested for further cleanliness and detoxification of our body.

Before detoxifying our body we have to focus on some other daily factors as well to how we can maintain a healthy cleansing diet, proper exercise routine and many other factors that are going to change our lifestyle healthy and happy. Following these factors along with some other highly effective ways of detoxification we can make further improvement in our lives. We have gathered some very good natural home remedies that will help you out to detoxify yourself and to gain some chemicals and natural elements that your body requires.


pollutionSome toxins which are present in our environment that are not visible to us are quite harmful for our health. These are mostly present in the air we breathe or the water we might drink. We have to avoid these at any cost. This polluted environment makes you sick in the form of cold, cough, congestion along with other harmful diseases. Such environmental toxins are hard to detox and there are few precautions you have to take while you encounter such environment disturbance:

  • Always try to stay in a place having fresh air like parks and greenery.
  • Avoid places with heavy smoke from cars or factories. If not possible cover your nose and mouth.
  • Always carry your own water bottle, so you are never in a doubt to drink polluted and unhealthy water.
  • When you come from outside, the first thing your do is wash your hands a face.

These little things can certainly save you from being sick and unhealthy, so always be ready to fight against environmental toxins.


brisk -exerciseBrisk exercise is one of the great ways to detox your body naturally. Exercise is a routine that can be performed either at home or can be done outside in a peaceful environment. The more you exercise, the more you will sweat which is naturally good for your body. When you sweat, the major toxins from your body are flushed out and the pores of your body are just cleansed naturally. A Brisk walk can also help to eliminate harmful toxins. Brisk exercises are good for the heart as well as your overall health. Always take some active fluids while heavy exercising within proper intervals. So exercise makes you naturally detox your complete body naturally. Make a daily routine to exercise for about half an hour to detox cleanse your body.


TRY TO ELIMINATE COMMON TOXIN SOURCESTo continue detox regime you have to follow some strict rules that might change your lifestyle completely. You have to turn off your bad habits and relax yourself in order to cleanse your mind and body. One has to eliminate some common toxins like tobacco, alcohol, caffeine and processed food from one’s diet. These substances transfer bad toxins in your body and let you get unhealthy and sick.

Tobacco in any form is extremely harmful, but still people like to smoke and are extremely addicted to this bad habit. Smoking transmits life threatening substances into your body that is nicotine, which is the cause of long-term health issues.

Caffeine and alcohol also work the same way. Excess use of both caffeine and nicotine can lead to severe health problems. With the passage of time these turn into toxins in your body that can’t be processed easily, this will result in increasing health issues and addiction.

The same is the case with processed food such as fried food items that include some unnatural ingredients. Any edible that is not natural and contains some sort of chemicals are not at all healthy for you and they lack the quality to naturally cleanse your body. So make sure to avoid these unhealthy things before going for natural detox.


 YOURSELF HYDRATEDA dehydrated body always seems weak, filthy and poorly active. Water intake is very important on the daily basis. It is always suggested to take at least 8-10 glasses of water daily to keep your body completely hydrated. The more you drink water, the more you will pass the urine, through which all the toxins will be automatically flushed. It means water is a simple way of natural detox and cleansing. Intake of water also helps in the digestion of food and breaks constipation. Drink more water and ensure you are taking enough and are not dehydrated, keep drinking water and flush out the hard toxins.


USE DANDELION ROOTS TEADandelion roots tea works best for liver detoxification and is known for its diuretic properties. Consumption of this tea helps to cleanse the kidneys and bladder; also it relieves problems like urine infection, constipation, and upset stomach. This miracle tea contains elements like potassium, magnesium, iron, calcium and vitamins like B and C. Its amazing benefits make it and important part of cleansing diet. The best way to have it is by:

  • Boiling two teaspoons of dandelion tea in one cup of water.
  • Cover and simmer for 10 minutes.
  • Drink this tea two times daily, in the morning and evening for few days.

NOTE: People having gallbladder problems must not take this without doctor’s recommendation.


SUPERFOODS INTAKEThe list of super foods is filled with some amazing group of food that is filled with nutrients and super antioxidants. These antioxidants and nutrients help our body to nourish and fight against harmful toxins and infections. These super foods stimulate our immune system and work on our overall health.

Super foods are tasteful nutrients that contain Omega 3 and fatty acids. Some of the very important super foods are:

  • Almonds.
  • Walnuts.
  • Olive oil.
  • Flax seeds.
  • Avocado.
  • Salmon.
  • Tuna.

Some very juicy and dark fruits and vegetables are also included in this group of foods for detox cleanse are:

  • Berries.
  • Spinach.
  • Kale.
  • Apple.
  • Oranges.
  • Tomato.
  • Lemon.
  • Carrots.
  • Sweet potatoes.
  • Egg Plants.

A person taking this group of foods can maintain a balanced and healthy diet. One of the best options is available that can boost your immunity and help you detoxify yourself.


TRY YOGAYoga is an ascetic discipline that includes breathing exercise, simple and easy meditation, and performance of different body postures. This form of exercise is done for detoxification of body along with some good form of relaxation. It naturally helps the body to cleanse and purify harmful toxins that have built up with time. Yoga must be performed under the supervision of a Yoga expert known as Yogi. The flexible and balanced postures help to breathe in fresh air and take out harmful substances thus it works to circulate blood all over the body and tries to relax your muscles and mind. It is one of the best ways for natural detox.

NOTE: Yoga meditation must be done in a peaceful environment for better results.


GET SOME PROBIOTICSThe introduction of probiotics in your food can increase your metabolism, detox your blood and flushes all kind of harmful bacteria out of your body. Probiotics are microorganisms that provide health benefits when taken into your diet. You are not late to let probiotics work on your body. Before turning to probiotics for body cleansing, keep in mind a few things:

  • Probiotics are present in foods like milk and yogurt and they keep on increasing in population.
  • These probiotics work best in the digestive system where the harmful bacteria grow with the passage of time.
  • Probiotics are basically good bacteria that are on a mission to kill the bad ones.
  • These are present in the form of natural foods and are also available as supplements.
  • The regular use of probiotics not only helps in the digestion of food but also cleanses your body from inside out.


STINGING NETTLESStinging nettle is a herb that is naturally packed with Vitamins like A, B-Complex, C and D, plus some other elements like iron, magnesium, potassium and chlorophyll. These herbs are amazing for detoxification of blood. This herb also encourages flushing out provocative wastes and speedups the lymphatic system. So make sure to include it in your cleansing diet. The best way to use it is by:

  • Boiling a cup of water and adding a teaspoon of dried nettle leaves or tea.
  • Cover it up and simmer for 10 minutes.
  • Add lemon for flavor and drink two to three times daily.


OIL PULLINGOil pulling is a therapy that works as a natural detox and deeply purifies the body. It also works best for gum problems, toothache and bad breath. It is one of the oldest Ayurvedic therapies that help to relief from body ache, constipation, headaches, joint pain, cold, congestion and many other diseases. This method of detox cleanse must be performed first thing in the morning with empty stomach, just before brushing your teeth.

  • Fill your mouth with about a tablespoon of sesame, coconut or sunflower oil and use it like a mouthwash for 10-15 minutes.
  • Keep swishing it until it becomes thinner and foamy.
  • Spit the oil out and rinse your mouth thoroughly.
  • Perform this on a daily basis for about 15 days and see the results.


EPSOM SALT BATHEpsom salt bath is one of the best techniques to detoxify body cells. It increases magnesium level and helps to cleanse metals from the body. It also relaxes the body cells and soothes body aches. Epsom salt bath can be performed as follows:

  • In a warm water tub, add 1-2 cups of Epsom Salt and mix.
  • Soak in the hot water tub for about 15 minutes.
  • Try to do this procedure three times a week.

NOTE: Epsom salt bath is not recommended for the patients having high blood pressure and heart diseases.


turmericTurmeric an amazing gift from the nature that has one of the best medicinal and curing properties. It is well-known for being an excellent detoxification agent, helps to detoxify the liver, purifies the blood and is very beneficial for overall health. Its antioxidant and anti cancerous properties are really effective. This natural medicine is cheaply available and is commonly used in many Asian cuisines. Cleansing diet is incomplete without adding turmeric in it.

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  • The best way to use turmeric is to add a teaspoon of it in warm milk. This drink purifies blood and heals any kind of internal and visible wounds.
  • Another very effective detox drink can be made by adding a teaspoon of turmeric, one lemon juice, a pinch of pepper and some honey in a cup of warm water. Drink this once daily for some amazing results.
  • Add half a teaspoon of turmeric and dry ginger in boiling water. Simmer it for some time and drink it. Strain the tea; add a lemon and a bit of honey. Drink it once a daily for few weeks.

NOTE: Always take care of the amount of turmeric you are adding to make a drink. Excessive turmeric can cause some adverse reactions.


HAVE PROPER SLEEPProper sleep is one of the causes of being fit and active. An early riser is the best survivor. A proper sleep is very important for a healthy lifestyle. If you lack proper sleep you might gain lots of weight, your immune system will be affected and you might not have natural energy. A person in the habit of the sleep disorder will go through compromised immune system which will lead to sickness and other diseases.

To live a healthy and energetic life 7-8 hours of sleep is required per day. It’s and effective way of natural detox. Everybody needs rest and relaxation at a particular time of the day. A person should not impersonate itself for a luxury sleep but to keep itself in a habit of proper scheduled sleep so that he gets up active and prepares for the whole day chores. While sleeping, the body automatically detoxifies toxins out of the body; it is always advised to have a generous and proper sleep.


TAKE NATURAL FIBERWhenever you are on a weight loss mission and you want ways to reduce fat. The first thing that is recommended is a healthy eating filled with fiber. It is one of the essential ways to cleanse and detoxify your body in the most natural form. Fiber works best as a supplement and works well as a detoxifying ingredient.

Because of our bad eating habits there are substances that do not get digested and hold in the stomach for a longer time. These might be some kind of preservatives or toxins that are not properly disposed out of the body. This results in constipation, laziness and sometimes it causes other stomach problems. Taking fiber as a supplement helps in digesting harsh foods, opens constipation and clears out all the toxins from the body. If your system is clean then automatically your mind is clean. It means,  fiber rich foods and an important part of detox cleanse.


MINTMint detox is one of the very reliable and relaxing detoxification methods. Whenever you’re craving to have some sugary drinks but for health purpose you cannot opt for them then there is another very good option for you, simply detoxify with an amazing mint cooler just sitting at home. By having this, you will simply flush away the harmful toxins from your blood and body along with satisfying your taste buds. Make sure to include this mint detox and important part of your cleansing diet. The method is as simple as a piece of cake, just follow us:

  • Take a jar or a glass jug and add cold water.
  • Add few mint leaves and sliced lemon.
  • Keep this drink for few hours in refrigeration so that the flavors of mint and lemon dissolve in the water.
  • Your drink is ready to serve. Drink it chill and enjoy.

Mint adds a refreshing taste to your drinks and lemon puts a citric zing which is very tempting and refreshing. This drink helps in digestion, improves liver’s bile flow and destroys fat. Mint also helps in relaxing stomach cramps.


organic foodsWe are living in a society where we are in a habit of eating junk and non-organic foods all day. We love eating health destroying agents and feel happy. It is not necessary that we should have organic food all day; we still have a little bit liberty to try our very own junk. There are dozens of dirty foods which are abducted by pesticides and preservatives and are easily consumed by us during digestion.

Organic food is a produce or other ingredients that are raised without the help of any synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, genetically modified organism, sewage water, or any kind of radiations. The animal producing meat, eggs, poultry and dairy do not take any steroids, antibiotics or growth hormones. All of these are health friendly foods and should be taken in daily routine. Eating organic items and avoiding food containing toxins simply means you are detoxifying your body. So choose wisely and always go for the right kind of food for smarter and healthier you.


DETOXIFYING SMOOTHIEIf you’re on a diet and you want to see some miraculous results on your body then the best way to detox is through a detoxifying smoothie. This smoothie show some wonders and naturally cleanses the body from inside hence reduces your weight and spells a sheer glow on your face. Your one-time meal can be replaced by this effective smoothie, this particular drink won’t harm you, but it will get rid of harmful toxins that you body doesn’t require. A good smoothie is a blend of some healthy and natural ingredients that will help in purification, digestion, and detoxification. So get yourself a chilled green smoothie just by following these simple detox cleanse steps:

  • 1 cup coarsely chopped kale without stems.
  • 1 coarsely chopped green apple.
  • I banana.
  • Half a cup freshly chopped parsley.

Blend these entire ingredients into a thick smoothie. You need to add some water along with some ice to make it a chiller and more tempting. Enjoy this smoothie as your afternoon meal and start detoxifying yourself.


LemonLemon is a citric fruit that has some amazing qualities. It is one of the best and powerful detoxifiers. Its alkaline properties help to detoxify the body and try to purify the blood. It works wonders on your immune system because of its high oxidants and vitamin C contents. These powerful oxidants activate some useful enzymes that help to flush away all types of toxins from the liver.

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Lemon is the best ingredient for better health and fit body. It also helps and improves digestion by cleaning up the stomach and preparing it for the next meal. The best way to take a lemon as natural detox is just explained in the few following steps:

  • Keep an early morning routine to have a cup of warm water with a teaspoon of honey and juice squeezed from a lemon. This should be first thing in the morning for improved health.
  • Squeeze a lemon in cold water with a pinch of salt to quench your thirst and beat the heat.
  • You can add half and lemon in a regular cup of green tea to see some amazing results.


GREEN AND HERBAL TEAGreen and herbal tea is another most effective and reliable detoxification technique. This light and soothing drink detoxify your body deeply and thoroughly, flushing away any sort of toxins on the daily basis. Being loaded with some amazing antioxidants, green tea is a best dietary supplement and blood purifier. This amazing herb helps losing weight, increases metabolism, controls headache and hair loss.

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Green tea is a part of the herbal family. It is a composition of amino acid, lips, and a variety of enzymes, carbohydrates, minerals and caffeine. It is the chemical composition of green tea that helps to purify your body and soul. Green tea also contains a very beneficial oxidant epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) that helps the liver from harmful toxic damage. Herbal tea is not limited to green tea, but it is distinguished into many others like black, yellow, white and oolong which have its own benefits and chemical compositions. Green tea is available in many flavors in the market to be enjoyed and have a taste of its aroma. Green tea is highly recommended to add in your cleansing diet for better health.

NOTE: Two to three cups of green tea must be consumed on daily basis. Excess consumption can be harmful to health but regular and moderate intake is totally safe.


Fresh-juicesFresh fruit and vegetable juice are the best and number one detoxifying solutions. Juices like oranges, apples, grapefruits, carrots, berries, cucumber, spinach, beetroots and lettuce are always recommended and give pure nourishment to your body. These juices help to increase human metabolism and removes all possible harmful toxins from the body. Green vegetable juices are best for the removal of cancerous toxins as they contain chlorophyll which is an excellent anti-agent. These juices also help our immunity system and give a boosting energy.

The best way to have raw fruit and vegetable juices is to blend them and must be drunk with the pulp. These juices must be taken two to three times daily or one of the meals can be replaced with this. A perfect way to reduce weight and to detox cleanse is to go on a juice diet. In such a diet, five to six glasses of fresh juice are taken skipping the main courses. To enhance the flavor and to make a juice more effective a mixture of different fruits with vegetables can be blended such as carrots with apples and celery, cucumbers, and lemon. Intake of such mixed juices will be more nourishing and appetizing.


    1. Always dress up properly before going out. Keep a bottle of fresh water to stay hydrated in hot summers.
    2. While heavy exercising always take some good nutritious supplements.
    3. Try to avoid smoking and the person who is smoking.
    4. Whenever you are planning to have any kind of refreshing tea, always simmer it on low flame for better flavor.
    5. Always wash and eat any kind of raw fruits and vegetables.
    6. Always do Yoga with a proper guidance for natural detox.
    7. Consume dairy products for the intake of probiotics.
    8. Stick with natural foods and say no to junk.

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