8 DIY Beauty Secrets Revealed!

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All of us have been victims to beauty mishaps, whether it was a bad hair day or a mascara disaster or worse, lipstick on our teeth-gross! To make matters worse, the actresses and models we see on our tv screens make it look so effortless to look chic, that we start to think only salons and professional make-up artists can ever make us look that polished. Well guess what? there are even many celebrities without makeup ! With these extremely easy and fun DIY natural beauty tips, you too can now look like you’ve just stepped out of the pages of a high-end magazine, with minimal effort!

Vaseline; your new best friend


Remember that good old pot of Vaseline from your childhood days? Remember tossing it aside and replacing it with seemingly newer and better products? Grab that pot back and plant it firmly on your bedside table, as you’re going to be reaching for it a whole lot more! You’ll be surprised to know that a certain well known actress uses it as an eye cream and swears by it. Yep, Jennifer Aniston secret to younger looking skin, who never seems to age, has revealed that this is her go-to for keeping her lids hydrated and soft. More surprising is the fact that Marilyn Monroe’s well-kept secret to her polished looking, wrinkle-free skin is this incredibly cheap and affordable pot of Vaseline. She constantly used it as a primer before piling on heaps of makeup. No more spending outrageous amounts on primers that don’t really work anymore!

It’s all about contouring


Not all of us are naturally blessed with high cheekbones or an Angelina Jolie jawline. We make do with what we have and envy those who have perfectly sculpted faces. Lately though, there seem to be more and more women with gorgeous face shapes, and trust me, not all of them are naturally that way. Wondering how on earth to get that killer shape? The secret lies in contouring. Make-up pros are now adopting this new-age way of highlighting and shading that enhances all the right parts of your face, making one look like a goddess. You may or may not be a fan of Kim Kardashian, but she’s been very generous with letting us in on her contouring secret, and by all means, you need to get on with it too! By the way you might want to check out Kim Kardashian without makeup All you need are two shades of concealer, or a darker foundation aside from your regular one. In case if you have an oily skin than you must check out our article entirely focused on best foundation for oily skin. Use the lighter shade in the center of your forehead, under the eyes and around the mouth. The darker shade of course goes over all the areas that the light doesn’t catch, like under the cheekbone, around the temples and on the sides of the nose. Blend both the shades in the end with a blending/buffing brush and voila!

Make Eye shadow pop-the easy way


A lot of us feel frustrated when we buy an eye-shade that looked super sassy and colorful on a model, but all our excitement goes out the window when we try it on at home. What we see is a dull version of that delicious color we got seduced by. Worry not, as the secret to making that eye-shade pop is easier than we thought. Simply run a white eye shadow or a white eye pencil all over your eyelid and blend well with a brush or your finger. Once you’ve got an even layer of white on your eyelid, go ahead and apply that deceptive eye-shade and watch it come alive.

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Get the perfect flawless brow!


Want to master the trick to eyebrows that are tweezed and arched to perfection without the pain? You’re thinking, that’s just not possible. Well, all you need is a concealer. That’s right. This is by far our most favorite and on trend beauty hack that every girl must know. No need to go to a salon for that painful and dreaded session of plucking and tweezing. This is a DIY that a girl has got to love. Just make sure your eyebrows are reasonably trimmed and the thicker stray hairs have been pulled out. Once you’re done with your regular eyebrow routine of filling it in with a pencil or powder, take your favorite concealer and an angled brush. Clean up the eyebrow area by placing the concealer on top and just under the arch of your eyebrow. Blend the concealer to erase any harsh edges and step back. You now have the eyebrows of a supermodel and still if you are thinking about how to grow eyebrows naturally than you need to read grow thick eyebrows article.

Stain-proof lipstick now made super easy!


This is one embarrassing beauty disaster that almost all of us have endured; that disastrous lipstick stain on our teeth for everyone to see! This is one of those DIY beauty tips that’s so easy it seems too good to be true. After trying it out, you’ll wish you’d known about it sooner. Here’s what you need to do next time you apply that lippie: After you’ve got your lipstick plus lip-gloss on, and you’ve made it all neat and yummy looking, pop a finger into your mouth and pull it out. All the excess will be left on your finger and not on your front teeth where it doesn’t belong! Told you, it’s as easy as that.

Quick fix to a bad hair day

It’s the day you’ve been looking forward to. Your high school dance, graduation or that concert you’ve been dying to go to or even your prom night for which you have been looking different prom-hairstyles from a long time. Everything’s ready from your outfit to your makeup, but your hair just won’t behave. It’s your worst nightmare come true. It looks either flat and lifeless, or frizzy and dull. You’re on the verge of going into hiding, but wait! There’s hope, and it comes in the form of braids. Quickly divide your hair into 2 or 4 sections, depending on the thickness of your hair. Grab your flat iron and start ironing your hair away. Think there’s something off about this fix? Nope. You really will be ironing over your braided hairstyles! After making sure that you’ve ironed at least a couple of times over your braids, open your hair and watch that lifeless mop of hair look lustrous with beach waves that you could only dream of before. I don’t know about you, I can’t wait to try this one out-again and again. Still if you are looking for detailed answers than you need to read these hair growth tips.

Make way for lustrous eyelashes!

All the adverts boasting of voluminous eyelashes kinda look fake now don’t they? Either they’re digitally enhanced or they’re simply falsies. That’s what we think because every time we’ve tried to get those gorgeous lashes, all we’re left with are clumpy looking eyelashes that just look tacky. Mascara overdose just doesn’t work the way they show in magazines. Hold on a minute. There’s a new secret that’s being passed around, and it’s unbelievably easy! Simply put on your usual coat of mascara, get hold of a Q-tip and run it across some talcum powder. Now brush that Q-tip along your lashes and apply your second coat of mascara. Watch the magic happen as that powder makes each coat of your mascara thicker and longer lasting. Go ahead; give this one a try right now!

Let mister sun give your make-up the final check


Foundation blended well-check. Blush buffed out-check. Lipstick in place-check. We give our faces that final look-over and make sure there’s no runny mascara and too obvious concealer under our eyes and we rush out the door. What the world sees on our faces outside the soft lighting in our homes is a different story altogether. Even the slightest mistake will pop out like an eye-sore! Want to avoid looking like a clown and look like the polished well-kept girl you saw in your mirror? It’s quite simple really. Give your make-up the final check in a well-lit bathroom, where there’s plenty of sunlight, or better yet, check yourself out in your car mirror before you back out that driveway. All the tiny mistakes that may not have shown in your room are now so obvious you’ll wonder whether you need to get your eyesight checked. This one’s an easy foolproof way of making sure your make-up is in top form-guaranteed!

Memorize these beauty hacks by heart and you’ll always look polished and trendy. No one will ever guess that it’s simple things like Vaseline, or Baby Powder, or braids that have got you looking like a glamorous babe, effortlessly.

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