7 Selected Tips to Grow Hair Faster

Having an appealing and beautiful personality is a common desire of everyone. Besides, the physical fitness, hair is another important aspect that can be enhanced by you for smashing and attractive looks. Beautiful and healthy hair has always been significant for one’s personality especially for women.

They add more beauty and glamour to a woman’s appearance. Most women have longed for long flowing hair, as they are mostly considered a sign of beauty. Here are some tips to grow hair faster to enjoy an alluring and adorable, stylish personality among your fellows.

7. Healthy Diet


Good health can only be availed by a good healthy diet that also affects the rate of hair growth. Fat burning foods diet that contains high amount of proteins, vitamins and minerals encourages hair growth by maintaining healthy hair. So include in your diet fruits, vegetables, dairy products like milk and yogurt, meat, fish, fresh juices of fruits and vegetables like orange, grapefruit, carrot.

6. Water Intake


Water is an amazing blessing for us that is necessary not only to live but also for health and beauty. You must have an intake of 8 glasses of water in a day. Water moisturizes your skin and hair and keeps them fresh, healthy and hydrated.

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5. Scalp Massage With Hot Oil


Massaging your scalp with hot oil is one of the very effective and fast result-oriented tips to grow hair faster. Just heat up oil and apply on your scalp, massage with soft hands for 3 to 4 minutes and leave it for 40 to 45 minutes. You will see the difference very soon and feel your hair healthier, thicker, softer and longer than before.

4. Egg Mask


Eggs are highly enriched with protein and minerals that are very helpful for healthy hair grow. You will feel your hair many times healthier and stronger if you apply a mixture of eggs, milk, lemon and olive oil, which definitely makes your hair grow fast and you can easily make some long hairstyles you are dreaming for.

3. Regular Hair Wash


With regular hair wash you can help your hair to grow fast as it prevents your scalp from extra oils and dust. A dusty or dirty scalp clogs up hair follicles, which create problem for hair to grow properly. So be sure to wash your hair after every 3 days.

2. Never Comb Wet Hair


Wet hair is not as strong as dry hair so never comb wet hair. It can cause damage to them and create and split ends.

1. Hair Trimming


Trimming your hair really works and is the most important of all the tips to grow hair faster. Damaged hair eventually proceeds to the roots and make it difficult to grow hair at a good rate. But trimming of the damaged ends helps to continue fast hair growth and makes your hair healthy with less repair work. Split ends and damaged hair never let hair to grow well.

Having long, healthy and beautiful hair is not only a sign of the beauty of women since old ages, but still in the recent modern fashion world it has the same place. So to have healthy and beautiful long hair; these tips to grow hair faster will aid you much in having a stylish modern look.

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7 Selected Tips to Grow Hair Faster