Fat Burning Foods: 42 Foods To Burn Fat Fast

29. Olive Oil

olive oilOlive oil can be one possible replacement for many salad dressings and cooking oils which are considered bad fats. Being a member of unsaturated fats, it helps to reduce weight and forms a healthy eating style. It balances your diet and gives a clean finish, giving you an opportunity to shed those extra pounds. Most of the Mediterranean diet involves the use of olive oil that’s why it is gaining popularity world over.

Get yourself use to this amazing substitution that can change your boring and bulky lifestyle. Start cooking all your meals in olive oil to make then easy and fresh. Using more olive oil in your life can be extremely beneficial. Use the oil in desired quantity, as an excess of everything is bad.

  • Drizzle some of the olive oil on your favourite salad.
  • Sauté you meat in few spoons of love oil.
  • Make an olive oil vegetable dressing.
  • Try some amazing Mediterranean dishes using olive oil.

28. Asparagus

AsparagusAsparagus is a multi-variant vegetable that functions in different ways. It can show many positive effects on the body, and each effect plays a positive role in helping you to lose some of that extra weight. The very first thing it does is in helping your body to cleanse out bad toxins and other harmful wastes. It stimulates your digestive system and keeps the healthy bacteria in your gut. Being one of the superfoods, it is loaded with some healthy vitamins and minerals that will help you to grow healthy and fit.

Dietitians always recommend a portion of asparagus to be taken on the daily basis. It also tastes well and is popular among people who love to follow certain diet plans. Cooking asparagus is quite easy, you can just steam or sauté them in little olive oil. Season them with salt and spices and enjoy a scrumptious appetizer just before your main meal. Eating asparagus as an appetizer will fill your stomach more than 50% which will suppress your hunger and your wish for a huge main course will be over.

27. Peanut Butter

PEANUT-BUTTER-.As the name suggests, peanut butter seems to be a heavy and unhealthy form of food. But you are wrong; it is one of the specially mentioned foods that carry some amazing good fats. These good fats help to lose excess fat in our body. This superfood has an amazing taste and it also fills your appetite letting you not to crave for anything else. Many dieticians recommend peanut butter during Abs diet like it can be taken in the form of smoothies or just simply scoop it up and eat.

Almond butter is another good option of good fat that can provide some rich creamy goodness and will help to lose some of your fat. But this kind of butter is quite expensive and this is also high on calorie. Always try to opt for organic peanut stuff that will help you in a positive way. Do you know how to consume this goodness?

  • Make a peanut butter and skimmed milk smoothie.
  • Apply little peanut butter on the whole wheat slice and enjoy.
  • Try it as a dip with some of your favorite diet-assisting fruits.
  • Scoop out a spoon and just indulge.

26. Broccoli

broccoliBroccoli seems one of the most boring and tasteless vegetable but the wonder it shows inside you are just unbelievable. Broccoli is seemingly listed in the list of weight losing foods. People are unaware about the fact that consumption of these green vegetables on the daily basis can reduce a lot of weight. Our mothers have been telling us the benefits of this amazing food but we just use to ignore it as for us it was quite boring to have.

Broccoli is one healthy superfood that is good for you and helps you to shed that extra fat. When you eat broccoli it fills your appetite but that’s not enough, it is loaded with lots of amazing nutrients for your nourishment. It also carries fiber that keeps you energetic and fit. Try some of the steamed broccoli treats; it will surely help you to reduce inches from your waist. Avoid having deep fried broccoli, it is not at all meant for a weight loss diet plan.

25. Spinach

spinachThis leafy green vegetable can be the one good reason of having a special diet. This amazing vegetable contains iron, oxalates, proteins, vitamins, magnesium and many other healthy minerals that are the main purpose of being listed in the superfoods. One can have a spinach diet to burn out those extra calories. These minerals provide energy and stimulate the metabolism that helps to reduce weight. Spinach can be enjoyed in different forms for example:

  • In salads, with different vegetables along with little olive oil dressing.
  • Spinach smoothie can also work out well.
  • In the form of a healthy soup.
  • Or its puree can be used in different authentic dishes.

This vegetable basically fills your stomach that limits your appetite for rest of the day. As the calorie count is low, you will be consuming much but the outcome will be effective. Try to get some organic spinach which works fast and gives a healthy result. Ordinary spinach can pick up a lot of chemicals from the farm.

24. Pears

pearPears are often known as the fruit of poor. Whenever you overlook a pear, it just looks like a lost brother of an apple. They share quite similar properties and benefits. They have their own unique taste and flavor that can be refreshing most of the time. The amazing properties of this fruit help you to lose weight and retain a beautiful body shape. Being filled with fiber this God gifted fruit can fill up your appetite if you take it before a heavy meal, thus helps you to eat less and lose more. It carries quite a more amount of fiber than apples and other fruits, making it one of the best to be taken during a certain diet plan.

If you are planning a nice diet regime and want to add some fruits, then pear is the one you can go for without any fear of gaining any calories from it. This refreshing antioxidant fruit is also loaded with important vitamins, minerals and iron that provides energy for the whole day. Pears can be prepared with different recipes that flood out some excellent results. Let us guide you to how you can have them on the daily basis.

  • Slice up some pears and have them raw.
  • Chop them and mix it in a bowl of healthy fruit salad.
  • Pears can also be slightly cooked on low flame with little olive oil, pepper and salt.
  • You can also enjoy pear juice mixed with some of the apple juice.

23. Green Apples

green-applesGreen apples have their own distinctive properties. Being part of the apple family, it is considered one of the healthiest fruit in the world. It is also known as Grammy Smith; sadly it is not a natural form of apple but an apple cultivar. Cultivars are fruits and vegetables from the plant or group of plants that are selected for some specific characteristic and are possibly maintained through propagation.

Grammy Smith green apple are very high in antioxidant activities and they boost your immune system by generating maximum number of phenols among the other apple breeds. Phenols are one healthy component that stimulate your digestive system and gives your true energy. They work more miraculously when eaten raw with the skin. This way they will provide an efficient source of antioxidants for your body. These green apples have inherited the property of carrying very low calories and high fiber and potassium that is best for human health and fitness. Make a routine to have an apple a day because an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

22. Cucumbers

cucumbersCucumber is one of the healthiest and low-calorie vegetable in the world. It is well known for being one of the best antioxidant suppliers. This natural vegetable has some amazing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that give some countless health benefits. It is also loading with refreshing vitamin C and magnesium to boost up some energy. It is also known as a zero calorie vegetable as most of its content is based on water.

Like other vegetables, cucumber has not given that form of fame which others have stolen as in health benefits. But this extremely cultivated food is packed with some unique nutrients. It contains a list of phytonutrients such as lignans, cucurbitacins and flavonoids which provide us some valuable anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-cancer rejuvenation.    It is always recommended to have cucumber with the skin and properly washed. It can also be a good source of hydration and refreshment.

21. Whole Wheat Bread

whole breadWhole-wheat bread or you can say whole-meal bread is a form of bread that is made from partially or completely processed whole wheat grains or flour. It is commonly called as brown bread or bran bread worldwide. Completely processed white flour bread is high in calories and thus gives fewer benefits. Whereas whole-wheat bread is low in calories and loaded with some of the basic components like magnesium, iron, copper, manganese and pantothenic acid. This list of components provide you utmost energy and it also stimulates your digestive system in a properly and regular way.

The research has shown that people who have whole-wheat bread in their daily routine weigh less than the people having white bread. Research also shows that women taking high-fiber whole-wheat bread are more energetic and fit. This sort of bread also reduces the risk of metabolic syndrome that can turn severe with the passage of time. Having brown bread on the daily basis can be a bit boring, but let us make it a super exciting meal with some of the following tips:

  • Try this bread in the form of a sandwich with some green vegetables like salad leaf, cucumbers and olives.
  • Make a low-carb bread pudding to indulge sometimes.
  • Have it plainly with a cup of tea.
  • Try it with a low-fat jam.
  • Eat it with some fruits and nuts.

NOTE: Try to avoid any sorts of cream and spreads.

20. Hot Peppers

hot peepersIf you are on a diet and you just want to spice up your meal then why not trying some hot peppers. Hot peppers can help you in burning out those extra pounds. Peppers like jalapenos, habaneros and chipotles actually work well on your body and provide a zing to your diet dishes. These peppers contain capsaicin that provides endless benefits and ways to lose weight. The spice in these peppers is also termed as a healthy spice that helps you to maintain a healthy and tasty lifestyle.

Hot peppers are a good source of vitamin C that works as an excellent antioxidant. It also contains zero cholesterol and zero saturated fat that makes it one of the most favorite capsicums to have it in a diet plan. It is also filled with sodium, potassium, proteins and important vitamins that help to boost your system and provides energy. Some people like to have raw hot peppers, but it is better to take them cooked or steamed in any shape.




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    I am loving that you touched on the good stuff in this article. This last year Apple cider vinegar has become my best friend and i recommend it to clients all the time. You made a great point on protein too and going organic cause there is so much crap that is put in non organic foods. Anyway I love the article and love finding quality sites to refer clients to for great information. Thank you
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