7 Must Follow Fitness Blogs for Women

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With this era of internet everyone has access to loads of information about fitness just at a distance of a click; but almost every blog gives a subjective view and it becomes really difficult to choose which one should be followed? This article will provide you with a list of 7 must follow fitness blogs for women that will help you sort out this:

1- The Purely Twins by Lori and Michelle


Both of the twin writers are extremely fit and well built. They offer a wide variety of most creative and mouth watering recipes that are suitable for sensitive people and are part of special diets. They are continuously into finding the health regime and pay attention to the foods intake and their outcomes. They have an online workout program that can help you get strong and well toned muscles.

2- Lazy Girl Running by Laura Fountain


Running is an effective way to get active and stay fit. So here is a unique blog among fitness blogs for women, which focuses solely on running. You get to know all about running no matter what kind of level are you at; you will get to learn if you are a beginner or an expert.

3- The Harcombe Diet by Zoe Harcombe


It is important to consider nutrition when talking of fitness.  This blog is the best educational platform to learn on the subject with ease.

4- Eating Bird Food by Brittany Mullins


The best among the best fitness blogs for women in terms of fitness tips. The writer has shed lots of weight by following healthy lifestyle, working out and eating the right kind and amount of foods. She writes the blog to help others gain the benefit from the tips on areas of improvement also puts forwards healthy debates related to different health issues and has given access to lots of foods that are absolutely fitness perfect. Unlike blog’s name it will not suggest you to eat like birds so don’t worry!

5- The Lean Green Bean by Lindsay


The author is a registered dietician and has immense knowledge on the topic. She shares effective fitness tips and workouts and also has fantastic recipes appropriate for getting you to the ultimate goal of losing weight. The unique feature of the blog is the “Sunday Food Prep”, which gives the bloggers a chance to share their recipes, which is further enriched by Lindsay’s own tips. Foodie Pen Pal is also an interesting feature that lets the readers get a chance to win foodie gifts each month. Be sure to visit this fantastic blog.

6- Fitness On Toast by Faya Nilsson


This is one of the incredible fitness blogs for women, which combines the street smart approach with grave workout goals. Faya is passionate about fitness, fashion and nutrition and this is what her blog is all about.

7- The Tone It Up by Karena and Katrina


This blog gives you access to great exercises every week and email subscription to get workout matching calendar. It is altogether a great source of fitness information.

Make sure that you follow these fitness blogs for women and get healthy and fit through the useful tips, diet plans and workouts; remember nothing will work alone, you will have to make a perfect combination along with focus and consistency to get to your goals.

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