6 Effective Skin Care Tips From Dermatologists

4. Don’t Spray Perfume on Open Areas of Your Body


This is one of the simplest but most effective skin care tips from experts that’ll tell you about the use of spray or perfume on your body carefully. Sometimes, you spray perfume on your neck or on any other part of your skin that is exposed to the sun. Always avoid this dangerous practice because perfume magnifies the already harmful rays of the sun and the upper layers of your skin are severely damaged. In the end you suffer from the skin problems like discoloration, pigmentation, thinning and inflammation on your skin.

It’s alright spray perfume on your clothes but strictly avoid its use on your skin. You can use crystal stick as a good substitute or go for Botox treatments to get rid of sweating problem for more than 6 months.

5. Choose Best Skin Care Ingredients

skin care tips

One of the most important skin care tips that dermatologists suggest is to choose the right kind of skin care ingredients in beauty and skin care products. Vitamin A is one of the best ingredients that rejuvenates your skin and removes pigmentation and acne. Another amazing ingredient is hyaluronic acid that is also called fountain of youth because of its amazing anti-aging and skin rejuvenating qualities. Alpha-hydroxy acids are also known to be very amazing in producing new skin cells and repairing damaged skin cells.

6. Avoid Intensive Scrubbing and Hot Showers


The intensive scrubbing of skin and taking long hot showers can make your skin rough, dry and itchy. Over-scrubbing and hot water removes the protective layer of oil from your skin and makes it rough and cause irritation. So experts suggest in their skin care tips to take showers with lukewarm water and scrub gently with quality cleansers that don’t contain soup.

Another common problem is the skin infection and irritation when you shave or wax your skin. This can damage your skin layers and can be very annoying. So according to experts it is best to try laser hair removal to avoid these problems.


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