20 Life Changing Ways To Use Bobby Pins For More Fantastic Look

5. Securing Your Hair Bun

Securing your hair bunYou can also secure your hair bun by adding bobby pins to it. Open the bobby pin ends wide, and slide them into the base of the bun.

4. Easy Updo With Bobby Pins

Easy updo with bobby pinsTease the crown of your head with a teasing brush, then pick a segment of your hair between the head crown and the hair line, secure it by using bobby pins. Again get another segment of your hair from the right front half of your head and wrap it behind your head, secure it with bobby pins again. Repeat this on the left side also, and proceed with these steps until you have secured all the 3 to 4 segments of your hair on ever side. Enjoy your new simple half-up updo.

3. Add Waves To Your Hair

Add waves to your hair

You can also add waves to your front hair by just sliding bobby pins to hold your front hair.

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