12 Ultimate Home Remedies For Acid Reflux And Gerd

The burning sensation or acid reflux occurs when stomach acid flows back into your esophagus, causing heart burn. Nothing can destroy your delicious meal as much as an irritating and painful session of heart burn. Gastro esophageal reflux disease (GERD) is something that most of the people have to encounter with during their lifespan.This unpleasant burning sensation right behind your breastbone that often moves slowly upward in esophagus hencecauses discomfort. This happens when the ring of muscle that permits food into stomach relaxes; as a result acidic material goes backward in esophagus and hence causes burning sensation. Foods that trigger heartburn are spicy meals, fried food, chocolate, mint flavorings, tomato based foods, caffeinated drinks, fatty foods and carbonated drinks.

Most important step is to know what the basic reason of having acid reflux is.If you are overweight or a chain smoker than there are more chances of having heartburn. Most of the women suffer from acid reflux and GERD during pregnancy. Common acid reflux symptoms include burning sensation in the middle of chest, nausea, repeated burping, inflammation, scarring, food poisoning and sore throat. Another reason is stress and insufficient sleep which increases acid production in your stomach and contributes heartburn. When you feel all these symptoms and signs, than you are certainly suffering from a disorder known as GERD. By adopting a healthy lifestyle and trying certain home remedies you can overcome the frequency of this disorder. You can manage the discomfort of GERD with these remedies:

“Lay off the pizza, chicken wings, fried foods and spicy meals if you are suffering from the acid reflux and start using fruits, vegetables and fiber foods to get relief from scarring of esophagus and heartburn.”

12. Chewing Gum

Chewing gum.Studies showed that people with chronic heartburn or GERD felt relief after chewing gum for 30 to 35 minutes. The reason is that when you chew a gum stimulates your salivary gland and maximizes the flow of saliva in mouth. Any acidic material that has accumulated in the gut flushesout more easily. Chewing gum helps to increase saliva in mouth that reduces the symptom of heartburn. Besides this, chewing gum also helps to get rid of bad breath from your mouth. After a meal take a piece of sugar free gum and chew for short time to get rid of this disorder. Its a simple but effective acid reflux treatment.

11. Change Your Eating Habits

Change your eating habitsDon’t take big bites of food, take small bites and eat gradually to permit your stomach to digest effectively. Avoid over eating and the foods that activate heartburn process. Try to avoidthe foods that contain high concentration of acid (citrus food) and spicy foods. Overeating not only make your stomach upset and discomfort, it also contributes to food poisoning. You can also suffer from vomiting and diarrhea due to overeating. Overeating also increase your stomach capacity, may change your body clock. Excess intake of food will be accumulated as fats in your body rather than converted into useful byproducts. Best choice is to use high fiber diet and low fats including fresh fruits and vegetables. Make sure to add fibrous foods more into your acid reflux diet. Don’t eat before going to bed. Lying down will put more force on your esophagus and increases the chances of acidity in stomach. Not all the people who eat large amount of foods are overweight and not all overweight people are eaters. They are suffering from obesity and overweight due to the lack of dietary and healthy food choices.

10. Baking Soda

Baking SodaBaking soda also known as sodium bicarbonate, can help to reduce heartburn or acid reflux as it contains base properties. The pH level of baking soda is higher than 7.0 and therefore it can balance stomach acidity. A spoonful of baking soda can help to reduce inflammation, nausea, heartburn caused by GERD.Balancing the stomach acid means that if your esophagus relaxes and acid back up your throat, you will not feel burned. You will just need:

Baking soda (one teaspoon)

Glass of water


Mix one teaspoon of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) in a glass of water. Mix it well and drink, you feel really comfortable after drinking this mixture. This technique can be applied repeatedly but it must not exceed more than eight tea spoon for a single day. Make sure to use this simple remedy if you’r feeling Acid reflux symptoms.

9. Aloe

aloe-vera.Aloe plant is not only effective for hair and skin; it also helps to soothe burns for stomach. It reduces burning sensation which means that if your abdomen starts getting irritated, a glass of aloe Vera juice is the best choice to put your tummy at ease. Drink half cup of aloe juice before meal. Make sure that you are using a brand which has no laxative component. It’s really effective in reducing GERD symptoms.

8. Banana And Apple

Banana and AppleNatural anti-acid present in banana and apple fights against GERD and acid reflux. The simplest solution is to eat a banana when you suffer from heartburn. Bananas have pH level of 5.6 and they contain a substance that reduces acidic secretions in your stomach. Use fresh and yellow bananas for good effects. Magnesium, a substance present in melon is used in many acid reflux medications that help to fight against acid reflux. So make sure to include these healthy fruits an essential part of your acid reflux diet.

7. Ginger

ginger.Ginger is used for the treatment of GERD due to its alkalizing property. It is also known as stomach tonic which keeps you safe from many stomach related issues. It helps in proper digestion of food and relaxes the muscles of stomach. Ginger is best food for acid reflux condition. It helps in treatment of nausea, indigestion, andheartburn. Study showed that ginger roots are as much effective as anti-inflammatory medications. Ginger can be used in many forms for the treatment of acid reflux like powdered ginger or fresh ginger root.

Method 1:  Ginger root tea

Take a cup of fresh ginger tea before meal can help put your belly at ease. Add 2 to 3 pieces of gingerroot in hot water remove the ginger pieces from water and drink this mixture before meal.

Method 2:  Ginger and lemon

You will need a piece of ginger and a lemon. Extract ginger juice and add few drops of lemon juice in it. Drink this mixture to get relief from heartburn.

Method 3: Ginger essential oil

You will need ginger essential oil and hot water. Mix 2 to 4 drops of ginger essential oil in a cup of hot water and drink this mixture to get relief from GERD.

Method 4: Ginger

Take a piece of ginger and grate it finely. Then take a teaspoon of this grated ginger to treat acid reflux. If you find this difficult to grate pieces of ginger, you can take ginger powder to cure acid reflux.

Method 5: Ginger with oatmeal or yogurt

Cut small pieces of ginger and add it in yogurt or oatmeal to treat acid reflux. Regular intake of this mixture can help you to get relief from GERD permanently.

Method 6: Ginger candies

This is one of the best remedies and also an amazing acid reflux treatment. You will need honey, cinnamon, ginger root and butter. Remove the skin of ginger and cut it into small pieces. Now take pan add one teaspoon of honey in it and add small pieces of ginger. Also add cinnamon and half teaspoon of butter in it. Place it over heat and cook it for few minutes. Allow this mixture to cool down for some time. Take these ginger candies to put your belly at comfort from acid reflux. For better results take these ginger candies before meal.

6. Mustard

mustard..Mustard helps to cure acid reflux and heartburn very effectively. The vinegar content present in mustard prevents the excess acid production in your stomach. It acts as an alkalizing food and naturalizes the acid in stomach to get relief from GERD. Mustard contains calcium, phosphorus,  niacin and zinc that help to reduce heartburn. Take a teaspoon of mustard and eat it directly. You can mix mustard in glass of water if you feel hard to swallow. Follow this regularly to get relief from burning sensation.Besides, avoid eating spicy foods and over eating.

5. Change Your Lifestyle

Lifestyle ChangesChange your lifestyle, certain wrong habits can make situation worse for you. Follow a healthy lifestyle as it is an important part of acid reflux treatment. Do some light exercise after having a meal. Don’t sleep at once after eating and try to sit in upright position for some time. Being overweight is also a reason for heartburn. Extra weight may increase the pressure on your abdomen as a result stomach contents flow back causes the sensation of inflammation in your esophagus lining. Reduce your weight by following a healthy diet plan.

4. Celery

CELERY LEAVESCelery is a natural remedy for heartburn. Acid reflux is caused by acid flowing upwards through food pipe (esophagus) and the celery neutralizes the acid. You can eat raw celery to get relief from inflammation due to GERD. Celery contains no calories, due to high water content present in celery makes it a good choice to reduce heartburn. So celery should be an important part of your acid reflux diet.

3. Oatmeal

Oat Meal..Oatmeal is a smart alternative to keep you full longer without filling up. Oatmeal is a grain food aids to turn down stomachacid secretions to get neutralized. Minimizes the symptoms of acid reflux and reduce the intensity of pain. A substance known as selenium present in oatmeal act as an anti-oxidant protects the walls of esophagus from acidity. It reduces hunger to prevent GERD and is a fat free food therefore would not be the reason for acid reflux. Nutrients and fibers present in oatmeal are necessary for proper digestion of food and to reduce heartburn and acid reflux. Thegrains of oatmeal turn into a thick substance that helps to suck extra acid from your stomach. The nutrients, fibers and essential vitamins present in oatmeal helps in proper digestion of food and you can get relief from this issue. Oatmeal is really a good idea for your breakfast but remember don’t take this before going to bed, as it can cause acid reflux rather than treating it. Consuming oatmeal is not only a good idea for treating acid reflux but also helps to cure other health issues. Oatmeal is low in calories and is a rich source of fibers, vitamin B and iron. A one bowl serving of oatmeal daily provides a number of health benefits. It’s really effective in reducing GERD symptoms.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

apple cider vinegar..Most of the experts think that consuming small amount of vinegar in your daily life may have certain health advantages. Many people reported with less symptoms of GERD by using apple cider vinegar. It helps to break down the food in your stomach and brings fast relief. This sour liquid provides intestinal protection to cure GERD. Just as some specific food that affects you, similarly some specific remedies suit you.Although the acetic acid present in Apple cider vinegar can activate reflux in some people, other use this liquid as a remedy for heartburn and pain due to acid reflux. For the people who feel relief from using Apple cider vinegar can mix one or two teaspoon of vinegar in glass of water. You can also swallow one teaspoon that may cause a burning sensation for a while before instant relief from heartburn. Apple cider vinegar keeps the pH level low to aid stomach to fight against bacteria. It also has an antimicrobial property which helps to reduce food poisoning and remove intestinal problems. So use it for instant relief if you’re feeling acid reflux symptoms.

1. Water

Warm WaterWater is the simplest and very beneficial remedy for acid reflux. Water dilutes the stomach acidand gives ultimate relief from burning sensation. The diluted stomach acid can be flushed out very easily from the body. One must take at least two glasses of fresh water after meal to avoid these acid reflux and GERD symptoms.


  • The simplest solution is to reduce salt use in your daily meal. Researchers found that the people who use salt in meals had more chances of experiencing GERD and heartburn problems. You can try other spices and herbs as a substitute for salt.Don’t add salt in your daily meals.
  • Don’t eat spicy and oily foods as these foods can trigger heartburn. Keep your food diary to help you find which food causes heartburn.
  • Don’t wear skinny jeans and avoid tight clothes. Tight clothing can put pressure on your belly as a result can forces the stomach contents upward which may lead to heartburn.
  • Don’t lie down just after eating. Give your stomach time to remove its contents before you get in horizontal position.
  • Keep yourself relax and don’t eat quickly. Chew thoroughly which helps in digestion properly.
  • Pay attention to your diet. Take plenty of water and fiber foods to keep things moving. Avoid junk food as processed foods are full of chemicals and preservatives. The hidden ingredients present in junk food can cause GERD.
  • Use sugarless variety of gums to protect yourself from tooth decay, use gum that includes bicarbonate for good results. Using peppermint flavor of gum can make the situation more badly.
  • If you are prone to heartburn, stand up and walk around after taking meal to help the gastric juice in stomach to flow.
  • Smoking is not only injurious to health; it also increases the chances of acid reflux. It slows the process of digestion and decreases the saliva production in your mouth. Quit smoking to get rid of heartburn and inflammation in your throat.
  • Stay away from alcohol if you are suffering from acid reflux. It contains certain chemicals that are hard to metabolize and causes irritation to esophagus lining.

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