25 Fantastic Natural Homemade Shampoos

When you love your hair, you tend to play with them a lot. You brush your hair, you adore making different hairstyles, you like getting “good hair” compliments, you apply hair masks and off course you shampoo them every other day!

We usually shampoo to get rid of excess oils and the build-up on our scalp. However, in the process of getting rid of excess oils, we also get rid of the natural oils that are essential for the health of our hair and scalp. In fact the branded shampoos that we opt for don’t just strip away the natural oils but they also introduce our beautiful hair to harmful chemicals like sulfate. To avoid bringing such chemicals in contact with our hair, people are turning towards organic shampoos. Organic shampoos have much less chemical composition than the other shampoos that we use but even they are not completely free of chemicals. Make sure to use sulfate free shampoos to avoid any harm to your hair. To cope up with that, we have specially made a list of 25 fantastic homemade shampoos.

25. Keeping It Very Basic = Egg  Shampoo

EGG SHAMPOOWant to have shiny, luscious and admirably soft hair that you just cannot stop touching? Off course you do, who doesn’t. Egg has natural conditioning properties that leave your hair soft and nourished. Some brands that claim to make absolutely organic conditioners; preserve and make use of egg. Don’t know what I am talking about? Use organic conditioners (For instance: framesi – RIGENOL) one day and use egg (in place of it) the other day. The smell is pretty much the same. The result of the homemade shampoo is however, way better. This egg trick works as a shampoo as well as a conditioner.

Instructions  For Use

  • Beat the eggs sufficiently with a beater.
  • Apply it all over your hair.
  • Leave it on for 10 – 15 minutes.
  • Wash it off with plenty of water.

You will end up with hair that is soft and manageable and you would want to keep playing with your hair and flaunt new hairstyles.

24. Another Basic Shampoo = Beauty Mud

BEAUTY MUDBeauty mud aka beauty clay is an amazing ingredient to keep up with your beauty desires. Not only is it just amazing for your skin but it also does wonders to your hair and scalp . Use beauty mud in place of your regular shampoo and see how it improves your hair health in just a few weeks. Also, with beauty mud’s homemade shampoo, you can go by several days without shampooing completely. It can also be used as dry shampoo as it clears your hair from oils.

Instructions  For Use

The next time you have your all-natural shampoo day; mix some beauty mud with water and let it soak. Once it has soaked up the water, mix it well to form a runny mixture (you don’t want it to be too thick or it will be difficult to apply). Apply it all over your hair, concentrating more on scalp area. Give your scalp a gentle 5 minute massage while the beauty mud mixture is wet in order to cleanse your scalp. Leave it on for 15 minutes.

23. And Yet Another Basic Shampoo = Baking  Soda

BAKING SODA. shampooBaking Soda, another incredible must try beauty staple for our hair. When you are talking about going organic ,baking soda somehow does not fit in because it is not a natural ingredient, it is basically sodium bicarbonate. However when we are using it in place of an over-the-counter shampoo it does not harm our hair as bad as the chemicals in the shampoo do.  The damage I guarantee, if any, is minimal.  If you’re looking for sulfate free shampoo or homemade dry shampoo, must try it. Also, you can go by as many as 5-10 days in between washes so it’s definitely worth the try.

Instructions  For Use

Mix a tablespoon of baking soda with a cup of water and use it to wash your hair just the way you wash it with your regular shampoo. It cleans away all the dirt and build-up and lets you go by several days without having to wash your hair. Amazing right? It definitely is a must try for all the ladies out there.

22. And Another = Gram Flour

Gram FlourThis is another super simple homemade shampoo made with only two simple ingredients – GRAM FLOUR and WATER. It works pretty much the same way as beauty mud, leaving your hair clean and gorgeous. It is a completely organic way of washing your hair and the best part is that it works as a hair mask as well as a natural shampoo. You can also use it as an effective homemade dry shampoo as it cleans all kinds of oils and debris from your hair. If you want to enhance its benefits, you can always add a few drops of essential oils and/or extra virgin olive oil.

Instructions For Use

  • Mix three heaped tablespoons of gram flour and add half a cup of water to it.
  • Add a few drops of lemon to it (optional but recommended).
  • Add a few drops of extra virgin olive oil and/or essential oils (optional).

The mixture should be not too runny and not too thick, just enough thick to be applicable all over your hair. Again, you shall concentrate more on the scalp. Massage in circular motions on the scalp area while the gram flour shampoo is wet. After 10 minutes, wash it off thoroughly.

21. Lemon And Cucumber

Lemon and CucumberLemon and cucumber both have their own set of benefits to gain from. Lemon adds an extra oomph of shine to your hair while fixing the irritations that you have caused by over-shampooing on your scalp. Cucumber nourishes and hydrates your hair and scalp leaving it naturally smooth. It works less like a shampoo and more like a hydrating hair mask for your hair so it is advisable that you do this on the second day of your shampoo. It is FREE OF CHEMICALS, FREE OF PRESERVATIVES, with all natural shampoo ingredients. So , If you’re looking for a good sulfate free shampoo, must try this.

Quick link = Benefits of lemon water

Instructions For Use

  • Take a medium sized lemon, remove its peels.
  • Now take a medium sized cucumber and remove its peels as well.
  • Put them both in a blender and blend it until smooth enough to be applicable.
  • Apply it all over your hair while concentrating more on scalp area.
  • Massage really well in the scalp area and wash it off with plenty of water.
  • Do not worry yourself out if lemon pulp stays on your hair. You can brush it off when your hair is dry.

20. Stinging Nettle Organic Shampoo To Promote Hair Growth

Stinging Nettle Organic Shampoo to Promote Hair GrowthStinging nettle is a herb that promotes hair growth and works incredibly well for enhancing the hair and scalp health. Go ahead and give it a try!


  • Stinging Nettle Organic shampoo
  • Panthenol solution
  • Stinging Nettle’s Extract
  • Vitamin B complex capsules
  • Castor Oil.

How To Make

In 500 ml of nettle shampoo put 1-2 tablespoon of Panthenol Solution. Add 25 ml of nettle extract. Add and mix 2 – 3 vitamin B complex capsules after cutting it off. Last but not the least; add 50 ml of castor oil into the shampoo mixture. Mix everything and store it in a mason jar. Use this shampoo in place of your regular shampoo and make sure to use it within 4 months.

Olwomen Tips

Add more proteins and good fats to your diet. Increase the intake of fish. Make it a regular exercise to; “invert your head (as if trying to look from in between your legs) and massage all over your scalp for 5 minutes”. This increases blood circulation in your head.

19. Best Ever Dry Shampoo = Corn Starch

Best Ever Dry Shampoo = Corn StarchKnowing the harm the chemicals in our shampoo causes, nobody really shampoos every day. That is where the dry shampoo comes in and saves the day. Dry shampoos absorb the unnecessary oil that makes our hair look greasy. Dry shampoos, however, also have chemicals and are a bit too pricey. But we do not have to worry about it anymore because corn starch does the job just as good as any other dry shampoo does.

Instructions For Use

Simply sprinkle a bit of corn starch on the roots of your hair. Wait for a little while and style your hair however you want to. SPRINKLE-WAIT-STYLE!

18. Thickening Organic Shampoo For Voluminous Hair

Thickening Organic Shampoo for Voluminous HairAll the other shampoos that claim to add volume to your hair only make them more dry and dull. Instead of wasting your money on those pricey shampoos that strip your hair off of life, invest a little bit on corn starch. The next time you want to add volume to your hair make this shampoo and see what it does. This really works  better than any other dry shampoos.

Instructions  To Make And Use

  • Take a cup of mineral water and add one tablespoon of baking soda to it.
  • Add corn starch and mix.
  • Repeat the second step until your shampoo has reached the appropriate consistency.
  • Wash your hair with this shampoo to add more volume to the hair.

“List of 25 amazing natural shampoos that make your hair healthier with every subsequent wash. 25 homemade shampoos that make hair so healthy, it shines.”

17. DIY Shampoo For Dry Hair

DIY Shampoo for Dry HairDry hair is already unmanageable and to make it worse the shampoos strip away more oil and nourishment from our hair. For dry hair, these over the counter shampoos are absolutely not recommended. You should go natural and organic as far as you can. This homemade shampoo right here is a major plus for people with dry hair. It is a shampoo plus conditioner so you don’t have to use those artificially-made-with-chemicals conditioners in the end. It’s an amazing sulfate free shampoo that will give your the feel of some very expensive shampoos.


1 cup – liquid castile soap (organic)

2 tablespoons – apple cider vinegar

1 tablespoon – tea tree oil

¼ cup – Water.

Instructions To Make

Mix all the ingredients and preserve it in an empty shampoo bottle. Use it like you normally use your shampoo.

Olwomen Tips

Add the juice of one whole medium sized lemon to 1 cup of distilled/mineral water and pour it on wet hair after shampoo. It works as an amazing conditioner that will make your hair shine like anything. After getting out of shower, rub on a few drops of olive or coconut oil at the ends of your hair while they are still wet.

16. Coco Loco For Dry Hair

Coco Loco for Dry HairWhen we are talking about dry hair, we need something that’s nourishing, moisturising and hydrating. COCONUT is our saviour for that purpose. Jojoba oil added to it makes the shampoo all the more nourishing and moisturising. This DIY shampoo again is a shampoo plus conditioner so you can leave out the conditioning process, or opt for a natural conditioner like the one I’ve suggested before – Lemon Conditioner.


Quarter cup of Coconut Milk

1/3 cup of Baby Shampoo

1 tablespoon of Almond oil

1/2 teaspoon of Jojoba oil

10 drops of Essential oil

How To Make

Mix all the ingredients and shake well.

15. Organic Shampoo For Oily Hair

Organic Shampoo for Oily HairHaving oily hair does not mean you are going to strip away the natural oils by shampooing over and over again. It might as well temporarily solve the problem but it only activates your hair scalp to produce more oils. Also, the ends of your hair tend to get dry since you shampoo a lot to keep your scalp clean therefore causing another problem – split ends. The solution for this is to switch to organic homemade shampoos. Fuller’s earth aka beauty clay is universally known for its oil absorbing properties thus making an amazing staple in organic shampoos for oily hair. Here is how you can easily make this amazing homemade dry shampoo.

Instructions For Use

Simply make a thin mixture with beauty clay and water. Add a teaspoon of lemon juice and apply it all over your hair. Leave it on for 15 minutes and wash it off with plenty of water while massaging and scrubbing on your scalp. The more time you leave it on your hair, the more oil it will absorb. So work accordingly.

14. Everyday Shampoo

Everyday ShampooCognac is not just liquor; when applied on hair, it serves as a good hair mask and shampoo as well. Honey has moisturising and healing properties when applied on skin and scalp. Both of which when combined; make up for a remarkable homemade shampoo.

How To Use

Take half a cup of baby shampoo; add a tablespoon of honey and a small glass of cognac. Mix it well and apply on your hair. Leave the shampoo on for 5 minutes while massaging, to let cognac do its thing. Wash it off thoroughly.

13. DIY Shampoo For Swimmers

DIY Shampoo for Swimmers
Summers are all about swimming in your pool and going out to the beach with friends which means you will need a swimmers shampoo. But hey wait! This shampoo right here will save you some cash and it will let you go by days and days without having to shampoo every now and then.


1 litre mineral water

4 ounces of Castile Flakes

Quarter cup of Almond or Avocado oil

How To Make Shampoo

Pour boiling water onto the Castile flakes. Keep stirring and wait for it to cool a bit then add the oil and empty it into a shampoo bottle. Use it as per requirement.

12. Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Anti-Dandruff ShampooTo shampoo or not to shampoo is not an option when you have dandruff. You HAVE to shampoo when those unwanted flakes (read: little devils) show up so prominently. When you have dandruff you have to choose your shampoo even more carefully because dandruff makes your scalp dry and irritated to the core. This natural sulfate free shampoo that I am telling you about will do its job really well.

Quick link = How to get rid of dandruff


Quarter cup of distilled water

Quarter cup of liquid castile soap

Half a cup of Jojoba oil

1 tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar

3 tablespoons of fresh Apple juice

6 cloves of Garlic (chopped)

To Use

Combine everything in a blender and blend into a smooth mixture. Apply it as desired.

11. Antibiotic Shampoo

Antibiotic ShampooThis is another shampoo for scalp that is prone to dandruff. However you do not have to gather a lot of things for this. All you need to do is add antibiotics to your regular homemade shampoo. Antibiotics will kill the bacteria and germs on your scalp and stop the dandruff and flaking from further spreading. To simplify add 10 antibiotics to a regular shampoo bottle.

10. Shampoo And Conditioner For Soft Shiny Hair

Shampoo and Conditioner for Soft Shiny HairWe have had a number of shampoos in our list but none really promise to give you hair that shines so much that you cannot help but notice. Lemon shampoo does what a lot of shampoo companies claim to do – add that extra bit of SHINE to your hair. You cannot outshine unless your hair shines so let’s bring it on.


Quarter cup of Distilled water

Quarter cup of liquid castile soap

2 tablespoons of dried Rosemary leaves

2 tablespoons of Almond oil

½ teaspoon of Lemon Essential oil

To Use

Boil distilled water while adding rosemary into it. Steep and strain the infusion after it has been boiled. Let it cool and then put all the ingredients into a blender to blend. Pour the shampoo mixture into an empty bottle to use.

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9. DIY Shampoo + Hair Mask + Conditioner

DIY Shampoo + Hair Mask + ConditionerHair masks that will cleanse your hair just like shampoos do and leave your hair soft and conditioned. Hair mask + shampoo + conditioner! OH MY GOD! That will be like a dream come true for every girl out there. We all want that one thing that will cleanse our scalp, nourish our hair and leave it soft and shiny without causing any damage or chemical side effects. Guess what? We all have it in our refrigerators, waiting to be fried, scrambled or beaten. You must have guessed what I am talking about. EGG! That little baby right there is full of nourishing properties, with lemon juice and olive oil added, it does wonders.

Instructions To Use

Beat an egg as much as you want. Add 5 – 10 drops of lemon juice. Add 5 drops of extra virgin olive or coconut oil and stir it a bit. Apply it on your scalp, massaging it really well. Apply on the rest of your hair. Leave it on for 10 – 15 minutes to let it do its thing. Wash it off thoroughly with plenty of water. It will smell egg-y for a while but don’t bother too much. It will go away on its own after half an hour.

8. Aloe Vera And Lemon DIY Shampoo For Oily Hair

Aloe Vera and Lemon DIY Shampoo for Oily HairOily hair needs hair products that come with the least amount of oils and chemicals. Aloe Vera and lemon is ideal for that purpose. It’s better than any dry shampoo you’ll find in the market. It cleanses and hydrates the hair as well as the scalp which is just what we need for oily hair!

To Use

Add 2 tablespoons of freshly oozed lemon juice and a teaspoon of Aloe Vera gel to half a cup of baby/organic shampoo. Use it just as you normally do.

7. DIY Shampoo For Thick Black Luscious Hair

DIY Shampoo for Thick Black Luscious HairSoap-nut – a magical ingredient to make our hair lusciously soft, silky to the touch, blacker than black and much longer in a month. Use this magical ingredient provided to you by nature in order to grow your hair faster and fix all the damage you have caused to it by styling and putting in harsh chemicals.

To Use

Put 4 – 6 whole soap-nuts into a cup of water. Bring it to a boil and let it simmer for 5 minutes (you must let it on the stove for a total of 10 minutes so that it softens completely). Let it cool. Remove the seeds of soap-nuts and put the water + soap-nut mixture into a blender. Blend it until it is all frothy. Sieve it. Blend it again. Now apply the mixture in place of your regular shampoo and see the difference it makes from the very first application.

6. Henna Shampoo And Conditioner To Tint Hair

Henna Shampoo and Conditioner to Tint HairHenna has been used to shade the hair lighter and to cover grey hair throughout the history. Back when no hair colour products were discovered, no makeup and cosmetics were discovered; people used henna for tinting their skin as well as their hair. It is known to tint the hair on application and leaves it conditioned and really soft. You can also use it to cover your grey hair before dying your hair into a new shade. Henna can be found at almost all Indian stores and if you live in south-east Asia then it shouldn’t be a problem for you to find it.

To Use

Make a thick paste of powdered henna with a cup of water. Add some powdered coffee and the juice of one lemon. Let it sit for 5 hours. Apply the mixture all over your hair, covering every single strand. Leave it on for 2 hours. It will also release stress as it dries out. Take a shower and wash it thoroughly. If you have really dark hair, you’ll see the difference in a few washes or else you will be able to differentiate within a single wash.

5. DIY Shampoo With Apple Cider Vinegar

DIY Shampoo with Apple Cider VinegarSwitched to organic lifestyle recently? Not used to of the not-having-to-shampoo feeling? Feeling dirty? No worries! Wash your hair with diluted apple cider vinegar. Really works like an amazing homemade dry shampoo. It will feel cleaner that it has ever felt before. Or maybe just make a quick egg and apple cider vinegar shampoo and rinse your hair with it. Whatever suits your best!

4. DIY Shampoo With Avocado

DIY Shampoo with AvocadoHere we have another shampoo for hair that gets oily more than usual and the recipe can be made simply by throwing everything into a food processer and BLEND! BLEND! BLEND! And TADA! We have our dry shampoo ready.


1 whole ripe avocado (peeled and pitted)

Quarter cup of warm Distilled water

2 teaspoons of Baking soda

Put everything into a food processor and blend until smooth. Apply, massage, leave it on and wash it off. Simple!

3. Powdered Shikakai Shampoo For Hair Growth

Powdered Shikakai Shampoo for Hair GrowthThis shampoo recipe has been long used to promote hair growth and make them naturally beautiful. It uses soap-nut and shikakai powder that can be found in the Ayurveda department at the Indian stores. This, my friend, is the best shampoo for hair growth. It makes your hair grow so fast that you are going to be like “Hey! Where is this all growth spurt coming from?”


5 – 7 Soap-nuts

2 teaspoon of Shikakai powder

To Make

Boil the soap-nuts in 1 cup of water for 5 minutes or so. Remove the seeds once they have cooled down. Put the water + soap-nut mixture into a food processor and add shikakai powder. Blend it until fluffy. Use it as your shampoo. You’ll love it!

2. Shampoo For Longer Hair

Shampoo for Longer HairHere we have another good ole’ recipe used by the Indians to promote hair growth while keeping it completely organic and natural. For this recipe you have to sun dry all the ingredients I have mentioned below and blend it into a powder.


500 grams of Shikakai powder

250 grams of Fenugreek

250 grams of Greem gram

A bunch of Curry leaves

A bunch of Basil (tulsi) leaves

100 grams of Soap beans

To Use

Sun-dry everything! It will take time so you will have to be patient. Once dried, blend it until everything is powdered. Preserve the powder in an air tight jar, may be a mason jar. Take a tablespoon or two and mix it with water for every wash.

1. Nourishing Honey Shampoo

Nourishing Honey ShampooHoney oh honey! It has so many benefits that one can write a whole damn book on it. As for the hair benefits, it deeply nourishes your hair and scalp leaving it absolutely soft. The softness is such that no parlour protein treatments can compare to it. This shampoo fights against dandruff and gives you hair that is much less frizzy from the first wash.


2 tablespoons of (untreated, unfiltered) raw honey

6 tablespoons of warm water

A few drops of essential oil (lavender or chamomile)

To Use

Take honey and water to the ratio of 1 tablespoon honey is to 3 tablespoon water. Bring the water to a good boil. Add the honey when it has cooled down a bit. Let the honey melt in it. The mixture will be gooey and runny. You have to wash your hair with it. POUR IN and MASSAGE! POUR IN and MASSAGE!

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