12 Effective Home Remedies For Morning Sickness

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Being a mother is a wonderful feeling which comes with great responsibility. The nine months of pregnancy for a woman is not easy or part of any fairy tale rather she had to gone through many problems and health issues during the whole process. One among some of these problems that complicate pregnancy is morning sickness. Morning sickness is actually nausea occurs in this situation and can happen any time in the day or night. At mornings it strike even harder and causes dullness and stress. Usually morning sickness becomes worst between second and third month of pregnancy and affects 65 percent of women. There can be different causes of morning sickness during pregnancy which includes hormonal changes in the body, depression and worry about pregnancy, low blood pressure and deficiency of vitamins.

Some of the symptoms of morning sickness are severe nausea with vomiting, constipation, dizziness and dark colored urine. Whenever you start feeling some of these symptoms, it is time for you to think of some ways to treat morning sickness to avoid harsh circumstances. Other than the medical help in this condition you can also use some simple home remedies and mother’s best tips to overcome morning sickness. These home remedies will help you avoid nausea and other symptoms of morning sickness and will make your pregnancy period easy.  Some of these natural and easy to adopt home remedies are as follows:

“Nature has provided some simple remedies for the better health of baby and mother during pregnancy and helps avoid morning sickness.”

12. Ginger


Ginger is most effective remedy against different symptoms of a morning sickness. It is an old and widely used remedy and was most common in Chinese medication. Ginger contains anti-inflammatory properties and chemical which are important to give you relief from different symptoms of morning sickness. It soothes your stomach and avoids constipation also. You can use ginger in different forms, whenever you suffer from morning sickness.

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  • Drink ginger juice to help relief stomach related problems.
  • You can also chew a slice of ginger in its raw form if you’re feeling nausea.
  • Ginger tea is also very effective and is most commonly used during pregnancy related problems.
  • Snacks which include ginger i.e. gingerbread or cooking can also help.

11. Fennel Seeds


Fennel seeds are also used to relax the stomach and prevent morning sickness. In fact use of fennel seeds during stomach related problems is an old fashioned yet effective method. Fennel seeds have different taste and aroma which makes its tea refreshing to drink. Fennel seeds tea not just relaxes your stomach but it also helps combat nausea and other symptoms of morning sickness. Make sure to use this these if you’re feeling morning sickness symptoms. To get these benefits from fennel seeds you may try this DIY recipe:

  • Chew fennel seeds after your lunch or dinner.
  • Fennel tea is also an option for you which can help in the digestion process.
  • Just add some fennel seeds to the water while it is boiling. Leave it for five minutes and then strain it and drink the tea.
  • You can also add honey or lemon in the tea for enhanced taste and better results.

10. Chamomile Tea


This amazing teas is known as one of the best morning sickness remedies. The tea made of chamomile flowers is also very effective against the morning sickness. It soothes your stomach and relaxes your mind hence prevents nausea, constipation and stress during the whole pregnancy period. Some say that chamomile its self and its oil contain some strong acidic properties which may or may not be harmful during pregnancy period so it is recommended to use them after consultation of your doctor. However there is no complain or evidence is found about the tea so it is absolutely fine and effective to get rid of morning sickness. Still I would recommend you to discuss with your doctor about your condition before using chamomile tea.

  • You can make chamomile tea at home with your own personal flavors. Just take some dried chamomile flowers and add them to boiled water for some time. When the water absorbs all its natural qualities, strain and put the tea in some pot to drink.
  • You can also add honey or lemon juice in it to feel better.

9. Raspberry Leaf Tea


Raspberry leaf is another simple remedy which contains some ingredients to help in morning sickness. The tea of raspberry leaf is most preferred and is easily available in market. If you are suffering from morning sickness and some of its symptoms all you have to do is drink raspberry leaf tea. This tea will help you fight against the symptoms of morning sickness and will relax your stomach and uterus. So make sure to use it if you’re feeling morning sickness symptoms. Apart from its benefits in such condition, studies have also showed that the leaf of raspberry may cause some bad health conditions to your uterus so consults a doctor before using raspberry leaf tea to avoid any harsh circumstances. To make a tea:

  • Crush dry leafs of raspberry.
  • Boil some water in a pot and add crushed raspberry leaf in it.
  • Strain and then drink this tea for nausea and vomiting.

8. Cheese


Some may find it strange to find cheese on this list as cheese is considered as a fatty food, which is not true in all cases. In pregnancy all the body needs is a right amount of protein to overcome different bad health conditions like morning sickness. Cheese is a protein rich food and this is why it should also be a necessary ingredient of your daily intake of nutrient food. So make sure to include cheese in some effective morning sickness remedies. There are different types of cheese available in the market to use. You can choose between mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese and cottage cheese and can have it for breakfasts, lunch or dinner.

  • Cheese is best served with bread but different snacks like cheesy crackers and cookies are also very effective in nausea.

7. Bael


The fruit is also called wood apple and is considered as natural remedy for morning sickness during pregnancy. Bael has some good antibacterial properties and is also good fruit for digestive process. Eating a bael can prevent constipation and prevents nausea. Bael contains a little amount of sugar and a lot of iron which are important during pregnancy. Follow these steps if you’re feeling nauseous.

  • You can eat bael as fruit in its raw form or can drink its juice.
  • If you have severe morning sickness, take bael three times a day.

“You can avoid morning sickness by following some remedies from home and can get along with pregnancy easily.”

6. Water


Water is a wonderful gift for mankind as it contains the qualities to help you avoid certain health related issues. Most of the health problems and diseases developed due to dehydration in the body. Thus, water is a main source on earth which keeps your body hydrated and helps you overcome the deficiency of essential liquid quantity in body. Stay hydrated is the key when it comes to avoid morning sickness and its symptoms. General practitioner and doctors recommends drinking at least eight glasses of water a day to feel fresh. So drink as much water as you can daily to avoid morning sickness symptoms.

  • If you cannot drink eight glasses of water daily, you can also drink different juices to overcome the deficiency of liquid in body.

5. Crackers


This is one of the simplest but effective morning sickness remedies. During pregnancy make sure that your stomach is never empty but do not eat food which is heavy on your stomach to cause morning sickness for you. Crackers are light on stomach food which you can carry with you at any place and any time. Crackers also help you against nausea. You just need to pick the right flavor of crackers for you. You can choose between bagel chips, whole wheat crackers, salt crackers, plain popcorns and cheese crackers. Eat crackers as it will satisfy your appetite and at the same time will help your stomach to function well.

4. Lemon


Lemon is also good for morning sickness. Lemon contains calming properties naturally and helps reduce nausea. Lemon is also good remedy for other digestive problems. It clears the digestive process and makes you feel relax. Hence lemon is the most inexpensive yet effective way to keep morning sickness at bay. Make sure to use lemon if you’re feeling nauseous for quick relief.

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  • If you are suffering from morning sickness lemonade is a good option for you.
  • Sniffing a lemon peel can also help overcome the nauseous feeling and vomiting.
  • You can also add lemon juice to different other juices and teas for flavor.
  • Lemon flavored candies are also a good companion for women suffering from morning sickness.

3. Avocado


Avocado is one complete nutrient pack needed during pregnancy. It contains all fibers, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to help a woman during the pregnancy. Avocado is a smell less fruit which you can easily eat to overcome nausea and other stomach related problems. If you are suffering from morning sickness and you have nothing else to eat and smell of things are making you nauseous, avocado is the right choice for you. In morning sickness remedies , avocado is highly recommended.

  • You can eat avocado by adding it to your salads or other meals.
  • Avocado juice is also helpful in this condition.
  • The best practice however is to eat an avocado slices.

2. Peppermint


Peppermint is next in the list, its aromatic properties makes it an effective treatment for morning sickness. It also contain unique properties to sooth your stomach and make you feel better in this stage. You can use peppermint flavor in different food items to eat it and feel relaxed or you can drink peppermint tea 4-5 times a day to prevent morning sickness symptoms.

  • Boil water in a pot and add peppermint leafs in it. Let it boiled for some time until the water absorbs all its natural properties.
  • Your tea is ready. Strain and pour the tea in a pot.
  • Let it cool for some time and then drink the tea.

1. Acupressure


As we all know that acupressure is an old and effective method of medication and it is very handy in many health conditions. Morning sickness is also a condition which can be treated with help of acupressure. Acupressure is applied on specific points on your body to prevent the symptoms of morning sickness. But, it is recommended to consult some specialist before adopting this process and if you are a diabetic this method is not for you. So take an acupressure treatment to fight against the symptoms of morning sickness only if your doctor recommends. It’s really effective especially if you’re feeling nauseous.

If you have morning sickness, you don’t need to worry at all as you can overcome it by following some of these simple home remedies. While using these remedies try to remember some Do’s and Don’ts to avoid any kind of harsh circumstances. We have listed some Do’s of Don’ts that will help you understand the best and worst practices in this condition


  • Do exercise daily.
  • Take a lot of rest.
  • Eat proper and healthy food.
  • Eat some snack after getting up in the morning.
  • Increase your take of vitamin B in diet.
  • Wear loose and comfortable clothes.


  • Avoid spicy and oily food.
  • Avoid smells that can trigger nausea.
  • Avoid caffeine contained products and artificial sweeteners.
  • Don’t take stress as it can take along anxiety and nausea.
  • Don’t take a nap after taking a meal.

Just by following few of these tips and techniques you can easily get along with your pregnancy and can enjoy health. Apart from these simple remedies, vitamin supplements (Iron, zinc and vitamin B) after consultation of your doctor are a must in your diet.

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