19 Best and Unique Ideas For Rustic Wedding Cakes

Submitted By Karyn Holmes  

16. Classical Rustic Style Cake

Classical Rustic Style Cake

If you are planning something unique and beyond one’s approach, this is a mesmerizing rustic cake for you. You will be truly in love with this classic wedding cake.

15. Rustic Fall-Inspired Cake

Rustic Fall-Inspired Cake

If you are looking for a fall wedding theme, check out this wonderful fall-inspired wedding cake with autumn leaf toppers. It will add scenic beauty to the whole atmosphere.

14. Wooden Topper Style Cake

Wooden Topper Style Cake

Purely a romantic touch; this country forest style topper cake is one of the tremendous design of rustic wedding cakes. It has woody bark topper at with two lovebirds, amazing one.

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