7 Super Foods That Heal

Karyn Holmes   Writer
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You need foods that are excellent for your body to help it perform its functions in the most efficient and appropriate way. Particularly, when you are sick, you have to be extremely careful about your diet and require foods that help you get well soon. These foods help your body protecting against many diseases which can prove fatal and dangerous to your health and life. Here we will talk about seven such foods that heal whose healing properties will surprise you indeed.

7. Coconut


Coconut contains many important nutrients that are essential for your body to function in appropriate way. These include vitamin-B, fatty acids, magnesium, iron, zinc etc. It improves proper functioning of digestive system. It makes your liver strong. It helps your body by protecting against diabetes, cancer and diseases related to brain. It works against bacteria and parasites. So due to all these aspects of it, we can surely call it one of the foods that heal miraculously.

6. Spinach


Spinach is another best option among the foods that heal your body. It contains vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin A, lutein, calcium, magnesium and carotene which are excellent nutrients for body. Spinach guards your body against heart diseases, vision loss, breast cancer and dementia. It also helps in lowering blood pressure and makes body stronger.

5. Carrots


Carrot is rich in vitamin C, phosphorous, calcium, potassium and fiber. It is excellent for the good health of your eye and ear. Carrots lower the chances of getting various kinds of cancer like kidney cancer, lung cancer and breast cancer. So we can safely add it in the list of foods that heal without any hesitation.

4. Cabbage


Cabbage contains vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin B6, fibers and also rich in manganese. Like carrots, it also helps in lowering the chances of various kinds of cancer e.g. bladder, breast, lung and ovarian cancer. It also makes bones stronger.

3. Hemp


Hemp contains fatty acids, amino acids, omega 3 and omega 6. It helps against skin disorders and brain related diseases. It helps strengthening the immune system of the body. It also lowers the risks of diabetes. It is good for memory. All these healing effects of hemp make it an ideal choice in foods that heal.

2. Cherries


Our next super healing food is a fruit, cherries. Cherries help body fighting against cancer and inflammation. They also have properties helping body against viruses and bacteria. They lower the uric acid level in blood. So cherries super healing effects on our body. Make them use on regular basis.

1. Kiwi


Another super healing food, which really pays off is kiwi. Kiwi is a potassium rich fruit which also contains excessive amount of vitamin C. it contains fibers more than an apple. It has blood thinning properties. It helps body protecting against cancer and respiratory diseases. It also helps reducing cholesterol.

These seven super foods that heal can indeed prove great blessings of God to you if you start taking them in appropriate quantity on regular basis. Other than these, honey, chlorella, bee pollen and kale are also good as healing foods. Make them use in your daily routine life and live a healthy joyful life.

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