14 Irresistible Round Face Haircuts!

Round faces have their own unique charisma and appeal. They have an unparalleled attractive look which needs special styles and care. When it comes to the ever sprawling genre of hair styling, No ordinary style will suit a round face. Round face hair cuts have their own way of complementing the faces that wear them.

The haircuts which may suit any face cut cannot be beneficial for round faces because round faces require something different and more revealing. Round face haircuts must be chosen with special care so that they bring out the best in the people having such faces. Sometimes selecting the correct Round face haircuts which would go well with round faces can be tricky, but with a little fashion sense, right guidance and help it can be the easiest task to do.

To serve the guidance and help purpose, given below is a list of Round Face haircuts which will give you the best looks and will make you look trendy, classy and more beautiful.

14. Loose Half Pony


This style is very much suitable for round faces. It makes the face look appropriately sized in accordance to the hair. Recently Cameron Diaz, the beautiful Hollywood diva, has been spotted wearing this hairstyle for oval face. A centre part along with this style will give you the extra beautiful look you need to make others weak at the knee. This is an all season style; moreover it goes perfectly well with the part image as well as the office image.

 13. Asymmetrical Bob


The Asymmetrical bob is one the perfect round face haircuts. It is even more beneficial for the women who are having short and uneven layers of hair. Even if you don’t have these uneven layers, this style can be a boon for women who have round faces. Julianne Hough is the fashion icon who has been seen flaunting this style and setting the trend for women with round faces.

12. Side-Swept Bangs


Only those styles can be called beneficial to round faces which tend to frame round faces and create angles as well. The Side-swept bangs are one of these helpful Round face haircuts which fulfill this need. To further accentuate the elegance, you can do curls at the ends. This style will not only make you look elegant rather it would also infuse a new confidence in you regarding your round face. And if you don’t know Emma Stone was seen sporting this look in the recent past.

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 11. Flowing Waves Hairstyle


Round faces sometimes seem misaligned when it comes to the ratio of the size of face and neck. If you find yourself a victim of this problem then these Flowing waves hairstyles are definitely for you. It will help to eradicate the problem by making your neck look longer. Furthermore, there would be nothing better than coupling this style with some curls at the ends. A style to cherish!

10. Mussed-up Hairstyle


Out of all the round face haircuts, this cut is an all time favourite of the people with round faces. The best thing about this hair style is that it enhances the apparent volume/weight of the crown section of your hair. By doing this, it gives an impression of a longer face which makes your personality more charming and beautiful. You must keep in mind that it is always good to add a little apparent length to a round face.

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 9. Over-The-Shoulder Pony


This Over-the-shoulder pony hair style is not merely a style. It is a complete methodology of adding length to your face. Round faced people often complain about the paucity of length of their faces. To quash these complaints this style is the answer. When you have pulled your hair above as well as away from the face, you will experience a clear difference in the apparent length of your face. That is why round face hair cuts are designed so.

 8. The Low Bun


The low bun is another best option for round face haircuts. To make your day at work, or your night at party more exciting and vibrant you must try this style. This style has the capability of surprising the people who remember you as short or round faced. This style will give you a unique confidence about your hair and face and you will enjoy our decision of wearing this cut. The low bun should be brushed on one side of the head to make it clearly visible.

 7. Understated Updo


The understated updo is a very trendy and classy style. Apart from making your face look elongated, this hair cut also makes your lips visible which is an added advantage when you want all the eyes to stay at you on a party. You can couple this cut with little variations according to your own comfort and fashion sense. In short it is a cut which gives you a lot of liberty to do multiple variations and look versatile and bold.

 6. The Centre Part


The centre part is a rocking hair cut for those women who have round faces and long hair. This cut will make you look bold and sassy. You can do different experiments with this cut according to your own will and taste. For example you may add curls at the ends and put your hair on the front of your shoulders, or you may tie them at the back with a centre part at the crown area. The list of experiments you can do is long, so use your creativity and enjoy your appearance.

 5. The Top Knot Hairstyle


This round face hair cut is a beautiful way of making yourself all the more charming. This style gives you the added advantage of making your face look sleek. It also makes your face look long because it takes most of the volume of your hair to the top which draws attention towards itself as well. To have a good look at it, just see how beautifully this style helps Kaley Cuoco who also has a round face.

 4. The Side Part Haircut For Women


The side part has always remained a hot favourite of women with long hair. The degree of how the deep the side part should be depends entirely on your liking but this does not disturb the fact that this haircut has its evergreen attractions and charms. A lot of heads will roll when they see you in this hair cut.

 3. The Classic Low Chignon


You have to make a loose pony tail and then twist it and lastly set it with bobby pins to create this famous style. This style has its own royalness and elegance. Your round face will look elongated and sleek, whether it’s a date, or girls’ night out or a boring office day, this haircut can spice up all these for you. You will be left surprised by the results once you have worn this round face hair cut because this style will give angles to your face and make it look better structured than ever.

 2. The Angled Layers


This hair cut is probably the most adorable hair cut ever designed by man. Especially when women with round face wear this cut, it is paradise on earth for those who look at them. This style makes every single lineament of your face visibly beautiful hence giving more awe and versatility to your personality. It makes your lips, eyes and chin more visible and hence the ultimate goal of increased apparent length is achieved.

Make the layers go softly past your chin or design them with any variations you like. You will definitely enjoy this style even if you have to have it forever.

 1. The Super-High Half-Ponytail


A half pony tail at the top of your hair, and the rest of your hair flowing down to your shoulders! Well this is what your round face was craving for. This round face hair cut has done more miracles than can be imagined. It takes the attention of the person looking at you towards the top of your head and hence the face looks sleek and long. So you can get rid of the roundness in less than 5 minutes as this style does not require much time. You also have the leverage of doing some variations according to your own look.

The round faced people must not be negligent when it comes to their hair cuts. They must be very choosy about this. The above given list for round face haircuts is a complete code of hair design. It can help you in any way you want. You just have to pick the hair cut you like and then work a little on it. Poof! You are ready for wherever you had to go! Some of the hair styles mentioned above can be adopted in less than ten minutes.

Don’t forget to incorporate your own creativity and fashion sense into any of the haircuts described above because this will give you the extra confidence you always need.

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