Fat Burning Foods: 42 Foods To Burn Fat Fast

19. Lentils

lentilLentils are gaining popularity these days as one of the healthiest food around. This high-fiber food helps you to lose weight and fills your appetite. You feel less hungry between the meals and thus still feel energetic. Lentils are basically edible pulses that must be cooked properly before eating. The calorie count is quite less in each portion and it contains zero saturated fat and cholesterol. It also contains proteins, potassium, iron and magnesium that are also very important for one’s health. These also help to balance the blood sugar and are a good source of energy.

It works best for the people who are vegetarian as it is a good source of dietary protein and can be a good replacement of any type of meat. It also keeps your cholesterol in control and helps to digest carbs efficiently. Lentils are never taken raw; they must be cooked in different ways to suit your desired taste.

  • Prepare a lentil soup and enjoy it with some slice of whole-wheat bread.
  • Add some meat to your lentils and make a low-calorie and oil free stew.
  • Add some dietary vegetables to your lentil dish and enjoy the refreshing taste.

18. Tomatoes

tomatoesIf you want to get some long term benefits in your diet then always opt for this fruit. Yes, a tomato is a fruit, not a vegetable. It has some tons of beneficial contents that will help you in reducing your outrageous weight and tries to maintain it. Tomato is a low calorie dietary food that gives you full energy and the hidden fiber keeps you motivated.

The nutritional value of tomatoes is very high. They contain minute amount of calories with zero% saturated fats and cholesterol. They are a good source of potassium that boosts your everyday energy. It also contains a good amount of Vitamin C that is well known for its detoxifying properties and cleansing of unwanted toxins and waste. Some people like to enjoy raw tomatoes like a fruit, but it can be cooked according to your flavor and taste. Try to avoid cream of tomato soup, remember you are following a diet plan. Consume it in a way that will burn your extra calories and will encourage your fitness.

17. Mushrooms

MushroomsMushrooms can be one healthy option for a diet. Mushrooms are usually eaten raw or cooked or as a sprinkle on your favorite dish. If you are planning to have low-fat pizza for your diet, replace pepperoni and meat from this yummy delight. This will help you to retain your beautiful body shape and you can also lose some extra pounds. Increased intake of mushroom can provide you energy and you will feel a fuller tummy. It is all because of its low-calories that one can consume it more than usual.

Mushrooms are a good source of energy. They are enriched with some very important nutrients that enhance your metabolism and keep you energetic the whole day. It is also packed with some very special vitamins that are a very helpful source to lose weight. Avoid having tinned mushrooms as they have lost their natural nutrition and they are no longer healthy for you.

16. Tuna

tunaTuna is a form of finfish that is found in saltwater lakes. It is a very good source of Omega-3 fatty acids that helps you to burnout extra calories of the day. This special seafood is quite promising and filled with some extra nutrients. It is a major source of protein that keeps you healthy and fit. The protein added diet can be very helpful as these can utilize a good amount of your stomach, keeping you filled for the rest of your day. It also contains vitamin A and B-12 that are good for your bones.

Never ever try to have canned tuna when you are planning a proper diet because canned tuna is low in Omega-3 and other nutrients due to high processing.

  • Tuna can be enjoyed freshly cooked with some vegetables.
  • It can be a good part of a whole-wheat bread sandwich.
  • Pan-fry some of it with very little olive oil to enjoy its scrumptious taste.
  • You can also enjoy bits and pieces of tuna in a salad.

15. Pineapple

pineappplePineapple is a tropical fruit that can be one heck of a delicacy. It is a low-calorie and zero cholesterol fruit that can make your salads and dishes delightful even if you are planning a diet dish. Its gentle juices and tropical flavor balances your sweet craving. Raw pineapple is an amazing source of vitamin C and manganese. These are the main contents that make this fruit popular. Being citric in nature, pineapple can be used extensively in a diet regime and will help you to lose weight. It also helps to hydrate and refresh your complete body.

  • Eat raw sliced pineapples as a refreshing meal.
  • Chunk it and toss it up in a fruit salad.
  • You can pineapple chunks is soups and as a pizza topping.
  • You can also enjoy pineapple chunks cooked with some meat.

14. Egg Whites

egg-whitesAn egg is another major source of great energy. As this dairy product is packed with tremendous protein and calcium, eating this will energize your morning and you will feel healthy the whole day. There is always a debate going on that whether to eat egg yolk when you are on a diet or not. But an egg is an egg, it is complete energy. People usually avoid yolk because it is high on cholesterol and carries more calories. So they prefer eating the white part which is nutritional yet low on calories.

Egg whites also supply a good amount of sodium and potassium to your body. Overall we can say that egg whites can be a good replacement for any type of protein related foods. You can have them in breakfast in order to start a healthy day. There are many egg recipes that can be followed efficiently, they can be poached, boiled or scrambled as your mood desires.

13. Pine Nuts

pinenutsA healthy eating is always a happy eating. Pine nuts are basically edible seeds from the pine tree. These are enriched with phytonutrients that keeps you full and suppresses your hunger. That is why you should not add any of the diet chemical pills that are meant for the same thing. Pine nuts are a good source of potassium, carbohydrates, proteins and fiber. They also contain a good quantity of iron and magnesium that energizes your body and helps it to lose some weight. You just have to take few grams before starting a meal.

Being a little high in calories and good in taste, one doesn’t realize that how much he is consuming it without any notice. Always keep in mind the calorie count before having nuts as they are always high on calories. But then they can keep you away from many other junkies.

12. Beans

beansBeans can be an excellent source for a low-carb diet regime. Being a potential source of protein they can be helpful to control your blood sugar and keep you energetic by stimulating your digestive system. Always try to take beans as a sideline; these can be good to fill up your plate and your tummy as well. Keep in mind that being a good source of energy; these are very gaseous foods that can cause stomach and digestion problem. You can follow many scrumptious recipes of beans that can be quite effective for your diet.

  • Boil some red or black beans and have them with meat.
  • If you’re not in a mode to have meat, then toss them with some vegetables.
  • You can try out an easy bean soup for your supper.
  • You can also go for an oil-free bean stew which can have it with a cup of steamed rice.

11. Chicken Breast

chicken-breastsIf you are not a vegetable fan and there is no other option left, then go for some chicken breast diet treat that will give you a good dose of energy. Often dieters and many fitness freaks opt for chicken breast because it contains high proteins, low-calories and less fat. Chicken is one of the most favorite meats in the world around. People like to consume this meat on the daily basis as it can be a complete meal. While you are following a certain diet regime always opt for chicken breast rather than leg because leg contains a high amount of calories and fat both.

There are many options in which chicken can be easily utilized and the meal can be made more delicious to eat. The best options are:

  • Use steamed chicken in some vegetable salad.
  • Make a whole-wheat bread chicken sandwich.
  • Make some chicken soup with vegetables.
  • Grill some chicken breasts with light marination.
  • Bake some of the chicken breast pieces in oven.




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    Thanks to suggest fat brun tips

  2. Joshua Zitting

    May 3, 2016 at 3:57 am

    I am loving that you touched on the good stuff in this article. This last year Apple cider vinegar has become my best friend and i recommend it to clients all the time. You made a great point on protein too and going organic cause there is so much crap that is put in non organic foods. Anyway I love the article and love finding quality sites to refer clients to for great information. Thank you
    Joshua Zitting – Fitness expert and Author

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