25 Clever Life–Changing Clothing Organizers That You Must Try

Submitted By Amy Reid  

Are you among those girls who have always been through the crises of “I don’t have anything to wear” although your closet is full of clothes? Girls always need more and more clothes and space for storing them. This usually happens due to poor organization. Here I will tell you 25 smart ways to organize your clothes, shoes and accessories so that it is easier for you to find your favorite stuff in time instead of digging and struggling through your whole cupboard. These ideas are very cheap and creative that will help you get organized in small budget and will safe your time too. With a little creativity and effort you will be able to make your life a lot easier.

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself how can you be more organized and how will it benefit you? Read it all, for choosing the best organized closet for yourself to get rid of clutter and start managing your time and life well. Enjoy it!

“Are you unable to find your favorite earrings? Learn these 25 creative ideas for organizing your clothes and accessories perfectly.”

25. Use Daily Tags On Hangers To Sort Out Your Full Week Clothes


How many of you have sufficient time and energy to compile your outfits in the morning?

Many people decide their outfit at night before sleeping – and it is important that you make sure that your outfit hangs perfectly in your cupboard; else you might wake up seeing an untidy or messy outfit. Test this hanger tags idea and decide outfits for the whole week to keep your mornings organized.

You can make these tags from cardboard or cereal boxes or unused CDs or get them printed and stick it or tie them with each hanger.

24. The Ultimate Closet For Everyone


You get into the cupboard searching for your favorite jewelry in a hurry but you are unable to find it?

That is exactly when you need the ultimate closet, choose it and then you won’t need to think over where your favorite accessory is. Just walk in to your closet and read the names pasted on each drawer like jewelry, socks, tie and many more. Open the drawer you want and get ready for the party.

23. Organize Your Tights


All girls love wearing tights, especially during winters and cold days, tights are the most used apparel whether it is with long skirts for fashion or under the pants to stay warm. However keeping your tights clean and sorted out can be difficult.

This idea is for all those who find it difficult to keep their tights in place. You can use wooden pegs or hangers for it. Just simply hang all of your tights vertically on a hanger or glue some wooden pegs on your closet door to hang your tights.

22. Organized T-Shirt Closet


Well thinking about organizing your t-shirts, one of the most important things is to learn to fold them properly instead of just throwing them in to your closet, which will help you in saving a lot of space and time. Here are a few simple steps for folding your t-shirts.

  1. Lay your shirt flat on a surface.
  2. With your hand, draw a line across the center of the shirt vertically and then fold it horizontally.
  3. Now fold your shirt arms back on the horizontally folded shirt.
  4. Give it a final vertical fold.

Fold all your shirts like this and place it one by one in the cupboard. Now finding a shirt would be far easier for you then searching for it in the thrown bundle of shirts.

PVC Pipes “The Ultimate Helper”

21. Shoe Organizer


Girls usually have lots and lots of shoes, heels, flats etc. Putting all of them on the floor of the closet makes a lot of mess and also makes it difficult to find the matching pair.

So the simple and coolest idea is to make DIY shoe storage by using PVC pipes. Just cut them into as many pieces you want, with the right diameter needed for shoes to fit in easily and glue them together one on another as shown in the picture below.

Once the glue dries, you can place them wherever you like it. You can glue them together forming different shapes like triangle or square and accommodate your shoes or anything you want. You can also paint them in different colors to give them a sophisticated and neat look.

20. Used In Washroom


You can also cut PVC pipes in large diameters and use them for storing towels, tissue rolls or in small diameters for making toothbrush holders.

“Want to organize your room and your closet? Read these amazing cheap ideas and get more and more creative for spending an organized life.”

19. Used In Drawer Or Cupboards


You can also cut PVC pipes and place them in drawers for storing scarfs, tie and wraps separately. They can also be used for holding hairdryer, curling rod or flat iron.

18. Idea For Organizing Your Jewelry


Every lady has her little box of “guilty pleasures” in this case its jewelry! One thing without a doubt is the way you store your jewelry, you can either break it or prolong its life. One really hates it when your favorite necklace gets tangled or you can’t find the accessory you want. Here is an outstanding idea that will help you in keeping your jewelry organized, untangled and hassle-free.

All you need is to get s-rings (for holding necklaces or bracelets) and toilet paper holders. You can also use towel holder (rod).

17. Transparent Pockets


This is one of the most straightforward and most productive approaches to arrange your socks or hair bobbles – the transparent material pockets utilized for storing things allows you to see directly through it so you can know where exactly your required thing is!

They can also be used in cars to store your baby’s water cup, feeder, diapers, cream etc.

16. Tired Of Searching Bed Sheet Matching Sets


Don’t let your bed sheet matching sets get lost in the closet. Use this simple tip of keeping the entire set into one pillow cover for easier access and neat storage.

Tuck the sheet set inside one of the pillowcases, and then stack them according to their size (king, queen, twin or full) or according to the room (master bedroom, guest room) to which the bed set belongs.

15. Assign Each Season A Hanger


Tired of searching for your summer apparel in your winter clothes? Choose a set of hangers with different colors and assign each season a specific color. Now you can easily differentiate between your summer and spring clothes with the help of your hanger color.

The color approach not only helps you in keeping your closet organized but if you assign one hanger color to your shirt, other color to your pants you can easily identify which items do you have the most.

14. Stickers On The Drawers


If you don’t want to hunt down through all of the drawers to find your socks, make sure you use drawer stickers. You can personalize your kitchen or room drawers by adding these cute labeled drawer stickers to them. These vinyl graphic stickers are available in markets and are basically wall stickers but can be used on wood and glass too.

Simply stick it to your drawers and carefully peel off the backing paper. They can also be removed easily without leaving a residue.

13. Classification Approach


This approach is about classifying and arranging your things properly, as this will help you in finding the things you were looking for, a lot easier. Dresses go to the “dress” area; pants go to the “pants” section. Here is an amazing idea of closet classification that will help you in keep your belongings safely.

After assembling your closet like this you will feel as if your closet size has doubled but in real it’s about using the space of the closet wisely. Instead of just one section where you have to manage all of your apparel you have separate poles and sections for each of it. You can see in the picture at the middle of the closet there are narrow shelves for storing sweaters or accessories.

12. Accessories And Scarf Hanger


Who likes spending time in untangling jewelry necklaces, earrings, bracelets and scarfs? Hanging scarfs and accessories on a slippery hanger is the easiest way but one hates it when they slip off the hanger and are scrunched together.

Here is an easiest and outstanding accessory and scarf hanger to depend on! Check it out and you will definitely fall in love with it. It’s easy all you need is a pant hanger and shower curtain hooks. Glue all the hooks together and then glue it to the hanger. Your new hanger is ready.

Keep Your Closet Tidy!

11. Hang Your Best Dresses In A DIY Rack


If you are a big city girl/boy you will definitely need to have your best dresses ironed and ready all the time for getting to your favorite party places on time. You can’t afford them to be wrinkled at the last hour. All you want is that your best dresses remain neat and tidy so you can easily opt out the one you want to wear and move on.

Best solution indeed is to have an open display rack for it, all you need is pipes or probably a steel stand for making it. Display your clothes!

10. Tree Branch Clothes Rack


Same as above is another idea of making a DIY rack by cutting the branch of a tree. Just knot a wire to each end of the branch and knot it to s-hooks or tie it directly where you want to place it. Look its super-duper easy and indeed a unique idea too.

All you have to do is search for pretty branches!

9. Stop Clothes From Sliding Off The Hangers


Are you frustrated because your clothes constantly slip off the hangers? Here are few tips about making them stay on the hanger.

Instead of buying expensive hanger this tip will help you in keeping your sundresses and half sleeves dresses on hangers. Just put a rubber band on both ends of the hanger from top to bottom. The rubber band will stop the clothes from falling off. Another tip is to buy glue and apply it in a zig-zag pattern on the ends of the hanger. Let it dry.

No more clothes on the floor!

8. Summer Flip-Flops


Summers are here and it’s time to take out your flip-flops, but you are thinking about where to place your flip-flops in a tidy manner in the limited space of your closet. Try this.

All you need is a leftover curtain rod, and modified hangers. Mount the rod somewhere in your closet and secure it with screws. Cut the hanger and give it the following shape as shown in the image.

Hang your flip-flops on the hangers. You can also hang pumps.

7. Organizing His Belts


Like other things belts should be stored in a way that they are neat and easily accessible. If you keep your belts in your drawers, you can use drawer dividers or small boxes to compartmentalize the space and can keep your loosely coiled belts in them in a single layer so that they can be seen easily.

Another way is to hang your belts with the hooks on your closet door or the closet wall or you can also use a towel rod and s-hooks as explained in above idea.

6. Storing Your Handbags Or Clutches


Handbags are part of every girl’s life; they are of many different sizes and shapes. Depending on the space you have, storing bags safely without ruining their shape is indeed a little tricky.

You can store your hand bags in bins on your closet shelf, or probably hang them on the rod or on the hooks mounted to the wall. If you are hanging your bags please be careful that with time the hook might damage your bag strap. So make sure that you hang only those bags which you use frequently. You can also use big gift boxes for storing your clutches.

5. Hang Your Pants


You can easily fold your pants or jeans without worrying about ironing them but there are also some materials which get creases easily after being folded and you have to iron it before wearing. For saving yourself from this hustle, you can use a pant hanger.

For organizing and keeping your pants tidy you can buy a ready-made one or make your own sliding pants rack.

4. Linen Closet Organizer


This redo idea is great if you are putting your house on sale and you want to boost the value of a simple closet without spending too much money. Here is an extraordinary linen closet idea that can add a lot of style and value to your laundry room.

The idea is very simple; just get baskets and paper tags. Place all linen thing separately in each basket like all your bed sheets in one basket, hand towels in another string paper tags with names on them.

3. Adjustable DIY Closet Organization


You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get your things organized. If you have an empty wall all you need is to buy a closet organizer kit which has adjustable shelves. They come in variety of materials and sizes. They can double your space and keep your stuff organized.

Using this adjustable closet, you can place all your bags and shoes in front for easy access.

2. Add Shelves To The Closet Door


A closet door can do a lot more than just opening and closing. You can do wonders with it by adding shelves to the door. These shelves can provide storage for accessories. You can ask woodworkers to make these shelves for you on the closet door.

Or you can get wood boards and pre paint them and then hung it or mount it on the closet door.

1. Basics Of Setting Your Closet


We all have that one small closet in our house that is a complete waste or mess. You can follow these steps to maximize this space and make it aesthetically pleasing.

Locate Space

Do you have space on the top of your shelves or place of another rod in your closet? Think about it and place bins for storing scarfs or different accessories.

 Get Rid Of What You don’t Wear

You don’t wear few clothes because you don’t remember them. Keep them in front so you see them daily but if you don’t wear them throw them away.

 Adequate Lighting

Add a dim light to your closet because if you can’t see all of the clothes present in the cupboard you won’t even remember to wear them.

No more digging through the closet and no more unmatched outfits. Follow these organized tricks and tips in life and feel relax about reaching your school or office in time.

It is an old proverb that says “Necessity is the mother of invention” and indeed necessity is the reason, people are using these ideas for making their lives easier and well organized.

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