12 Fashion Tips On How To Wear A Beanie

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Winters might be full of snow, blizzards and a lot of haphazard happening here and there but the fact is you love to dress up in winters and you actually look forward to style and accessorize yourself with all kinds of mufflers, scarves, parkas and the ever favorite beanie.

How to wear a beanie is actually really tricky for people who are always confused about how to adjust the beanie on top of their head depending upon their hair length. Girls in beanies look their utmost sexiest because there is something about beanies that bring out that rock and chic look together on a girl who wears it. It doesn’t matter what your personal statement is if you know how to wear a beanie and bring it close to match your statement then we are sure you are destined to delivery up-town style stories wherever you go.

Wither you decide to go all black or walk on the lines of monochromatic colors, it could be that you wish to wear all colors for the day, a beanie can possibly do wonders to your entire outfit. We are though here, to give you some exciting and very easy to use fashion tips to make your beanie wearing experience worthwhile.

“Girls in beanies look their utmost sexiest because there is something about beanies that bring out that rock and chic look together on a girl who wears it.”

12. Go With A Different Beanie

GO WITH A DIFFERENT BEANIEWe know there are a number of beanies for girls that are designed keeping in mind the style preferences of girls. Where most of the beanies available are usually unisex, some are targeting the female audience more readily. It is, in fact, good because women really at times need to suit up their moods with the things they wear.

So if they feel sad or gloomy you will definitely see them in more pastels while in a happy go lucky scenario they will go as crazy as you can think of. What you probably won’t know is that there are many online businesses that are experts at designing and providing some really unusual beanie designs. These designs present a range of trendy and cute beanies like:

  • Cupcakes (worn by many mainstream celebrities)
  • Angry bird beanies
  • Minion beanies
  • And even knitted Octopus beanies.

These might sound like kids designs, but women are actually flaunting these designs with as much grace and innocence as one can think of.

11. Styling Beanies With Braid

STYLING BEANIES WITH BRAIDSYes, you heard that right! Women you shouldn’t worry about hiding your long and shiny hair under a beanie in a messed bun or in any other pathetic way. We know how much you hate to take off that beanie in a public place just to find out that your hair has become a complete wreck underneath and now you don’t know how to get rid of the frizz or the mayhem that has taken place.

What we suggest to you long haired lovelies is that try applying the braid technique under the beanie. Yes! A braided hairstyle goes perfectly well with the beanie. If you do not agree with what we want to tell you then simply Google Taylor Swift in Beanie and see how many times she has ethereally rocked a beanie with a side braid.

10. The Robinhood Beanie Saga

THE ROBINHOOD BEANIE SAGAWell, what can we say to that, this is yet another amazing way to stylize your beanie and rock your entire look. To achieve this look you simply have to top the beanie on to your head and gently fold the back of the beanie only, or you can even fold the back of the beanie along with gently bringing the fold to the half side of the beanie. This can also be rocked with any style of beanie but go with a beanie design that looks more feminine in design.

  • You can pair this style of a beanie with a pair of Uggs and look chic with an A-line dress or coat.

There are tons of ways in which you can create your own style statement under the reign of the Robinhood beanie design. But be careful how you’re trying to execute the Robinhood fold because that is indeed the most important thing, of all.

9. Going With The Dark And Cynical Look

GOING WITH THE DARK AND CYNICAL LOOKSome women like to be as mysterious as possible. This brings out that much debated feline nature of women. There’s quite a bit of resemblance you can find between females and felines. They are mysterious, sexy, innocent and clever all at the same time. A man never knows what is about to be thrown at him when a woman starts staring at him without even blinking her eyes.

Now how can you execute this mystical look is by adding a bright color and then pairing this with something deep and pastel. You can pick up a bright red or electric blue beanie and then can pair it with either a black leather jacket or a gray coat, respectively.

  • Blend your eyes with a dark and bold, black eyeliner.
  • For the lips, it could be two extreme ways, go wild and red or as nude as possible.

“Where most of the beanies available are usually unisex, some are targeting the female audience more readily.”

8. The Straight Long Hair Look

THE STRAIGHT LONG HAIR LOOKCurly hair divas don’t be mad at me, but sometimes you can straighten up your hair to rock this look, otherwise, your curls can be as mesmerizing as straight hair. This fashion tip is possibly for the straight hair gorgeous ladies who simply go with the flow. These are the ones that are blessed with gorgeous straight locks that simply need to be brushed once in the morning and they can last all day long in the same condition. What these divas can do is that to pick up their beanies and style it in two different ways.

  • Cover up the head with the beanie all the way to the eyebrows leaving the gorgeous locks to fly behind on the shoulders (this style statement is best for women who have broad foreheads).
  • The second way is to pump the beanie a little on the top and keep a small bunch of hair lose over the forehead.

7. Rocking And Hiding Those Short Chunks

ROCKING AND HIDING THOSE SHORT CHUNKSLadies on the short hair side relax and chill. We know how much you hate those irritating locks that run through your neck and cause you to itch and scratch no matter where you are and wearing a beanie can be traumatizing because it presses those locks to the back of the neck making them pierce through the skin like needles. We have just the right solution for you;

  • Stuff those small chunks of hair inside the beanie.
  • Do not worry about looking bald because there a number of ways you can trick some heavy hair look.
  • First off do not cover your entire head with the beanie. Keep your front covered with some bangs and place the beanie on top of your crown.
  • Second stuffing the hair inside the beanie will give it a fuller look, more like faking thick and heavy hair.

6. Rock The Slouchy Look

ROCK THE SLOUCHY LOOKNot all beanies look the same and neither are they designed in the same manner. Some beanies have more space in comparison to some that are created small and chic. Now the beanies that have some extra space can be very carefully used to add in that ‘Slouchy character to your beanie.

  • Keep in mind that the added slouch at the back of the head is more of a casual-cum-cool look and try not to take that look to work.
  • This casual look works best for friend’s day out or your random trip to the store.
  • Keep the beanie half way done your head (somewhere by the crown area), this adds extra slouch at the back of the beanie.

5. The Single Cuff

THE SINGLE CUFFTrying to find trendy and cute designs in beanies might turn out to be a little expensive. Some women do not wish to invest that much over a beanie. Plus there are so many outfits to match the beanies with that you cannot possibly buy all of the beanies from a branded store. Nonetheless, there’s nothing to lose hope from, we have just the right way to stylize that simple beanie.

  • To rock, a simple beanie look you just need to add a single cuff to it. What do we mean by cuff? Cuff means, to fold the beanie once in the style of a sleeve cuff.
  • Make sure that the cuff is not too thick and simply adds a dimension to your plain beanie.
  • You can also add a hair accessory to the beanie to make it stand out.

“Yes! A braided hairstyle goes perfectly well with the beanie. If you do not agree with what we want to tell you then simply Google Taylor Swift in a Beanie.”

4. The Straight Up

THE STRAIGHT UPWell oh well, this might sound a little too dramatic and stupid to a few of you but for me, I’m pointing at those freaks like me who want to stand out in a crowd of people just with their crazy looks. These crazy looks are not going to make you look like a circus clown, but crazy in a very sexy way. You can use your beanie to actually add a little height to your overall posture, and how can that be possible?

  • Straighten up your beanie instead of letting it lie flat.
  • This is, in fact, tricky. You will have to find the right kind of material that is capable of staying straight and doesn’t slouch with time.
  • This might look a little weird with pre-styled beanie so our suggestion to you is to use plain or crocheted beanies in single, darker tone.

3. Side Swept Locks With Beanies

SIDE SWEPT LOCKS WITH BEANIESPretty women with those pretty, healthy and shiny locks can almost rock any lock that they decide after waking up in the morning. I admit, some hair are hard to tame but when it comes to following a trend or to pull off a look a woman can actually cross miles to bring things together. The side swept hairstyle looks gorgeous with beanies.

  • Just as we suggested having braids with beanies our style meter also touches the hot meter when we see women flaunting side swept hair under their beanies.
  • This is a true ‘melt those hearts’ kind of a look that brightens up a woman’s face and tones her femininity.
  • To keep the side swept figure of the hair in place, you can always use bobby pins from under the beanie and a little bit of hair spray to keep things firm, for long.

2. Bringing Out The Bangs

BRINGING OUT THE BANGSSo you’re a ‘bangs’ kind of a girl, you know the one who has never kept her forehead bare and empty of any hair strands and it is nearly impossible for you to not to show off your hair from under the beanie but at times you really don’t know how to manage that look with those fringes and bangs. To rock this look isn’t also that difficult keeping in mind how tamed are your bangs/fringes in the first place.

  • The one simple way to flaunt those bangs is to brush and place the bangs neatly over the forehead.
  • Next step, place the beanie on top of the head without touching the forehead or the bangs.
  • You have to place the beanie behind the bangs/fringes on the crown area.

1. Go Sparkly And Weird

GO SPARKLY AND WEIRDGirls in beanies have something really romantic about them, already. It could be their quest to stay warm or to find someone who warms them up from the inside. How to wear beanies for girls is actually quite a complicated yet simple agenda. What it takes is a little love for fashion and a dedication to bringing out the best within you. Our final fashion tip circles around hunting for the right beanie. A right beanie is what will make your day easy in terms of styling your outfit.

  • Always stay in a hunt for beanies that stand out.
  • Neon beanies are the perfect combination you need with your monochromatic attire.
  • Some sparkles on a beanie will bring some extra attention your way.


  • On real terms, it doesn’t really matter how hot, sexy or fashionable you look wearing a beanie but if you are still feeling that chill inside of the beanie there’s something terribly wrong.
  • Ladies, before you judge yourself on how you look, take care of your own body and its strengths and weaknesses, because it is really you who makes yourself look beautiful.
  • Oh, and yes, you do not need a highly expensive, branded beanie to develop a show-stopper, chic look; anything will work just fine if you follow our amazing tips and tricks.

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