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Life is too much trouble all the way. You have to wake up early, get yourself ready for job, rush to the office, get settled at your workplace go through the daily grind, wrap up the day’s mess and then rush towards the home where you have tons of other things in hand to handle and finish before you finally hit the sack. There seems to be quite a less personal time and this leads to chronic illnesses, even mental health concerns are considered to be a part and parcel of having to spend a ‘no me’ kind of life. One asks and even debates over the fact that there’s no such thing as ‘me time’ in today’s world. You have to devote your present in order to earn enough to sustain your old, tired and probably ill, future. But if this is the way half of the world, or even more, sees life there is something really wrong with us, and even our society.

Many people envy and sigh looking at pictures of people and couples who prefer traveling across the globe, fulfilling their dream of looking at all the wonders of the world and realizing how beautiful life is. The latter spends time, at home, at office, with kids, either changing diapers or saving up for college money. We should realize that every life has its own charm and that this charm comes with its own set of pros and cons.

The social media world is different; it is like you post your best reflection on your profile that you want the world to see. Because you know the world won’t be interested in your daily dose of leaking taps, fused bulbs and punctured tires. This is how much of a trouble life is for each one of us. We are served with our own share of troubles and everyone battles with it on their own. Therefore, it is highly important to understand the meaning and importance of oneself. Meditation is one key that unlocks a zillion other traps and empowers you to hold tight the reign of your body, mind and emotions. These are 19 amazing health and lifestyle benefits of meditation, for all you lovely OLWOMEN fans.

19. Boycotting Depression

Boycotting Depression

If only thing that stops you from moving further ahead is depression. It is like, as if it creeps into your lives, into your everyday household routine and makes you useless, for no reason. People ask their friends who are suffering from depression to ‘cut it out’ and ‘get a grip’ of themselves, but if people could actually realize how difficult life becomes under the influence of depression, we are pretty sure they wouldn’t dare suggest a thing again.

  • If you feel like your family member, friend or even colleague is going through a phase that gives away symptoms of depression; help them before you advise them.
  • The best that you can do for them is to give them company and keep them along as much as possible.
  • To motivate them to meditate is one great advice, because numerous forms of meditations have proven a drastic decline in the presence of depression in such patients.
  • A daily 30 minute self-meditating time will help them boost their confidence for the day.
  • You can always share your time with them meditating alongside.

18. Stress Buster

Stress Buster

With the daily grind between your work-life, home, kids, relationships and the world, there’s hardly any time left for self, to pamper and to relax. There are tons of different modes of relaxation like spa time, a good relaxation therapy at the salon or spa or just a good dip in the bath tub. But this again either needs a lot of time, money or physical effort. The reason why most women skip on their ‘me time’ quite often is because they are unable to squeeze out the time for themselves.

  • If you are a loving spouse, parent or a sibling, please make sure that you arrange a half an hour period for the women of the family to spend on themselves without having to worry about the dirty laundry, or the meal on the stove.
  • In this hour and hour the women should use meditation as a medium to release all the bad vibes and energies and inhale/exhale the freshness and positivity that is around them.
  • Just like wavering off the depression, a regular schedule of meditation helps beat stress and anxiety off of the daily charts.

17. Get Rid Of Headaches


Ever wondered why is it so difficult to complete a task without having to contract a headache? The reason is simple, long hours of work, both physical and mental exhausts the human body and drains it of all the good fluids as well as feelings. What you are left behind is a tired body, mind and soul. This is where the evil within the body strikes in the form of headaches. These are actually one of the most common nuisances in life that you don’t seem to find a grip of.

  • The internet is the best place to learn and gather knowledge about any and everything. Therefore, always use it for your benefit.
  • There are numerous meditation forms for every kind of environment, home, workplace, outdoors or even while travelling.
  • You can always use a 10 minutes break and perform your favorite form of meditation to release the exhaustion that is piling up inside. A glass of water post meditation will rejuvenate and push your hydration meter back to normal and you will much better for the task ahead.
  • For women suffering from severe cases of migraine, regular sessions of meditation and medication will help them get over the suffering faster than before.

16. Socialization Factors


For people who are always curled up in their blankets and shrugs, lazing on their sofas, skipping through the channels and thinking why life is so mean to them, it I advisable that they should sign-up for meditation classes like Yoga and not only bust their bubble of isolation but also get a chance to feel good and look good. Most people take yoga to be just a meditating technique but what they don’t know is that proper yoga not only helps you relieve stress but also helps you get rid of the extra weight.

  • Once enrolled in a group meditations session you will be able to look around people who might be going through same problems as yours.
  • For the lazy bums who are never motivated to work alone find the energy and motivation to work in groups.
  • In case of a small social circle between college friends and colleagues, you can always have the opportunity to make new friends and share greater ideas.
  • Mediation also helps you to cleanse the negative aura of demotivation and depression around you and helps you boost your confidence.
  • You get the ability to understand people and to empathize with them.

15. Fitness Boost

Fitness Boost

For the trainers, fitness junkies and gym buffs it is almost a frightening experience to go through the leg day time and again. The muscles never get used to the pain and it is the same grind of moving about with sore leg muscles all day or even more than a day. HIIT workouts often take the toll on the body and most amateurs suffer a lot for not having to follow the exact routine. Meditation along with HIIT helps increase your endurance level.

  • A good pre and post meditation session along with HIIT helps boost your muscles prior to the workout and relaxes it, post workout.
  • It helps your body to concentrate into relaxing itself after a high intensity workout including cardio and machines.
  • More like a reset method that brings your body to the original state in a much better manner.

“We should realize that every life has its own charm and that this charm comes with its own set of pros and cons.”

14. Saving From Cold

Saving From Cold

Flu is one of man’s worst enemies. Once caught up in the world of flu, cough and cold you shall regret the days when you completely overlooked how healthy you were. Having a choked makes us realize how lucky we had been the day we could breathe easily without having to suck hard for a small breath of fresh air.

  • Meditation helps build up your body’s stamina.
  • The inhaling and exhaling exercises helps keep the passage and respiratory tract stronger and healthier.
  • Better health means fewer breaks from the office and greater productivity.

13. Stronger Relationships


Most relationships are hard to tackle as things such as misunderstandings, lack of communication, personal disruptions often come in between and cause a lot of hazard even, in a perfect relationship. Both the sides have to overlook the negatives of the person they truly want to be with and even if there’s something that can be adjusted, one must use the power of love and understanding into helping your partner mould into a better person. Avoid pressurizing your loved one as this makes me think and feel as unwanted or something that has too many flaws than goods.

  • Meditation as previously discussed helps get rid of the burden including both physical and emotional burden
  • Time spent meditating on a daily basis helps you relax and gain perspective of what is happening in your life.
  • It has been researched than people who meditate on a regular basis have greater tendencies to effectively solve matters in their personal life.

12. Saving The Heart


One may reason why is that skinny and seemingly healthy people suffer from chronic heart diseases? The answer lies in the reality of life, it isn’t only because of greasy food or improper living routine; there are no doubt a hundred different reasons involved behind going through problems like chronic heart diseases. With the emotional burdens of a messed up work-life, married life or even the pressures of being unsocial can too affect the normal working of an organ like heart. It isn’t wrong when it is believed that the emotions are present within the heart.

  • Mediation helps relax the heart and ease it off of any uncomfortable routine.
  • Patients suffering from coronary heart disease can also take the help of meditation in order to relax their senses and their emotions.

11. More Relaxed Sleep


In the busy lifestyle the one thing that gets affected the most is the blessed world of sleep. No matter what crisis the world is going through if you get a chance to catch a good night’s sleep you’re ready to conquer the world, the next day, of course. Joke apart, a continuous, good night’s sleep helps rejuvenate the body, the mind as well as the senses. It is kind of like the reboot, reset button that brings the body and mind back to the original state. However, because of the increased level of stress and strain throughout the normal wok routine, people find it really hard to get rid of the caffeine effect in order to find sound sleep.

  • This is where meditation kicks in. Just like sleep is the reset button, meditation is the option that promotes and makes the reset a lot easier.
  • For people who schedule their meditation session prior going to bed, tend to fall asleep faster and more peacefully than they used to before.
  • Meditation helps release the stress and brings the blood pressure back to normal, making it easier for the individual to curl up inside the bed find their perfect spot and get to the sleeping business.

10. Boosting Creativity


Being a writer I myself go through the worst of days where there doesn’t seem to be an hour where I haven’t feared abbot the time I shall be going through the writer’s block phase. This phase is indeed real, because the mind is like a vessel filled with ideas and if this vessel isn’t allowed to rest on regular basis there are chances that it’ll be exhausted at a far faster pace. What do you really do when you place your meditation mat or even reach your usual meditation spot? You think of how you are going to empty your brain and simply invest your time in to practicing the breathing exercises and calming your senses.

  • When an individual tries to keep their mind devoid of any thoughts is the time when creative ideas start flowing in.
  • This occurs due to the fact that the brain is cleared up from all the messy thoughts of rent, salary, commission, and fight with the partner, etc.
  • A calmer brain has more chances to produce creative ideas than a pre-occupied mind.

“Meditation is one key that unlocks a zillion other traps and empowers you to hold tight the reign of your body, mind and emotions.”

9. Making Work Life Better


Monday blues is an actual thing where people start hating Sunday the moment they realize that there’s not much time left before they will get back into following the same grind of the week. To have to serve an organization for as long as a lifetime, getting to work at 9 and having to leave at 5 or beyond, you hardly get time to do anything about yourself or your life. The work gets monotonous and the life dull and boring. In order to work things out it is good that we could set aside few minutes for meditation even while on work.

  • Scientists recommend balancing out the work routine it is best to escape the daily routine and adjust 5-10 minutes meditating while at work.
  • It is suggested to use meditation as a tool to get rid of any work related stress and burden,
  • Once the pressure is shrugged off the shoulders, the time is to be more creative and think out loud.

8. Capture Your Age


I usually cry out loud in front of my Mom, demanding why on Earth is it so difficult to stay fit at such a young age where my Mom being so old still manages to work far better than me? This thing is traumatizing in its own. How would you be able to manage things in your forties when there’s not even hope for you in your teens or twenty’s. Age has a strong hold on the body and mind if you don’t know how to play around with it.

  • For people who have been meditating or have been under the influence of people who have meditated for life can better understand how effective it is in terms of staying fit and healthy.
  • Meditation helps build a stronger ground for you to grow on and make yourself a stronger individual.

7. Getting Away From Painkillers

Getting Away From Painkillers

I’m a completely no pills person. I don’t know it is something that I don’t come across digesting because for me the key is that the more pills you rely on the difficult it gets for the body to cope up with the problems without the help of the pills. The body also often gets used to the presence of pills inside the body and turns into a lazy bum machine.

  • Yoga being one of the forms of meditation helps relax and stretch different parts of the body.
  • The pains that are specifically present in the lower back, knees and several other joints can be sorted out with the help of appropriate Yoga stretches.

6. Improved Concentration


Have you ever experienced the time when you were meant to work on a paper, assignment, presentation or something important but you were just not able to bring yourself together to complete it? It was something really absurd happening inside your brain and you never seemed to find a way to get out of it in order to able to finish up the assigned task. This is where the mind plays a trick of being overly occupied and resists further work pressures.

  • This unnecessary procrastination can be eradicated with the help of concentrated meditating technique.
  • A clear mind while meditating helps increase the chances of increased concentration during work.
  • Studies have found that meditation helps increase attentions span of students by 15%.
  • For students who meditate both before and after attending lectures have experienced better work concentration and alleviated confidence.

5. Finding Peace


For me it is quite a bit of a task to stay happy about life and feel good when there’s such bad happening around me and even across the globe. Where it is extremely important to stay positive; what is more important is to be able to spread the positivity. My grandparents used to say is that to be able to help others is what brings true happiness in life. But it isn’t really easy to help others when you’re not even on the same page with yourself.

  • Meditation is one way to bring yourself on to the same page.
  • Most yoga practitioners have bragged about how calm their lives have gotten after they have started using yoga as a form of meditation.
  • Greater level of peace in your life is equal to greater opportunities to spread kindness and love around.

4. Chipping In Good Habits


I eat a lot throughout the day. There seems to be a monster living inside me when it comes to decide when not to eat. All the while Im having my breakfast I think of what would be the possible lunch and dinner menu, excluding the time spent devouring the snacks and unfortunately, most of the food that sits in my food chain is comprised of junk. It’s not that I’m afraid of the benefits of a good diet, it’s just the psyche where you can’t happen to digest the right kinds of food.

  • For people who go crazy on sugar during menstruation, PMS or depression, simply through away sugar based food first and net concentrate on your meditating habits.
  • The first few days and weeks are meant to be tough but the later you go on in the practice the more you will realize the effects of having meditation in your life.

3. Pumping Sexuality


Women usually take much longer time in terms of getting over to their Big O. This not only tires up men but also makes women frustrated of their sex life. Healthier relationships demand understanding the true benefits of not only having each other but also embracing each other with all the sexual goodness. Most often the tensions of the daily life triggers dormancy in the sexual life of couples. Meditation is known to help couples get back on track.

  • Research has found that meditation helps pump up the sexual life between couples.
  • Women are tend to be most affected by this practice and have found to have achieved greater levels of arousal and satisfaction.

2. Controlling Temper


Do you spend time yelling at your subordinates, spouses, kids or friends? And have you ever felt bad about it after you have walked past that stage? Short temperament is indeed a trait that is not only passed on from generation to generation but unfortunately a few people also pick it up during the course of their living. Short temperament not only destroys a good work situation but also affects the brain function.

  • Meditation is one huge leap in learning to control one’s anger.
  • Soothed and calm nerves are less likely to enjoy a bowl full of temper when they are too busy enjoying a happy and relaxed brain.

1. Develop The Memory Cells


Old age people put up with a lot of mess in their latter years and still manage to meet and greet with a smile on their faces. This is because they had invested into living a life that was full of experiences and not getting stuck for a whole life inside a work station. A station that is run from the fuel pumped out by the blood of the brain drained workers. It wouldn’t be wrong if said that the brain actually gets quite worked out at the end of the day and this affects the normal functioning of the brain.

  • Meditation helps flex the brain muscles when you are allowed to use your imagination and move about in different parts of the world.
  • Mediation increases the concentration level of the mind and hence helps flex those brain muscles that needs content care and attention.


  • Meditating early in the morning for a short span of only 15 minutes will help you kick into your routine faster than without meditating.
  • There are plenty of forms of meditation that can be used based upon personal preferences and time.
  • You can also take a 5 minute break amidst your busy work routine to perform some special breathing meditation exercises that will help you release the work stress.

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