20 Best Ways To Lose Love Handles Quickly

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Love handles are biggest hurdle for you to look smart, attractive and physically well-toned.  They are also indicators of bad health and make you prone to diseases. If you are worried about your high weight around waist; find here 7 best ways to lose love handles.

Love handles are one of the biggest hurdles for you to look smart, attractive and physically well-toned.  They are also indicators of bad health and make you prone to diseases. Moreover, excess fat sitting on the side of the torso is quite tough to lose. However, be it an issue of love handles or ‘your muffins’ then you need to check whether you’ve gained an overall weight too. So if it’s a yes to both then grab your dumb bless, yoga mat steppers and get to work! Furthermore, if you feel that there’s just extra fat on your torso probably because you’ve not controlled your diet or have abruptly stopped going to the gym then there are various other ways which will help you in swiftly getting rid of that extra weight and make your body appear bikini perfect!

Love handles are essential to get rid of as they make your bodily figure improper, don’t let the right clothes fit your properly and are a major threat to your self-esteem. Therefore, if you are worried about your extra weight around the waist which is giving the shape of your waist an improper look then continue reading as this will be a perfect gateway for you to get rid of those unwanted love handles.

20. Eat Healthy  in Between

Eat Healthy, in Between

There’s almost no one who doesn’t like to munch on something whilst checking that boring sales data or doing a tedious assignment which the professor gave. So instead of munching on some sort of junk food which will just increase and multiply your calories eat something healthy. My friend who is a total workout freak always insisted me on eating fruits whenever I’m hungry after a mea, before it or late night. She always kept on saying, ‘whenever you’re hungry only revert to fruits.’ Therefore, now I realize that how correct she was. Dear lovelies, make fruits an essential part of your diet and don’t bite, chew and swallow on that junk food such as,

  • Wafers.
  • Biscuits.
  • Chocolates.
  • Candies & sweets.
  • Energy drinks.

19. Dancing


No activity is better than dancing on your favorite beats. Moreover, it doesn’t only contribute to weight loss but also helps you in getting out of those morning blues and depressing mood and ends up in making you feel more active, happy and energetic. More importantly, one of the best ways to lose love handles is locking the door of your room, turning on your favorite song and grooving on its beat for at least 20 minutes! Girls, you need to do it daily in order for it to leave evident effects of lost love handles at the end of the month.

18. Swimming


Back stroke, front stroke or an underwater swim, anything would do as far as you’re keeping your body in motion and doing it in the correct posture in order to get rid of those love handles. Furthermore, make as much use of a swimming pool as you can as it’s an activity worth keeping and it will keep you active and always in motion. Furthermore, it will keep your metabolism nice and healthy and reduce the extra fats and calories that you’ve gained. However, the only condition is that you do it regularly and don’t skip it as that’s one of the ways which will keep you fit and healthy.

17. Fiber, Protein, Spice & Everything Nice

Fiber, Protein, Spice

These are the foods which will help you lose weight but more specifically it will further help you in getting rid of the fat stored around your waist which is usually in the form of love handles. So dump the whites and include whole grains in your diet! Therefore, get rid of white bread and other bakery stuff from your diet as it will add various carbohydrates and toxins in your body which will result in an immense amount of increase in weight. Furthermore, you should eat lean proteins such as lentils, beans, raw nuts and lean meat. Henceforth, reduce salt as much as you can from your diet as it adds up toxic built up and ends up in bloating. Other things which you should add in your diet are,

  • Red spices.
  • Green chilies.
  • Capsicum.
  • Oranges.
  • Nuts.

16. Drink Detoxed Water

Drink Detoxed Water

The simplest, easiest yet a bitter way to lose belly fat are by drinking detoxed water. This won’t require you to do hard exercises, get up early for a walk or even go to gym after a tiring day at work or college. Consequently, all you’re expected to do and are required to do is prepare detoxed water at night, let it be over night and don’t drink normal water but drink that water all day long. Although it might seem bitter but it’s definitely worth it and you’ll start to see evident results in just a few days. The steps to prepare detoxed water are as follows,

  • Fill a water bottle.
  • Add half cut cucumber, half finger, slices of lemon; mint leaves and two to three cubes of apple or carrot in it.
  • Cover the bottle and let it stay all night.
  • Drink that water the whole day.

15. Find a Work out Buddy

Find a Work out Buddy

As they say two is better than one, this is usually the case in every situation. Find a friend, relative or even your sibling and make them your work out buddy. In this way both of you won’t feel lovely and will have a support while exercising. Moreover, this will help you in staying regular as well because at times you might feel lazy and not go but because of the thought that your workout buddy might be waiting for you, you’ll go anyways. Therefore, you will grow more active, energetic and won’t remain tedious at all. Furthermore, this regular practice will even keep you fit, smart and help you in getting rid of those unwanted love handles.

14. Exercise Do the Side Plank Crunch

Exercise, Do the Side Plank Crunch

Time for some hardcore exercises in order to get a perfect bikini body with no signs of love handles whatsoever! Begin with, the side plank crunches. This is an exercise particularly designed to lose belly fat and love handles. Furthermore, it will make your body flexible and will increase your metabolism. Begin by,

  • Drawing out a mat.
  • Next, start on your right elbow, your right foot slightly in front of your left.
  • However, remember to keep your core tightened and stiff throughout the exercise.
  • Then begin the exercise by, pulling the right knee in towards the chest and crunch your left elbow towards it.
  • Then bring the back out towards the side plank position.
  • Continue it until 3 sets.

13. Exercise Do the Plank up Downs

Exercise, Do the Plank up Downs

This exercise won’t just help you to lose the extra fat around your belly and get rid of those unwanted love handles but will further help in working out your upper body as well as your upper body will be moving and will further help you stay stiff and firm for the supposed plank position which will be keeping all the weight on your arms and feet. Begin by,

  • Drawing out a mat.
  • Get in to the plank position.
  • Put your arms out straight directly beneath your shoulders, squeeze your butt and pull your abs tight into your spine.
  • Then, starting with one arm, lower down onto your forearm, then follow with the next arm.
  • However, don’t move your hips.
  • Remember to keep your core stiff during the whole exercise.
  • Do this for at least 30 seconds.

12. Exercise Do the Oblique’s

Exercise, Do the Oblique’s

Usually termed as ‘around the world oblique’s’, this exercise is particularly done for the stomach and will certainly fulfill your purpose of getting rid of those unwanted love handles that you’ve been craving to lose. Do this exercise in 3 sets as well with at least 12 strokes on each side. Begin by,

  • Drawing out a mat.
  • Next, stand with your legs wide open and toes turned out a bit.
  • Then, take a 2 pound dumbbell and begin exercising.
  • Then, bend from the hips and reach your body as far as you can to the right, hips and shoulders square forward.
  • Later, rotate your body towards the floor.
  • Then, get your body back to face front, exhale and pull back up towards the center.

11. Exercise Use the Ball & Knee Drop

Exercise, Use the Ball & Knee Drop

A key pointer while exercising is that you should always have your playing back so that it doesn’t get your bored and helps you stay in motion. This is an extremely useful exercise to sway away the love handles so begin by,

  • Drawing out a mat.
  • Lying on it.
  • Most importantly, keep your stomach stiff and hold it inside whilst your back should be on the floor.
  • Next, lift your legs off the floor.
  • Then, squeeze the ball between legs, engaging the inner thigh muscles and lower abs the entire time.
  • And drop your knees over to the right and pull towards the center.

10. Exercise Forward  Bend Rotated & Modified

Exercise, Forward, Bend, Rotated & Modified

This is quite a useful exercise in order to get rid of the extra fat and calories stored around your belly and will require a block and a yoga mat to begin doing the exercise. This exercise will make your body flexible and you’ll become used to stretching which will keep your bodily posture healthy. Begin by,

  • Place a block in the center, upwards of the mat.
  • Hold it with your left hand.
  • Then open your legs wide open and turn towards the right.
  • This is the posture you will follow.
  • Next, hold your right arms upwards and turn your chest towards the right.
  • Whilst turning your chest, turn your face towards the right as well.
  • Then repeat the same step at the left side.
  • Continue this for 30 seconds.

9. Exercise Do the Russian Twists

Exercise, Do the Russian Twists

This will require a ball and a 2 to 5 pound dumbbell. Begin by, setting your posture on the ball by sitting over it and laying your top or upper body over it. Next, start the exercise by holding the dumbbell by both of your hands tight and firm and extends your arms upwards. Next, twist your arms on each side whilst keeping them comparable with the floor. However, this is a difficult exercise so those who are just starters shouldn’t do this as it needs a firm posture and needs to be done with extreme care.

8. Exercise  Do the Butterfly Posture

Exercise, Do the Butterfly Posture

This exercise is my personal favorite and will help you in getting rid of those extra love handles swift and quick. Moreover, usually pregnant women do this exercise but even the ones who aren’t expecting a child can do this as it’s a very helpful and useful exercise. Begin by,

  • Drawing out a mat.
  • Sit with your legs folded as both the feet are in contact with each other.
  • Keep your back straight and your tummy stiff.
  • Hold your feet sideways and begin moving your thighs as fast as you can.
  • The trick is that, you should feel the pain until your inner thighs.

 7. Reduce Your Caloric Intake


To lose love handles, you need to choose those foods which are lower in their calorie content. Replace the junk and bakery food with healthy food. Reducing your intake of food between 1000 to 1200 calories can benefit you to lose love handles and overall body weight.

It’s quite important to have a tight hand on your regular intake of calories as they’re the most important factor which make way towards attaining those unwanted sluggish love handles. For starters, eliminate all sorts of fast food from your diet and prepare a diet plan on your PC note pad, in your smart phone or on a piece of paper and place it on your refrigerator so that it’s easily visible to you. Furthermore, a reduced calorie intake will even keep various diseases at bay such as high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure levels and cardiovascular issues. Never ever skip breakfast!

  • Have eggs or porridge with a big glass of milk.
  • Take something very light for lunch such as a tuna or chicken fillet sandwich in brown bread.
  • Alternate your lunch each day with either a sandwich or a fruity salad.
  • Later, for dinner eats anything but anything refers to eating healthy.
  • Then end your day with a cup of green tea and lemon sprinkled over it.

 6. Eat Balanced Diet


 Balanced diet is one of the best ways to lose love handles. It should comprise foods that contain fibers, proteins and other essential vitamins. Foods that have high amount of sugar and fats are detriment to your health and add up weight to your physique.

The term balanced diet refers towards including such things in your diet which will help you keep fit, smart and healthy and not lead you towards obesity or excess carbs and fats on your body. Eat loads of fiber, protein and vitamins which will turn out to be beneficial for you, your skin, your internal body as well as your health. However, please avoid junk, fast food and all sorts of bakery and confectionary items. However, don’t think that you’re being directed towards a boring diet. Not at all! Cook for yourself so that you cook tasty as well as healthy. Buy a grilling pan and prepare chicken steaks, make tuna sandwiches, extract fresh orange and apple juice at home or go green and bake or roast a healthy meat whilst keeping broccoli or any other green vegetable as a side line which shouldn’t be a leftover but should be eaten! Things which you need to completely eradicate from your diet are as follows,

  • Pizzas and burgers.
  • Packed chips, French fries and hot dogs.
  • Soft drinks and packed juices.
  • Ready to eat foods.
  • Biscuits and donuts.

 5. Stay Hydrated


Drinking eight to ten glasses per day and more during summers is very important as it flush out all harmful toxins outside the body and keep your metabolism system active. Keeping yourself hydrated not only helps you to lose love handles but maintains your skin fresh and young as well.

Water is one blessing from God and staying hydrated is immensely essential in order to lose those undesirable love handles. Moreover, drink water as much as you can; fill a large plastic bottle and try to finish it at least thrice a day. Therefore, this practice won’t just keep the love handles at bay but will further help in keeping your internal system clean and clear and won’t let harmful diseases even come near you. Moreover, you should even eat bananas as they are a good source of water themselves and helps one in staying healthy and hydrated all day long. So stay hydrated all day, every day!

4. Get Aerobic Exercises


Aerobic exercises allow the metabolism of the body to work more effectively and hence included in best ways to lose love handles. They make digestion system faster ultimately resulting in low calories. Lying down after meals is also responsible for love handles so do not get lazy and take some time out for walk after meals.

If you want to get rid of those love handles then it’s important that you get on your toes immediately! Exercise, run, jog, walk, do yoga or join aerobics! Girls, can’t you take out just an hour of time from your busy schedule and use it for your own productivity? If it’s a yes then join aerobics as soon as you can as it will help you get rid of love handles and moreover will keep you stay active, fit and in great motion! So when you go for aerobics ask your instructor to help you focus on getting rid of the love handles and you’ll start to see results in just a month.

 3. Relieve Your Stress


Stress and tension cause release of a hormone called cortisol. If you are in that situation from so long, then the body will release greater amount of that hormone. This hormone poses negative effects to the body as well as gain weight more specifically on belly and on love handles. Some people in stress situations start taking greater quantity of food, ultimately increasing fat in body. As soon as you break the stress time, the sooner you will be able to lose your love handles.

Henceforth, don’t nibble much on those silk chocolates when you’re in depression or in stress and eat properly but wisely and don’t let the junk food get the better of you. Furthermore, it’s that time of the year when your bank account goes low and your calories go way up! So it’s better that you begin keeping a tight hand on what you eat and how much you eat. Nonetheless, a cheat day is always acceptable! But it should be once in two weeks, not more than that.

 2. Get Better Sleep


Sleeping late at night and getting up late in the morning results in abnormal production of stress dealing hormone. This routine causes lethargy and is a reason of gaining weight and appearance of love handles. Habit of sleeping eight hours every night on set schedule is one of the easiest and best ways to lose love handles and keep your body relaxed and fresh.

As they say, early to bed and early to rise keeps a man healthy, wealthy and wise. Why not follow it and experience what changes it brings in our lives? Moreover, follow a routine 5 days a week and the more regular you will be about it, the more you’ll start loving it! Consequently, wake up on time, eat on time and sleep on time and this process will widely help you in staying fit as well as healthy.

 1. Eat Regular Meals


Too much gap between meals and skipping meals are also the causes for love handles. It disturbs the blood sugar level and weakens the body as well. Try to avoid too much gaps between meals. Take your food three times necessarily. Make sure not to eat late night and after dinner.

Love handles seems to be a big problem but start following the above mentioned best ways to lose love handles then you can lose them easily. All you need to do is to be consistent so that nothing becomes a hurdle between you and your smartness.

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