Fat Burning Foods: 42 Foods To Burn Fat Fast

10. Onions

OnionsDo you really think you will have onions as one of your diet foods? Will it give you the space to shape up your body and lose some weight? If you are thinking that way then you are right. Onions can also show some miracles in your diet. Onions contain flavonoids that are very beneficial for the overall health of your body. It is mostly found in the most outer skin of an onion, so it is better not to over-peel onion because in this way it will lose most of the flavonoids. The polyphenol content of onions are very high as expected, this helps us to control our cholesterol and sugar level.

Onions are rich in sulfur like garlic and many other ground vegetables but they carry a very pungent smell that is quite annoying. It is also know for its cardiovascular benefits where it plays a very important role. Eating onions reduces any clogs and clots in your blood, making them easy to pass through your veins and arteries, thus you will be safe from many heart diseases. Some people prefer having raw sliced onions with their meals and salads. It is also used extensively in Asian, European and Mediterranean cooking.

9. Oatmeal

OatmealOatmeal can be a good form of diet for health conscious people. It can work best for a weight loss strategy and the fiber which it contains will boost our metabolism which will keep us quite fuller for the day. People who tend to lose too much weight can make a daily routine by having a bowl of oatmeal with some chopped fruits. This way it will work on your body positively and will provide good source of energy.

Oats also contains antioxidants and minerals that help you to kill the good amount of toxins out of your body. Other than dietary issues if you are willing to control your cholesterol level then having oats can be one best option for you.

8. Bananas

BANANASBanana is the healthiest and the most favorite fruit around the world. Being loaded with potassium, it is considered to be best diet fruit ever with divine sweet taste and some extra benefits. Banana can be a complete part of your meal. You can plan a clean and pure banana diet for five days where you just eat bananas with a glass of milk. This food plan helps you to reduce weight quicker and easier. You just have to stick to you plan and be motivated. Being a versatile fruit, bananas are very easy to incorporate in our daily diet.

  • You can slice up some bananas and toss them in your bowl of oatmeal.
  • Make a sugarless banana smoothie that can be a good replacement of your afternoon meal.
  • Peel and eat them like that.
  • Slice some of the bananas and enjoy them with chopped dietary fruits and nuts.

7. Oranges

Orange-FruitLet us think of having some oranges straight from the farm? This will be a dream come true for many people out there. Oranges are citrus fruits that are filled with vitamin C. This vitamin C will help you to retain your optimal level. One planning to have oranges during their diet must also be concerned about the amount of sugar it carries. This sugar has the tendency to turn into fat if not burnt properly. Oranges are usually good in sugar but their calorie count is quite low. That’s why it is advised that whenever you eat oranges during a diet regime, always take some time to burn them properly. Keep your level of hunger moderate for whatever food you eat, as excess of everything is bad.

6. Organic Lean Meat

organic mealLean meats are packed with proteins exclusive of all the fat it carries. But you have to be sure that you opt for organic one, if you are willing to lose some weight. In case of ordinary conventional meat, they are injecting hormones and antibiotics in cows and another farm animal. This is the meat we generally eat in our daily life which will affect our weight loss plans.

Organic meat carries the same amount of nutrients as ordinary meat, but it is always better to go for something that is clean and natural. If you are unable to find organic meat in your area, then go for any grass fed or pure-natural meat. The best lean meats you can have are from chicken or turkey but you can also opt for beef, in case you want change of flavor.

5. Quinoa

quinoaQuinoa is a sort of grain that can become a part of any daily meals. They are not true cereals but are called pseudocereals because they do not belong to the true grass family. These are quite popular among people who opt for vegetarian foods. It gives some very good weight loss benefits if these are taken properly rather than rice, other grains or potatoes. It also gives out a bonus filled with vitamins and minerals.

Don’t wait for your next diet plan, just try them and feel the difference they can create in your body. It will make you feel fuller and you will still consume fewer calories. Follow some of the amazing tips to enjoy quinoa as a good source of complete meal.

  • Boil some quinoas and mix them in the salad.
  • You can directly boil them in milk and enjoy with a teaspoon of honey.
  • You can also try some delicious baked quinoa cakes.
  • Try adding them if you are craving for something light in sweets.

4. Sweet Potatoes

sweet-potatosAs the name suggests, sweet potatoes seem to be some very heavy and sugary delight, but apparently we are wrong. This has been used as a major weight loss food by many international celebrities and it has really worked. Like ordinary potatoes these sweet ones have fewer calories and the fiber and carbohydrates it contains helps you to stay fuller between the daily meals.

Whenever you are planning a diet chart does keep this amazing food in your list just to give your taste buds a little change of flavor. Never underestimate this root vegetable as if it is taken properly can show some wonders on your body and on your life. Follow a simple technique of boiling them up and mash it with some skimmed milk to enjoy some spoon full of sweet potatoes.

3. Apples

appleBeing a high fiber fruit, apple is one desirable food that can be eaten without any tension during your weight loss plan. Their sweet nature can help you overcome your sweet cravings and that’s why we see them used in many tempting desserts. But this is not the case; their sweetness is friendly and will not affect your weight and body. Apples are quite low in calories, fat and other minerals. They are a good source of iron that keeps adults as well as children energetic and healthy.

The fiber in apple keeps you full and suppresses your appetite. You can have an apple a day and follow this routine in order to keep yourself fit and healthy. This amazing fruit also helps in the digestive system and tries to keep it clean. Always try to opt for organic apples, as they are more nutritious than the ordinary ones and you can eat them without peeling off their skin.

2. Nuts

nutsNuts are the one amazing food that is highly recommended by dieticians to have them during a weight loss program. Nuts are one favorite food of many vegetarians and Paleo followers. There is not even one diet plan that says no to this healthy food. You get them straight from the earth and a little handful of raw organic nuts like walnuts, almonds, pecans or cashew nuts can change the way you look at your diet. These nuts can keep you fuller for a long time as the oil in these nuts keep you hydrated and filled up. If anyone is not interested in having these raw nuts, then they can follow an easier method.

  • Chop some handful of nuts and sprinkle them onto you main dishes.
  • Make a healthy smoothie by blending some nut with skimmed milk.
  • Why not having these amazing dietary chopped roughly with a bowl of fruits.
  • You can mix some honey with chopped nuts to make an appetizing dessert.

1. Grapefruit

grape fruitGet yourself an early morning routine of having half a grapefruit empty stomach. This method helps you to detoxify your body by getting rid of bad toxins and it also helps in losing some precious weight. Because of its tangy flavor, many people hesitate to buy this fruit and cut them off from their shopping list. Many clinical studies have shown the amazing results of a grapefruit when taken during a weight loss regime.

Being a natural source of vitamin C, this fruit will boost up your energy and will let you metabolism function properly. Grapefruits are also known as blood fruits as they are very help to rejuvenate your blood and controls your blood sugar level. If you don’t like to have it raw then juice it up and gulp the pulp along with juice. Never ignore the pulp as there are many nutrients that are hiding behind it and can be beneficial for your health and fitness.


  • Always look for organic food and try to keep them in the list of your diet plan.
  • Keep yourself hydrated because the more water you drink, more are the chances you will lose weight.
  • Take a cup of plain coffee without sugar and milk. This will also help you out in reducing those extra kilos.
  • Always cut the fruits in small pieces and chew them properly, so that they get digested quickly and easily.
  • Always prefer the freshness of fruits.
  • Keep a portion of healthy meat in your daily diet plan.
  • Try to cook the food wherever it so required, rather than having them raw.


  • Don’t keep fruits and vegetables in refrigeration for too long. This will reduce the level of nutrients in your fresh food.
  • Avoid using oil in any of the dishes you make for weight loss purposes. If you are really willing to use then use a teaspoon of olive oil just to glaze the dish.
  • Avoid using white sugar to your diet. It is extremely harmful and will spoil the complete diet plan.
  • Don’t try to mix your fruit salads with cream, as cream is a form of excessive fat.
  • Use skimmed milk instead of full cream milk.
  • Avoid canned food.
  • Do not think that if something is less in calories so we can have it more. Excess of everything is bad.
  • Do not eat fruits with their seeds. These seeds can later cause problems in your functional organs.

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