11 Home Pregnancy Tests And How to Use Them

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Motherhood is an amazing new step into a different world. Pregnancy changes not only the physical appearance but it also has an impact on how the life needs to be planned and altered for the little one. Getting pregnant for the first time, feeling the first signs of pregnancy and experiencing the changes in yourself is a lovely journey. Fathers who are not holding the babies inside are still equally having that excitement phase within themselves and the other family members are also in a state of complete happiness. But, this could be shocking news when you are not ready for a child and you need some time to get into the parenting path.

In either of the cases you need to know if you’re pregnant or not, so that you may start acting accordingly. As, if it’s an unwanted pregnancy then you can get rid of it as soon as you can, whereas, if you were trying for it since a long time then you can start up with the preventive measures needed during this period.

There are a few medical methods to check about your pregnancy. While some methods could also be proceeded at home. In the initial era when the medical facilities were not so advanced or ancestors used to find out about it through these homely methods which we will be telling you today. The given information might be useful for you so read about it and let others know too.

11. Tooth Paste


The first thing to do in the morning and the last thing to do before going to bed is brushing your teeth. Tooth paste could be in a paste form or the gel form but the purpose remains the same i.e. to clean the teeth and prevent halitosis. There are also many homemade teeth whitener available that you can use but a good tooth paste is necessary for your oral health. The common ingredient in all the tooth pastes is fluoride and its ingestion is not supposed to be so harmful. Along with this there are other ingredients as well found in the toothpaste like reminrelizers, anti bacterial agents, flavorants etc.

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Tooth pastes surprisingly could be used to check for your pregnancy. Tooth pastes might be having such ingredients that which mixed with urine during pregnancy will show some different results as compared to normal urine i.e. not form a pregnant lady.

  • For the test you need to take plastic bag first.
  • In this plastic bag collect some urine.
  • Now add a spoon full of white coloured tooth paste in it.
  • If the colour of the tooth paste changes in some time to blue then celebrations are on your way because you are pregnant.

10. Sugar Test

Sugar Test

If you have a sweet tooth then you must be keeping sugar in your kitchen cabinets, to bake or cook when you crave for such stuff. Well, taking too much sugar is definitely not positive for your body but some of it is surely needed. But, today we are not here to discuss about the pros and cons of sugar but instead we are here to talk about how sugar could be utilized to see whether you are pregnant or not.

  • In bowl add about 2-3 tablespoons of granulated white sugar.
  • Urinate in this bowl.
  • Now for the sugar to make clumps.
  • If the sugar doesn’t dissolve and clumps are seen then you are pregnant.

This test is supposed to be 96.7 % accurate.

“If you wish know that you are pregnant by just sitting at home then try using the given methods and check the results.”

9. Vinegar Test

Vinegar Test

White vinegar is used in a number of food items, hence it is available at homes easily. This one is acidic in nature as it contains acidic acid and is formed by the fermentation of ethanol by acetic acid fermenting bacteria. Vinegar is used as an ingredient in salad dressings, as marinades etc. It is also being used from the medical point of view in different regions and cultures. Although health benefits of apple cider vinegar are much more than white vinegar but for pregnancy test, it is preferred. Being acidic nature also makes vinegar helpful in cleaning items like glass stains, residual stains in the coffee maker etc. And other than these uses vinegar could also be used to test pregnancy and see if the lady is pregnant.

  • In a plastic cup add some vinegar
  • Then add fresh urine to it.
  • If you see a colour change in it then it means the result is positive.

Bubbles might even appear but that is nothing related to the test.

8. Soap Water Test

Soap water test

Soap and water is not just needed to wash your hands but it has one more very useful purpose too. Soaps are surely available in every house and hence this test could be performed very easily by anyone. Follow the instructions below in order to perform the soap water test.

  • When you wake up in the morning and go to the bathroom.
  • In a bowl collect some urine
  • Then take soap and with the help of water make a lot of lather from it.
  • Add this lather in to the bowl and see for the bubbles to appear.
  • If the bubbles appear there is a possibility for you to get pregnant.

This result might not be very accurate but could still be done if nothing else seems to be an available option.

“Are you not willing to go out to a doctor to confirm your pregnancy? Then stay at home and try these methods to know about your pregnancy.”

7. Dandelion Leaves

Dandelion Leaves

Dandelion is an herb which is used in foods but also has medicinal purpose as well. It useful during viral infections and in cancers as well. People also use it for their muscle ache and some use it as a skin toner especially who have olive complexion but none has this idea that dandelion leaves could be used much more than this purpose. It has been used by the ancestors during the early times to find out about the pregnancy status of a lady. These leaves help tell that whether a lady is pregnant or not. The method is very simple to use, the following method will show you how to proceed for a pregnancy test:

  • Take a few dandelion leaves and place them in a plastic container.
  • Don’t let the leaves come in contact with direct sunlight.
  • Urinate on these leaves and leave them for a while.
  • And if you see some red bumps on the leaves then it means you are pregnant.

6. Pine Sol

Pine Sol

Pine sol is a house hold cleaning agent. It is slightly acidic in nature and hence used as cleaning agent to clean bacteria from the surface. Although it is originally said to contain pine oil in it but the ones available in the market are not containing pine oil. Pine sol is easily available in the market and is yet another item to help with the pregnancy tests.

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  • In the morning collect some urine in a soap free container.
  • To this add some pine sol to the urine.
  • Wait for 10 minutes and see for the colour change.
  • If the colour change appears it shows that you have a little angel inside.

5. Household Bleach

Household Bleach

Household bleach or sodium hypochloride is a common bleaching agent used at homes and hospitals. It works a disinfectant to clean the floors whereas it also has use in dentistry. Endodontic or in lay man term root canals have a step of that requires diluted form of sodium hypochloride in order to clean the canals from the active pathogens. It also has destaining properties and could be used to the remove the stains on crockery, molds and also the stains of laundry. Along with all these proposes one more action could be carried out using this agent and i.e. a pregnancy test. One could carry out a pregnancy test using household bleach by following the given method:

  • In a container collect some morning time urine.
  • To it add a little bleaching agent.
  • If a layer of foam starts to appear than it’s a good news and you are pregnant.

This is a very simple method and could be carried out very easily.

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4. Tuna Juice and Vinegar

Tuna juice and Vinegar

Tuna juice as the name suggests is squeezed out of tuna fish and is said to be healthy for individuals. Whereas, vinegar is another item which is used a food ingredient in many dishes and also has amazing health qualities. Vinegar can also help you if you’re wondering how to stop vomiting during pregnancy. These two of them are different from each other but both of them together are used for a purpose, and that purpose is using them to know if the lady is pregnant or not. Follow the steps given below if you want to use this to know about your pregnancy.

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  • Urinate in a plastic container.
  • In other container add tuna juice and vinegar.
  • Now mix these juices with urine and wait for some time
  • If the colour changes to yellowish – orange then it means the test is negative.
  • The change of colour towards green is a sign of being pregnant.

3. Mustard Powder

Mustard Powder

Mustard powder is used to give a bit tangy taste to the sauces and salads. Mustard seeds are also used in pickle as it has an ability to provide with a tangy taste. For all those who do not know mustard powder could be used to determine pregnancy in a woman. The given steps could be followed to use mustard powder to take as a pregnancy test.

  • In a bath tub add about 2 cups of mustard powder.
  • Soak in the tub for half an hour and then take a shower.
  • If you start with your menstrual cycle then it means you were not pregnant.

2. Peroxide And Tylenol Test

Peroxide and Tylenol test

This one is another test that could be used by the ladies who suspect themselves to be pregnant. See how to go about it:

  • Collect some urine in a container preferably morning urine.
  • Add these two ingredients to it i.e. peroxide and Tylenol.
  • If the colour change to blue then it suggests that you are pregnant.

1. Urine


If you don’t have any of the above items available then you need not to worry at all because the last one that we will tell you here is sure to be available. This is known as a simple urine test that is used to detect pregnancy in a lady. It is a very simple method to detect pregnancy in a woman and is performed really very easily.

  • The only thing you need to do is take a jar and collect some urine in it.
  • Leave the jar as it is untouched for about 3-4 hours.
  • And then look for the appearance of a layer on the top.
  • If you see a layer formation of white colour appears on the top that means that you are pregnant.
  • Clear urine means no pregnancy in a lady.


  • It is always recommended by the doctors to use morning time urine because it is less concentrated.
  • It is also been preferred by the doctors to us the mid stream urine to avoid any bacteria.
  • When doing home pregnancy tests always keep in mind to keep the jars or containers on a flat surface in order to avoid any shakes and movements.
  • After using the containers dispose them. Do not keep them for any further use.
  • Always try more than one test because it is not 100 % confirmed by just one test you go for.

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