The 7 Best Movie Quotes Ever

4. “Say hello to my little friend”- Tony Montana, Scarface.

Tony Montana Scarface

Scarface is a true classic along with Godfather Trilogy, having numerous inventive movie quotes. It centers on a smalltime crook by the name of Tony Montana for whom the world is not enough and his greed and ambition eventually cause his demise. Nearing the end of the movie when all seems lost for the now mafia boss and his complex is surrounded, he goes in a rage when seeing his impending end but refuses to accept it. He grabs his M4 with a grenade launcher, aims it at the door and introduces the crooks to his “little” friend with this one of the best movie quotes, giving them a good dose of lead and explosion.

3. “The name’s Bond, James Bond”- James Bond, James Bond (each and every movie)


You don’t know that handsome, suave fella in a suit with more class than you can measure? Yes, yes, the one the ladies simply cannot refuse. Well, why don’t you ask him his name? And when you do you will get the “The name’s Bond, James Bond” reply. In every single James Bond movie whenever our secret agent introduces himself, he will say this line. Among the best movie quotes around, this one easily earns its reputation through sheer remembrance and the way we always anticipate it coming whenever the agent is about to introduce himself.

2. “I love the smell of Napalm in the morning”- Lieutenant Colonel Bill Kilgore, Apocalypse Now

Apocalypse Now

Apocalypse Now is a movie set in the Vietnam War as a group of soldiers are ordered to venture into the depths of the jungle and kill a renegade, psychotic deserter U.S. Army Special Forces Colonel Walter E. Curtz. Lieutenant Colonel Bill Kilgore is reckless by nature and trigger happy. His quote shows ‘the gung ho nature’ of the U.S. soldiers in the Vietnam War and how were they feeling there.

1. “I’ll be back”- Terminator, The Terminator franchise

The Terminator franchise

This quote is reused from time to time in the Terminator franchise by Arnold Schwarzenegger who plays as T-800, a robot sent from the future to at one point kill and at others to protect Sarah Connor. Arnold’s voice combined with the robotic way in which he delivers this quote make this quote a great catchphrase and is easily recognizable by anyone who says it.

With the advent of modern technology and entertainment, it becomes impossible to overlook one of the main ways in which quotes are memorialized and that is in movies. The success of a movie is often measured by the impact it makes upon the audience and with movie quotes that set upon the people’s tongue. Hence the best movie quotes are now mentioned in everyday routine conversations and even in speeches and writing.


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