19 Best and Unique Ideas For Rustic Wedding Cakes

Submitted By Karyn Holmes  

7. Square Rustic Wedding Cake

Square Rustic Wedding Cake

It is such a stylish and sophisticated design with blending of cute little daisy flowers. You can create variety of patterns by mixing different colors and other accessories. Purpose is to attract the attention of viewers so do not be reluctant and try this theme now.

6. Fondant Birch Bark Wedding Cake

Fondant Birch Bark Wedding Cake

The wedding cakes should look appealing and tasty, yet have to hold the earthy feel. Dark chocolate pieces sprayed with little toy animals decorated along the periphery of the cake, would beauty the visitors.

5. Heart Style Topper Wedding Cake

Heart Style Topper Wedding Cake

A very simple yet enthusiastic touch; chocolaty heart topper presents this rustic wedding cake a tremendous love bonding. It is stylish, rustic and an eye-catching idea for your beautiful day celebrations.

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