20 Surprising Facts As Well As Health Benefits Of Garlic

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Garlic is usually handy and can be considered as one of the most effective remedial sources available at home.Has it ever occurred to you that you were fetching for something all over the house at 2 in the night which would help you in getting rid of that ill-fated toothache? But now if it occurs to you again, then you can certainly be rest assured as I unveil to you ‘garlic’! Garlic is a vegetable known to be from the family of onions. It has a past history of 7 millenniums beginning from central Asia and has been widely known and well-regarded across the Mediterranean regions and by the Ancient Egyptians too. It’s recognized for two basic purposes which are culinary and medical ones.

Although it has a pungent and bitter taste but can add a sweet flavor to your dishes once cooked with them. Undoubtedly, raw garlic has a very strong flavor but it cuts down once baked, roasted or cooked. It isn’t solely known to provide for culinary purposes only but acts as a source of health and nutrition for one’s physical and internal fitness too. As they say; that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, quite similarly garlic at home keeps an ill-health away too. Let’s consider some of the following health benefits that garlic provides and some health conditions which can very simply and easily be taken off from the roots and be thrown away by the help of this small, white colored gift that god has bestowed over us.

20. A Toothache Cure

A-tooth cure

Toothache is known to be the worst of bodily pains. It’s an unbearable pain which causes and aggravates quite loads of other pains too such as an ear pain, a headache and even a throat infection. So whether it has happened because of having lots of chocolates and not properly brushing the teeth afterwards, not gargling after having dinner or a sudden pain in the gums or jaw, just a bit of garlic can act as a magic wand and have the pain go away in minutes! Garlics are an effective source of pain relief because it consists of powerful anti-bacterial and analgesic properties. Providing effective relief from pain is one of the most important benefits of garlic. All you need to follow is comprised of very easy and small steps which are as follows,

  • Crush some garlic cloves.
  • A cotton swab is required.
  • Fill a bowl with 2 tsp. of oil (not any particular type specified).
  • Mix the crushed garlic cloves with the oil.
  • Use a cotton swab to place the crushed garlic cloves on the paining tooth.

19. Protects Your Heart

Protects your Heart

Heart alongside with liver, lungs and kidneys is a vital organ of the human body. It pumps blood to the whole body and circulates oxygen and other sorts of nutrients to the bodily tissues and eradicates carbon dioxide and any other waste allocated in the body. If the heart won’t pump properly then there won’t be an ample supply of blood to the body and consequently, the body will begin to function improperly. Furthermore, in order to protect one’s heart against cardiovascular diseases such as sudden heart attacks and atherosclerosis having garlic is good and effective solution. These diseases can even lead to unfortunate circumstances of open heart surgeries. So, in order to avoid such a hustle having 2-3 cloves of garlic as a primary ingredient of your meal won’t cause any harm but will promote your health even more. The merits of garlic or garlic benefits in regard to a circulatory system are,

  • Decreases blood pressure levels.
  • Lowers down accumulation of platelet in the body.
  • Lessens lower and total amount of LDL cholesterol.
  • Uplifts serum HDL cholesterol  and fibrinolysis.
  • Pushes the Nitric Oxide production in the blood vessels lining which keeps them calm.
  • The prevention of arteriosclerosis reduces the risk of a heart attack or stroke.

18. Prevention Of Cancer


As on one end garlic is known to bring a zestful taste to a dish while maintaining a healthy diet for those who eat it, on the other end it sufficiently protects against a fatal disease such as cancer. This is one of the most important health benefits of garlic you can find. Although the prevention of cancer is reduced to an extent by onions as well, garlic’s work pretty well and efficient in fighting against the development of Cancer tumors in the body. Moreover, a garlic knob consists of loads of anticancer compounds and antioxidants that help in rebelling against cancer and protecting the body from developing its cells or tumor. Some anticancer compounds are namely, Quercetin, Diallyl sulphide, Allin and Ajoene. The latter two can prove to be an effective substitute of a natural chemotherapy. Furthermore, meat cooked on high temperatures can cause Cancer cells to develop in the body but if it’s inclusive of garlic then chances are extremely low. Garlic can effectively fight back the following types of Cancer,

  • Stomach Cancer.
  • Liver Cancer.
  • Colon Cancer.
  • Lung Cancer.

17. Weight Reduction

Weight Reduction

In a society that we live in, a heavy weight person is easily targeted to be labeled and stigmatized as a ‘fatty’ and is guided by elders and friends to reduce weight. It gets really frustrating at times but there’s no need to worry as garlic can do wonders in making you go from a waist of 38 to 32 within not much of a time. This is one of those garlic benefits that are known to us from ancient times. To all the stout people who check up every junk food’s calories on the internet before eating them, the ones who keep on obsessing about their weight and work to remain in slim and smart, to the future brides who are trying to reduce their weight for their big day or to the ones who are simply tired of being overweight; just a garlic is your gateway to a perfectly shaped body. The Allicin compound found in Garlic helps by,

16. Ear Infection Cure

Ear Infection Cure

The much agonizing infection in the ear which leads to an unbearable pain can be cured by an effective home remedy which is easily available namely, a little garlic bulb. It’s amazing how garlic can cure an ear infection or an ear pain with commendable results! So whenever in an ear pain, before visiting an ENT specialist try this home remedy and if you’re still not at ease then I won’t hold you back from visiting the doctor. You’ll how wonderful a garlic clove can be for these kinds of problems. To cure an ear infection one needs to,

  • Put a small amount of coconut/ olive oil on heat.
  • Nicely mince the garlic cloves.
  • Next, incorporate the garlic cloves in the oil and infuse it really well.
  • Later, put 2-3 drops of oil in the ear whenever suitable.

15. Cure For A Sore/ Irritating Throat

throat sore

This usually happens during the wedding seasons when most of unknowingly eat an ice-cream over a soft drink, while the weather changes from cold to warm or vice versa, taking a shower at a cold night, having something sour or undergoing a viral flu. All such causes lead to a sore throat which gets a person feeling angry and frustrated. But no need to worry anymore as garlic is the easiest solution to all these problems. Furthermore, it even helps to clear sinuses. The steps to avail this are as follows,

  • Chop a small slice of garlic.
  • Chew on it for 10-15 minutes.
  • While chewing extract all of its juice.
  • Once the juice hits your throat and go down your stomach it will relieve you of the pain.

‘Did you buy extra garlic over the recent trip to the grocery shop? Don’t worry because after reading these benefits you’ll be inclined to buy more of them in the next trip.’

14. Maintaining A Good Immune System

Maintaining a good immune system

Garlic is a very efficient key to clear one’s immune system through the antioxidants it possesses. Nevertheless, it protects the body against all sorts of infections, bacteria’s and viral attacks. Health benefits of garlic are incomplete without mentioning its immune boosting abilities. Garlic is a good source known to incorporate a couple of minerals, B6 and vitamins C in the body. Furthermore, it helps detoxifies the organs of the body to keep the body happy and healthy. Such organs are as follows,

13. Vitamins, Minerals And Antioxidants In Garlic

Vitamins, Minerals and antioxidants in garlic

There are many kids that tend to get white spots on their finger nails as a sign of low levels of Vitamin C in the body. The only remedy that we hear from our elders is drinks lots of milk but many kids run away even from the idea of milk. So, what their super moms need to do is add a chunk of garlic while cooking their meals so that the kids stay healthy by not lacking Vitamin C anymore. Moreover, garlic doesn’t only provide Vitamin C but B1 and B6 too. In order to boost an immune system a body along with vitamins needs minerals too. Not to worry because garlic provides minerals too, such minerals are as provided below. The main reason of so many garlic benefits for health is these amazing ingredients.

12. Useful Against Warts And Corns:

Useful against warts and corns

Usually women complain of warts or corns on feet or on the fingers of their feet which are painful and at one point make movement from the feet difficult too. It occurs mostly due to an uncomfortable sandal or a shoe which continues to put pressure on the feet and results in a corn or a shoe bite. There comes a point when these corns are operated and removed or go through a laser treatment. But before taking such major painful and expensive steps, try out an effective home remedy using a garlic clove to get rid of such warts or corns. The steps that need to be done are as follows,

  • Take fresh garlic cloves.
  • Properly chop and crush them.
  • Extract the garlic juice after crushing them.
  • Apply it on warts and corns until they fade away.

11. Makes Bones Stronger

Makes bones strong

Various milk adverts are based on their taglines of keeping the bones strong. Apart from the usual importance laid at drinking milk for power boosting and keeping the bones strong, in Pakistani culture dry fruits or rich sweets made in Desi Ghee are known for this purpose too. However, people have forgotten the power of a garlic bulb and how effective it is to keep a person especially a woman’s bones strong. It can minimize weakness of bones in females by upholding the Estrogen levels. Furthermore, having garlic on a daily routine helps lower Estrogen deficiency and as opposing to it increases it. These kinds of health benefits of garlic are the reason it is known as an amazing super food.

10. Cure Against Diabetes

Cure against Diabetes

Diabetes has become one of the most common diseases found in young one’s as well as adults. Garlic works as an effective remedy to combat Diabetes. Garlic benefits for diabetes are really amaizng. It’s helpful to cure this disease as it uplifts the secretion of insulin and balances the blood sugar levels in a person’s body who suffers from this disease. Diabetics need to concentrate on their diet in order to keep their insulin levels under control. Here are some ways through which diabetics can include garlic as one of the main ingredient of their diet,

  • In the morning before eating anything have a chunk of raw garlic.
  • Add garlic in every day food and use it as an essential ingredient while cooking curries.
  • Take garlic tablets which are usually taken by heart patients too.
  • Start substituting tomato ketchup with chili garlic sauce, that too occasionally.

9. Acting As A Natural Antibiotic

Acting as a natural antibiotic

Garlic can’t replace a chemical antibiotic while fighting against serious and fatal infections but it can efficiently help to work against other sorts of bacteria’s, viral and infections. It’s considered as one of the best home remedy which is easily available and can act as a strong safe guard opposing certain types of viral and infections usually linked to cold and flu. Garlic clove contains Allicin which play a vital role in terming it as a natural antibiotic. Moreover, there are garlic tablets available as well which can work for this purpose too. It works for various medical conditions, most of which we have discussed before too. They are as follows,

  • Toothache.
  • Earache.
  • Cough.
  • Flu.
  • Warts.
  • Corns.
  • Chest congestion.
  • Skin infection.
  • Allergies.

8. Improvement In Athletic Performance

athletic performance

Athletes work immensely hard to keep themselves healthy and energetic to play well. Be it any sort of Sports player such as a cricket player, football player, basketball player, rugby player, an Olympic athlete, a boxer or even a wrestler all of them undergo special training and exercises which helps increase their metabolism. However, some are so obsessed regarding this matter that they revert to particular steroids and injections which are prohibited as a policy term of most of the games. They tend to risk their Sports careers are go on to take such prohibited material and if they’re caught, then they’re most certainly to be banned for life from playing that game.

So to all the athletes out there, you don’t need to worry as a perfect home remedy in the form of garlic is available for you for this particular purpose only. It further helps in pulling down fatigue levels and uplifts the work capacity of athletes. You will see what a single garlic clove can do in this regard. 

7. Helps One Live Longer

live longer

The truth of life is that the life has an end but no one wants to die. However, death and birth are both in the hands of God what we can do is work towards a better living which multiplies are chances of growth and survival by staying healthy. The way a person can stay healthy is by having a maintained diet, keeping a checked balance over their blood and sugar levels and stay protected against serious diseases. The most effective and easy remedy in order to achieve this is by the use of garlic. In fact, it is also considered as one of the most important health benefits of garlic. Garlic helps a person to live healthy as outlined in the following steps,

  • Lowers blood pressure.
  • Fights Cancer.
  • Protects the heart.
  • Fighting infectious diseases such as cold and flu.
  • Helps in thinning the blood.

6. Treats Hypothyroid


Hypothyroidism considers insufficient involvement of the thyroid hormone in the body. It leads to a person suffering symptoms which are linked to a slow metabolism running in the body. Garlic can be used to treat a person suffering from hypothyroid. A garlic clove can do wonders in this problem. It consists of a great amount of iodine which works well in curing this medical condition. Once taken on a regular day-to-day basis it not only reduces the risk of a slow metabolism but keeps the person healthy and going. It should be used as follows,

  • In dinner meals.
  • As garlic tablets.
  • 1-2 crushed cloves mixed with mint lime.

5. Garlic Is Immensely Nutritious

garlic nutritious

Garlic contains loads of nutrients with very few calories. While being a vegetable which is low on calories it consists of wide amounts of Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B1 and Manganese. Moreover, a garlic clove consists of various amounts of other nutrients which are as follows,

  • Calcium
  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Potassium
  • Fiber

4. Helps Against Respiratory Problems

respiratory- problems

As discussed above garlic works well for curing severe cold and flu. It helps in keeping one away from severe chest congestions, itchy throats and viral cough and fever. Moreover, garlic is an amazing and effective remedy which is capable of providing relief from chronic bronchitis. Garlic benefits for treating bronchitis are really wonderful. It treats many other respiratory problems such as,

  • Asthma.
  • Throat irritation.
  • Difficulty in breathing.

3. Prevention Of Alzheimer’s Disease And Dementia

alzheimers and dementia

Along with ageing come many demerits in the form of serious medical conditions. Mostly elder people suffer an illness of forgetting things and not easily remembering them. Consequently, they suffer Alzheimer’s, so in order to cure this garlic plays a vital role. Garlic is inclusive of antioxidants that act as a safeguard against oxidative damage. Furthermore, it uplifts the antioxidant enzymes in humans and consequently, reduces blood pressure too. Furthermore, a mixture of low cholesterol and blood pressure help combating brain diseases like Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Eating only one garlic clove or more regularly can be very helpful in this matter.

2. Helps In Removing Splinter


Did you meet an accident by colliding in one of the side tables of your room and are suffering from a splinter on one of the fingers of your feet? It must be hurting but don’t worry as you don’t have to visit the doctor for this purpose. This is one of the lesser known health benefits of garlic but you’ll be amazed to see its effectiveness. There are a few easy steps which you need to follow through which garlic will help in curing your splinter. Such steps are as follows,

  • Nicely chop garlic.
  • Later, put the chopped garlic over the splinter.
  • Then, cover it with a bandage.
  • After a while, the splinter will be separated from the flesh itself.

1. Garlic Is Used In Cooking

garlic in cooking

While cooking food garlic is used as a vital ingredient in almost every meal. It’s used in several forms such as a whole garlic bulb, garlic cloves, garlic pastes and powders and garlic oil. It’s used alongside other herbs like ginger and onions while preparing various dishes. Moreover, it can be cooked on mellow or intense levels and can be roasted as well, and is widely known for its specialty in garlic bread. So you can enjoy garlic benefits for health regularly by adding it to your meals.


  • Religiously include garlic as a key item while buying grocery.
  • Make garlic paste and refrigerate it for future use.
  • Keep a bottle of garlic tablets at home.
  • Always include garlic as a vital ingredient while cooking any dish.
  • Keep an ample amount of garlic at home.


  • Avoid an increase of garlic consumption if you’re on blood thinning medications.
  • Stay away from it if garlic allergic to it.
  • Avoid garlic if you can’t mouthwash afterwards as it causes bad breath.

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