6 Amazing Beauty Oils for Beautiful Skin and Hair

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No doubt, beauty oils are one of the best beauty products for rejuvenating skin cells and nourish damage hair. These amazing face, body and hair oils not only make your skin and hair beautiful and glowing but they also works as effective ant-aging products. Most of us hesitate to try these oils because we’re afraid that they’ll leave our skin greasy. But we’ve selected some of the best dry oils for your hair and skin that make your skin beautiful and hair strong and shining without leaving any visible trace of oiliness. Here are seven best beauty oils to make your skin and hair beautiful and extraordinary.

6. Olive Oil for Beautiful Skin and Hair


Olive oil has been used as an amazing skin and hair beauty product for centuries. It is very effective in cleansing, moisturizing and protecting skin. Olive oil is especially beneficial for people with dry skin or dry hair as it moisturizes skin and hair perfectly and makes them smooth, shiny and beautiful. Olive oil is also rich in antioxidants, polyphenols, squalene and fatty acids that protects skin from free radicals and aging. Apply olive oil on your hair to make your hair strong and beautiful and protect them for thinning and weakening. Olive oil can also be used as an excellent makeup remover. To remove eye makeup, apply some oil on cotton and smoothly wipe the area above and around your eyes. Overall, olive oil is one of the best beauty oils for Beautiful skin and hair.

5. Coconut Oil: Perfect Moisturizing Treatment of Hair and Skin


Normally, coconut oil is considered as an amazing product that makes hair strong, glowing and healthy but coconut oil is also very good for healing inflamed and sunburn skin. It also provides great moisturizing care to dry and damaged skin and makes it smooth and beautiful. Applying coconut oil on your hair before taking a bath provides deep conditioning treatment to your hair. It is rich in anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-fungal ingredients that make it one of the best beauty oils for beautiful skin and hair. According to experts, it is better than your average moisturizing crèmes and lotions as it hydrates skin better than these products for a longer period.

4. Avocado Oil for Healthy Skin

Avocado Oil for Healthy Skin

We all know the know the health benefits of the avocado fruit as this creamy fruit is rich in healthy fatty acids, vitamins A,D and E and many more ingredients that are very good for health. Avocado oil is extracted from this amazing fruit and can be used as edible oil. Avocado oil is very soothing for dry and itchy skin and it also makes your skin soft and smooth. Avocado also contains a chemical named sterolin that is very effective in removing age spots and rejuvenating collagen. Vitamin E in avocado makes skin unblemished, smooth and silky soft and also provides protection against free radicals. This versatile oil is even very good for hair which makes it among the best beauty oils to make your skin and hair beautiful and healthy.

3. Almond Oil: The Secret for Beautiful and Youthful Skin

 Almond Oi Beautiful - Youthful Skin

Almond oil is also one of the most amazing beauty oils for beautiful skin and hair as it contains fascinating anti-aging and skin protecting abilities. Almond oil is an essential part of top beauty products because of its super anti-aging ingredients. Almonds are packed with vitamins A,D,E and also contains skin rejuvenating and anti-aging chemicals like linoleic and oleic acids. Just pour 2,3 drops in your palm and then gently massage it on your face and skin. Almond oil is also very beneficial for hair health. It is an amazing shine-boosting and conditioning agent. Just apply it 15 to 20 minutes before taking a bath and then wash and rinse it. Regular use of almond oil on skin rejuvenates damaged and dull skin and increases the production of new skin cells.

2. Jojoba Oil: Amazing Natural Skin Care Product

Jojoba Oi Natural Skin Care

Jojoba oil is known for its unique and amazing skin care abilities among beauty oils that make your skin and hair beautiful. It effective acne relieving abilities make it one of the top natural skin care products available. About 75 percent of American teenagers suffer from the acne problem. One of the main reasons for acne is the use of beauty products and skin creams that clog pores in the skin. Jojoba oil helps regulate the sebum (skin oil) production and makes your skin less oily. Moreover jojoba oil’s anti-viral and anti-inflammatory qualities make it a perfect solution for acne related problems. Jojoba oil also hydrates your skin and works as a top quality moisturizer for the skin. Jojoba oil also works as a natural makeup remover and cuticle cream for your nails. For dry hair, jojoba oil is the ideal natural treatment as it moisturizes your hair perfectly. It makes dry and damaged hair strong, healthy and beautiful.

1. Aragan Oil for Perfect Protection against Free Radical

Aragan Oil Protection Free Radical

Aragan is oil is relatively new in the group of beauty oils for beautiful skin and hair, but in short time it has become one of the most favorite beauty products of top celebrities. Aragan oil is rich in best skin care ingredients like vitamin E and ferulic acid and fatty acids which are very effective against free radicals. Its unique ingredients make it a perfect skin protector especially in the sun as it is much more stable than other antioxidants in the sun. Use only a few drops with your night cream to keep your dry skin moisturized and protected during the night. Aragan oil is also very effective for hair and nails.

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