20 Lazy Girl Hairstyles Tips And TricksThat Can Be Done In A Few Minutes

Submitted By Jazlyn Hunt  

10. Elegent Dradlocks


How to achieve elegant dreadlocks? It is a simple, can be done easily and within few minutes. You need a glamorous look for a party or a date then we have one preferable hairstyle for you. Things you will need are hair straightener, a hair comb, hair pins, hair pad and hair spray. You need to first iron your hair, thentake your hair from the midsection and tease them so it can have some volume to it. Place the hair pad beneath the hair you just back combed. Secure it with the hair pins so that the hair won’t fall out. Give a curly effect to the bottom hair for an elegant look with the helpof a straightener. Apply hair spray at the end and you are good to go.

 9. Bandana As A Head Band


It’s that time of the year in which you would like to have your hair done in a beautiful way, it can be accessorized with cute looking hair pins,head bands, and hair chopsticks even bandanas. You don’t want to use a headband to keep your hair at the backthen bandana is an awesome replacementfor it and can have a cool look while you are hanging out on a beach with your friends. Take your bandana and place it under your hair, bring the lower end of it to the front and cross it against each other so that it can have a shape like “X”, pull it tight.

Next,cross the ends against each other again so it can have a look like a knot and it will be secured as well. Take the bandana to the back and tie it in a knot. Wrap the lower ends inside it if you get any, so it can have a neat look.

 8. Kontted Hairdo


Want a knotted hairdo then we have one simple hairdo which you will find quite interesting. It’s very easy and won’t take much of your time. Start by dividing your hair into two sections. Take both sections and tie it in a knot, pull it tight so you won’t get any hair falling out of it. Secure it with hair pins and make another knot as well. Take the remaining hair to the top and with the help of a hair pin fix the ends. If you want to give it an elegant look then you can accessorize it with a nice looking hair clip. Simple and elegant!

 7. Easy Bun With A Twist


You are a super busy mom,you are always in a hurry and can’t find enough time for yourself to make a chic hairstyle. You have to attend a family dinner andwant to look fabulous then you need not to worry because we have a simple and easy hairdo for you. Take your hair comb and divide your hair into two sections, tie them into two high ponytails. Start twisting the ponytail and use an elastic band at the end. Repeat the same step with the other ponytail. Next, take both the twisted ponytails and start criss crossing them and take them upward so it can have a form of bun. At the end, take some hair pins and secure it and you are done.

 6. Study Night Look


You are one of those students who have aced their tests all the time and you are into fashion too plus don’t want to be labeled “nerdy”. You have a study night and you want to look serious about the matter and stylish as well then we have a hairstyle which is quite suitable for the situation. It is an easy oneand won’t take long. Start by separating your front hair and clip it then take the back hair and tie it in a side ponytail, make some space into the ponytail and pass the ponytail through.

Now take the front hair, start making a braid and tie it at the end. Pull it slightly outward to give it a rough look and now start wrapping the braid around the elastic band of the ponytail. Secure it with a hair pin, take your hair comb and tease your ponytail as well and you are done. Study night awaits!

  5. Fistal Braid


At leisure, you are flipping the magazine’s pages and you found a model’s fish tail braid up to your taste and you want to try it out. This fishtail braid can be worn at any party even to a wedding. What you will need formaking a fishtail braid is a hair comb, hair pins and elastic band. It might seem difficult to make but trust me its super easy. Take the hair from the front and start twisting it to the back, now take the front hair from the other side and start twisting it back as well bring them together and tie it in a ponytail.

Make a space in the ponytail and pass it through. Now take the hair beneath the twist and start twisting it just like you did with the above one. Tie it with an elastic band, make some space and pass the ponytail through. Keep on repeating the twists and tying it in a ponytail until all the hair are tied up. You can apply hair spray to it as well for a neat look.

 4. Straightened Side Ponytail


You love to use your hair straightener while making hairstylesthen we have an easy hairstyle for you. First, you have to divide your hair into two main sections. The first section will have your bangs. Take the back section hair and comb it all the way to the top. Bring your hair to the side and tie it tightly with the elastic band. Now take your hairstraightener and iron your ponytail so that they are dead straight. Add a bow over the elastic band for a nicer look.

 3. Waterfall Braided Up Do


Have you ever seen braids made up in the form of a waterfall and wondered how they are made? Today we will teach you how to get a waterfall braided up do. It is very easy to make, no complex techniques just a simple way around the braids. It’s an elegant, classy and chic hairstyle which will definitely compliment your personality.Start by combing your hair so that no tangles are left.

Next, take the side hair and start making a braid when you reach the lower area of your hair. Add some hair to the braid from the back, make few knots and tie it with an elastic band. Repeat the same step to the other side. Now take the left side braid and bring it up horizontally and secure it with a hair pin. Take the other braid and bring it above the first braid and secure it tightly with the hair pins. You got an easy yet elegant hairstyle.

 2. Princess Look


Your daughter has a function at her school and she has got a part in a fairy tale plus she is having a role of princess. You are wondering how to doll her up with a perfect hairstyle then here is an easy way to make a princess hairstyle for your beauty. This hairdo can be worn by grown up girls as well. Start by taking the front section hair, divide it into three strands and make a braid on one side and tie it with an elastic band.

Repeat the same step on the other side. Now take the left side braid and pin it horizontally, take the right side braid and pin it just below the first braid. Hide the lower ends under the braid to have a neat look.

 1. Glamorous Ponytails


Want to carry a super model’s alluring hairstyle to the annual night? You don’t know how to make glamorous ponytails then here is a perfect super model’s hairstyle which will make you noticed in the crowd and will definitely get compliments from your fellows. This is a simple but glamorous hairstyle and can be made very easily. First comb your hair well then iron them for a perfect look. Take your hair all the way back, make a section at the top of your head and tie it in a ponytail.

Take the bottom hair of the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic band and secure it with a hairpin. Next, take the hair below the ponytail and add it to the first ponytail, tie it with an elastic band and wrap the bottom hair around it. Give a gentle push to your hairtied in the ponytail. Repeat this step one more time and tie it with an elastic band. Tease the end hair and apply hair spray to the hairdo and you’re good to go!

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