7 Must Try Art Deco Dresses

Fashion industry is very versatile and dynamic with continuous revivals with adding slight transformations. The art deco of the 1920’s has also entered the style scenes once again. You can now experience the extravagant glamour and the romantic play of the glorious jazz era again with geometric shapes, lines with sequins, fringe details; shimmery fabric, drop waists and radiant metallic hues in dresses.

So get in flawless shape to outshine with these fabulous varieties of art deco dresses.

7. Embellished Art Deco Dresses


Embellishments have been a key feature of art deco dressing; this is an easy way to step back into the age of Great Gatsby.  The perfectly blended contemporary approach to getting the art deco look would be to highlight a simple dress with luxuriously embellished collar or neck and flapper flair, which will help appending the fashion of two contrasting time periods.

6. Geometric Art Deco Dresses


Relive the roaring 20s once more with graphic lines and geometric shapes. The art deco era is known for its visual details and symmetrical lines, paving way for the popular geometric trend exploding everywhere in fashion. Simple, yet abstract and visually appealing geometric prints create a subtle impact that’s elegant and sophisticated just the fabulous flapper.

5. Beaded Art Deco Dresses


Flashy and fabulous way to dress art deco is intricate and stunning beaded embroidery, which will remind you of the 20’s magnificence. You can get many of the beaded dresses inspired from art deco at Fashion Union, French Connection, Malene Birger, Topship, Mango, Ted Baker and Hoss Intropia. The flows of the dresses are taken to further levels of artistic beautification with beaded art deco options.

4. Feathered Art Deco Dresses


Adding flattering feathers to the art deco dresses can help you bring the festivity to life. You can enhance your short black dress by adjoining lavish feathers at the ends; this will not only give a little length but will also furnish you with classy yet jazzy outlook. Any bright colored simple short dress can be transformed with this fabulous idea that will furnish you with the grandeur of past.

3. Drop Waist Art Deco Dresses


Drop waist dresses are amazing that are available in short to medium lengths usually and come with mostly geometric shapes like diamonds, polka dots etc. that enhance the art deco style. The style looks immensely splendid with the evergreen and breathtaking combination of black and white. The benefit of drop waist is that it provides sleek figures by skimming the curves of body that is just astounding.

2. Graphic Art Deco Dresses


Graphic details can revitalize the flapper of art deco style when coupled with the modern day figure gratifying dresses. The intricate graphic patterns generate extraordinary visual impact and the curves of dress make the body look slim and sleek with sultry silhouette.

1. Fringe Art Deco Dresses


Fringes add a splendor to the art deco styled modern day dresses and the combination with drop waist is just perfect to flatter the slim figures and intensify the final outlook. The fringe gives the perfect flow and movement to the dresses that looks incredible especially on dance floor.

Revitalize the way you dress up by blending in the brightness and grandeur of art deco dresses to your modern day wardrobe. All you need is a perfect artistic blending that will help you get gloriously stunning outlook.

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7 Must Try Art Deco Dresses