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Colic in babies is a medical mystery; no research as of yet has been able to find out the reason behind it. So there is not certain answer of the quesiton, “What is colic”? If your healthy baby cries for more than three hours straight and is two weeks old, it is very likely that he or she is colicky. Not much is known about colic; therefore trying to soothe your baby is very much a trial and error process. What works for one baby may or may not work for another.

It is a nightmare for any parent to not be able to soothe their little one. It gets extremely if baby colic remains for whole week.

It helps to remind yourself that this all will soon pass, and that there will be better days.

20. Consult Your Pediatrician

Consult Your PediatricianTake a trip to the doctor when your baby starts showing symptoms of colic. Your pediatrician can diagnose your baby’s problem better than you can, and help you understand it. It is better to first verify if your baby does indeed have colic or if the crying is because of some other medical problem.

Once you have established that your baby has colic, discuss what you should and should not do with your doctor. Take regular trips to the doctor and discuss your baby’s eating and other habits with him/her.

19. Let the Baby Sleep

Let the Baby SleepBabies require a good amount of time for sleep. It is possible that lack of sleep is the reason behind your baby’s cries. Monitor the time your baby sleeps and wakes up. Your baby might be crying due to several reasons.

  • Pick up your baby and try cuddling him or her.
  • You can also check to see if your baby needs a diaper change or is hungry.
  • If nothing works then your baby might be crying because of fatigue, it is best to leave your baby alone at this point.
  • Dim the lights.
  • Play soft sounds or music.
  • The crying will subside in a few minutes as sleep takes over.

It is hard to leave a crying baby alone, but if your baby is crying because it’s tired then this might be the only solution.

18. Stay Calm And Collected

stay calm n collectedEveryone who has seen a colicky baby or has been a parent understands the struggle of taking care of a baby with colic. The constant crying and wailing can drive any one to madness, but it is better to stay calm and collected.

Your little one does not know what is wrong or what it wants any more than you do. It takes quite a lot of trial and error to find out what works best for your baby. Figure out different techniques and options that you can try to soothe the baby. In the meantime take care of yourself. Give yourself some time for peaceful relaxation.

17. Take Your Baby Off Cow’s Milk

Take Your Baby Off Cow's MilkCow’s milk and all dairy products contain a protein that might be causing the colic. So don’t use cow’s milk if you’re sensing signs of colic.

  • Change your diet if you are breast feeding, avoid dairy products.
  • Remove dairy products from the baby’s formula as well.
  • Feed your baby a soy based formula.
  • Wait two weeks to see any changes.
  • Consult your doctor.

16. Warm Water Bottle

Warm Water BottleWarm things help calm down babies. If your baby is crying a lot then try placing a warm water bottle next to the skin. Follow these steps for quick relief in baby colic.

  • Fill a water bottle with warm water.
  • Make sure that the water isn’t too hot for your baby’s sensitive skin.
  • Wrap a towel around the bottle.
  • Place the wrapped bottle on your stomach and place the baby on top.
  • Hold the baby securely

15. Warm Bath

Warm BathA warm bath never did anyone harm. Adults enjoy a good long soak in warm water and so do babies. Babies hate being cold, a warm bath is just the right thing for them. It is highly recommended if you’re feeling signs of colic.

  • Fill your bath tub with warm water.
  • Adjust the temperature of the water; make sure that it is not too hot.
  • Hold your baby in the water in an upright position.
  • Hold the baby securely.
  • Let the warm water soothe your baby for some time.
  • Take your baby out of the water and cover in a towel.

A warm bath can help cure digestive problems and other discomforts that a baby experiences.

14. Keep a Calendar

Keep a CalendarKeeping a calendar is extremely important. All doctors advise you to keep check of days and weeks if your baby is not feeling well.

You might want to go to your doctor if the crying continues for a long period of time. Mark days in your calendar and record important information in it as well, so that you can relay this information to the doctor in the next checkup.

13. Cuddle Your Baby

Cuddle Your BabyHumans of all ages like hugs, we need hugs when we are not feeling better. Human contact can make us feel safe and protected. It is the same for babies. Babies like human contact. Sometimes all they want is a good cuddle which also helps their overall health.

Hold your baby close to your heart and try singing to it. This is an effective remedy in baby colic.

12. Swaddling

SwaddlingSwaddling has many benefits; it helps the baby sleep more soundly. Swaddling is a technique in which you wrap up your baby in a cloth. Your baby feels snug and warm and less out of control when swaddled.

  • Place your cloth in the middle of the bed.
  • Make your baby lie in the middle of the cloth.
  • Wrap the cloth snugly and securely around your little one.

Babies tend to sleep more peacefully after being swaddled. This also improves and lessens their crying episodes.

11. Winding

WindingWind can get trapped inside the bowl, practice winding techniques to prevent this from happening. Regular burping has been proved to be very beneficial for babies. So this technique is advised if you’re sensing early signs of colic.

  • Hold your baby upright and pat the back.
  • Pat after feeding, this increases the chances of burping.
  • You can also try stretching your baby out on your shoulder.

Your baby will feel better after burping as this prevents a lot of discomfort.

10. Change In Environment

Change in EnvironmentIt is easy to get tired of being in the same place for a long period of time. A change of environment can do wonders to improve your baby’s mood.

  • Hold your baby securely and move.
  • Do not keep standing in the same place.
  • Go out of the house and take a walk in the garden.
  • Move from one room to another.

This will help distract the baby and improve its disposition.

9. Put Your Baby On a Schedule

Put Your Baby On a ScheduleBabies like order and routines. They want to have things at the same time every day. It is good to establish a routine for yourself and your baby. This way you will know what the baby wants from you when it cries. This is really helpful in avoiding baby colic.

Put your baby on a healthy schedule that provides the right amount of time for all activities such as sleep.

8. Rock the Baby

Rock the BabyDo you have a rocking chair at home? Now might be the perfect time to buy one.

  • Hold your baby in your arms and sit on a rocking chair.
  • Rock the chair gently.
  • The rocking motion helps calm down the baby.

There is no reason for you to worry if you do not have a rocking chair at home. Simply hold the baby in your arms and move the baby up and down slowly.

7. Wait it out

Wait it outWait it out if you have tried everything to calm down the baby, and have failed. Your baby needs your attention, just hold it in your arms and wait for the crying to subside.

  • You can play slow soothing music.
  • Be alone with the baby, away from the crowd.
  • Try distracting the baby.

6. Comforting Sounds

Comforting SoundsGood music can comfort anyone; it is the same for babies. Babies like comforting soft sounds. Try to play some background music if your baby keeps crying.

  • Sit with your baby near a washing machine, the noise from the washing machine provides a welcome distraction.
  • Turn on the exhaust fan.
  • Sit in front of a fan, the sound and wind will help calm your baby.
  • You can also try turning on your vacuum cleaner, do not hold the cleaner too close as that may scare your baby.

5. Go for a Ride

Go for a RideBabies like being in cars, some like it so much that they waste not a moment to fall asleep. A long drive may be just right for you.

  • Turn on the air conditioner if it is unbearably hot.
  • Hold your baby in your arms.
  • Gently pat your baby’s back.

The motion from the car will help calm down your crying baby.

4. Running Water

WATERSome sounds help soothe the baby. One of these sounds is that of running water.

  • Turn on the tap water.
  • Place a bucket or bowl that can collect the water.
  • Hold the baby in your arms and stand next to the running water.

This will help calm down the baby and stop the crying. You can also turn on the shower or download such sounds off the internet.

3. Warm Towel

warm towelIt is a well-known fact that warm things help calm down babies. You can try warming a towel for your little one. Follow these simple steps if you’re feeling signs of colic in your baby.

  • Place your towel outside in the sun.
  • Make sure that the towel is of the right temperature.
  • Place the towel on your stomach and make your baby lie on top of you.


  • Iron a clean towel.
  • Do not iron on high setting.
  • When the towel is of the correct temperature, place it on your stomach and make your baby lie on top of you.

This should help your baby’s stomach and stop the crying.

2. Baby Massage

Baby MassageIt’s funny to think that babies get tired, but it is very much true. All the crying and wailing requires energy; as well as the little movements they make. Massage your baby’s tiny body to make it feel better in baby colic.

  • Rub baby oil between your hands.
  • Use soft hands to massage your baby.
  • Do not use a lot of pressure.
  • Check the way your baby responds to the massage.

1. Be Patient

Be PatientBe patient with your little one and give it all the love and attention that you can.

The most important thing that you can do for your baby is to try and understand its needs. You also need to sense the early signs of colic. This might be a frustrating job but you need to keep checking your baby to find out what it wants. Check your baby’s diaper; see if it’s hungry or sleepy. At times all your baby needs is a good cuddle. After some time you will grow used to it and you will know what your baby wants just by looking at the time. It is only the first few weeks that are difficult.


  • Be patient
  • Cuddle your baby.
  • Swaddle your baby in a comfortable cloth.
  • Go on a long drive.
  • Use gentle hands to massage your baby’s body.
  • Play comforting sounds.
  • Give your baby a warm bath.
  • Take out some time for yourself to relax.


  • Don’t get frustrated.
  • Don’t have less sleep.
  • Don’t lose your patience with the baby.
  • Don’t handle the baby roughly during a massage.
  • Don’t use dairy products for yourself or for your baby.


“Has your little bundle of joy turned the house upside down with very long crying episodes? Use home remedies to treat colic in your baby.”

“Colic is nightmarish for new mothers, sadly not much is known about what causes it. Here are a few home remedies that you can try if your baby is colicky.”

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