Healthy Food Shopping List‏- 7 Yummy Options

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Healthy food is essential for body to function well. It is because that the food you take should contain many nutrients and vitamins which keep your body in good condition. Healthy food helps to retain an ideal body weight and supports it to combat with different diseases.  So it is necessary to maintain healthy food shopping list, so that you remain active, healthy and young at all times. Watch it out!

7. Fruits And Vegetables


Fruits and vegetables contain vital minerals as well as vitamins. Daily consumption of fruits and vegetables helps to low down the risk to different diseases. They are the best remedy to maintain and reduce weight. The good thing about fruits and vegetables is that they are quite handy food and can easily be taken to school or either your workplace. They can be cooked in a number of ways and you can add different taste to them by adding protein containing food like meat and fish etc. It is advised to buy seasonal fruits and vegetables as they best serve the purpose.

6. Milk And Milk Products


Milk and dairy products are biggest source of calcium which is very much essential for strong bones. Other than calcium, they have those nutrients which are required to absorb calcium readily in the body. Vitamin B2 is also present in considerable quantity which is needed to endorse your skin and eyes. Fat free milk is also available easily now a days. Milk or products made from it must be included in healthy food shopping list, otherwise deficiency of calcium and other nutrients will result in weak body and bones eventually.

5. Nuts


Though nuts are rich with calories but researches are of the view that taking half ounce of any type of nuts is very much beneficial for the body. Most of the nuts contain omega 3s and arginine which are amazing in controlling blood pressures and reducing heart diseases.

4. Cereals And Grains


Add cereals and grains to your healthy food shopping list as they make the most healthy and delicious breakfast. They are a rich source of many nutrients like antioxidants, proteins as well as fibers etc. They are very beneficial in reducing heart strokes and diabetes.

 3. Meat And Eggs


Meat and eggs are significant sources of protein. Protein makeup the body cells and provides energy to body like carbohydrates. They are good for nails and hair. The amount of protein required depends on physical activity and its growth rate.

2. Fish


Fish, apart from protein, is a rich source of omega fatty acid and other vitamins which are helpful in ensuring the normal heart and brain functioning. It is good in lowering the risk of arthritis as well. Fish also provides other essential elements like iron, potassium and zinc etc so it must also be added in your healthy food shopping list.

1. Dark Chocolate


Chocolate is one of the most delicious and demanded dessert everywhere. Recent researches have shown that dark chocolate carries flavonoids antioxidants which are helpful in unclogging arteries. Dark chocolate comparatively have less calories than other chocolate types. So it’s quite good to have dark chocolate as dessert quite often.

Health must be one’s priority and there should be no compromise on it. With the help of above mentioned healthy food shopping list you will definitely be able to pick up the right choices for your health. Inclusion of these things into your diet will allow your body to combat against different diseases.


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